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Throw a Casino Party Like A Boss

Getting an exclusive audience with Joe is the thing of legends. The next best thing is hosting your very own casino-themed party. It’s a helluva lot of fun, and it’s easier than you think. Read on, team!I’d like to sit you all down for this subject, because it’s very dear to my heart; I’ve dedicated much of my life to its advocacy. And despite running a thriving online casino, I remain dedicated to the cause. When I’m not busy hosting upstanding citizens like yourself at my casino, you might just find me doing outreach, planning, organising, and finding new ways to keep the movement alive and kicking.

Because friends, a life without parties is a life of deprivation. And just like toddler tantrums, it feels good to throw one every now and then.

Your guests won’t care that it’s not your birthday, as long as you keep them hydrated and entertained, and feeding off the good vibes you’ve so creatively served up. But how, for the love of god, do you do that? You’ve got the time and the place… but after that, you haven’t got a clue.

So here’s a fully-fledged concept based on what I know best, and it’s courtesy of the Joe Fortune Online Casino house: the casino-themed party. You are most welcome.

Your event shall henceforth be called something like: Colossal Casino Party, or Come Hell And High Roller. Oooh, that’s a good one.

Cocktails, caviar, and casino games. Or, grog, grub, and gambling, depending on how high your brow sits. Just picture it – the laughs, the wins, the shenanigans, the shattered glass… all signs of a night well spent.

So let’s get ready to party Joe Fortune style.

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Step 1: Find Your Theme

The first thing you’ll need to do is pick a theme, since all the other aspects of the party will flow from that. What vibes are you after?

Playing Cards
You might want to deck out your party with the primary colours of a casino: black, red, and white for the cards, and green for the felt and the cash. (What’s black and white and red all over? I’ll tell you at the end!) Using playing cards for the invitations and/or name tags – should several of your guests be unknown to one another – will really set the mood from the get-go.

James Bond
If you’re feeling more high-brow vibes and want to shake things up without causing a stir, try a Bond night complete with a red carpet, Baccarat tables, and a high-end dress code. The girls are glamorous, the villains are outrageous, and Bond is well… Bond. Practice your best Sean Connery or Bond girl impression and of course, don’t forget the martinis! It’ll be shimply shtunning.

Viva Las Vegas
Channel the King of Rock and Roll and make a retro, Elvis-inspired Viva Las Vegas night. They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but that won’t stop you bringing a little bit of Sin City to your very own casino party. Think table games, dancing, and maybe even getting pretend hitched. Get those pretend annulment papers ready.

Roaring Twenties
For some prohibition-era sophistication, go vintage glam and suggest sequined flapper dresses, three-piece mobster-style suits, and Gatsby-esque decorations in ivory and gold. Elegance and opulence are key here, so avoid cheap and nasty novelty items like… well, anything.

Casino Related Movie
Get feisty and heisty with Ocean’s Eleven or dark and gritty as you mimic the mob in Casino, or take a trip through the looking glass with something like Alice in Wonderland and the over the top Queen of Hearts.

Step 2: Pick Your Casino GamesPick your games! I know your reaction is, well, duh! But trust Joe: getting the games right sets the tone for the entire night. So choose wisely my friends and nail it down! Try these suggestions as a starting point.

But there’s more fun to be had in the games you pick for your party! These might depend on your theme, but overall try to choose games that are easy to learn and quick and fun to play.

All you need is a designated dealer, a deck of cards, and a few players. Make sure your dealer knows the rules so they can help the guests. Keeping a copy of the Joe Fortune Casino guide for Blackjack handy is a good idea if anyone needs a quick refresher of the rules.

Baccarat is a deceptively simple game with very simple rules that anyone can play. There are only three choices to make! Refer to the Baccarat Guide to ensure you know what’s going on. We wouldn’t want you to look unprepared now, would we?

Those lovely legs eleven! Come on now – everyone loves playing Bingo! Plus, it’s a great, easy game to get everyone warmed up, even while they chatter. A cheeky caller could have your guests in stitches, and if your guests are already slightly inebriated, they’ll have a fresh appreciation of why Nanna never missed a bingo night.

Extra special tip: SKIP Poker (and Polka)
As much as Texas Hold ‘Em makes for a terrific small gathering, poker is a long, high-focus game that typically glues people to the table and gets them all serious and focussed. That the quickest way to drain the fun from the room. Save it for a card night, where the small number of guests can do all the poker-facing they want.

Side Games
Here’s an idea to keep even the most casual of lingerers on-point: give everyone a playing card and a little note when they arrive. The note reads, in your own unique voice, something like this: Pay attention! If you catch another guest using the word [party/casino/dance/whatever], you are entitled to steal that person’s playing card to add to your own. The person with the most cards at the end of the night wins the game, and a special prize (make it desirable if you want to see some effort!).

If you’re unsure yourself how to play the games, or if your guests need a quick intro, you might direct them to Joe Fortune Casino practice play for a free cruise around the block, but consider allocating a printed guide for each game’s table. Prepared and helpful, like someone is shooting for the fictional Party Host of the Year award. I’m already proud of you.

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Step 3: Prepare the Snacks

I won’t beat around the bush. Your guests will love the games, but everyone knows the best part of any party is the food. Just sayin’!

The best types of food for a casino party are easy to grab and pop into your mouth, so make sure to pick a menu that is simple to prepare, and most importantly, easy to clean up.

Set up a Buffet
Make a spread of snacks where you guests can grab and go as they please. With all the cocktails being poured, better to push your luck on the Blackjack table than risk your grandmother’s china.

Hors d’oeuvres
Don’t worry, these bite-sized snacks won’t make you pretentious, just don’t ask anyone to spell it. Hors d’oeuvres are simply small snacks that are easy to grab and eat in one bite. Things like skewers, sliders, or cheese bites will go down a treat.

Avoid Messy Foods
I don’t doubt for one second you make a mean spaghetti sauce, but it’s probably best to keep it out of your casino party. You don’t want a marinara splattered ace of diamonds looking like a 9 of hearts. Now that could really ruin a winning hand.

Jello Shots!
What’s better than food? What’s better than drinks? How about food that is also a drink!  JELLO SHOTS! Bon appétit or cheers, you decide.

Step 4: RearrangeWhat’s your pad look like? If you’re wanting to optimise your party area, best look around and see how you can create the right atmosphere by arranging your furniture and other stuff accordingly.

There’s a lot going on in this party so far, but nothing you can’t handle, right? Preparing the space is an important part of any party. You’ll need to consider a few factors.

Tables for Games
But of course! There must be tables available for each game, depending on the number of attendees. If you have 20, three tables should do it. 200? You’ll need more tables, and maybe a few more rooms.

Food Table
The kitchen, perhaps? Or a big foldout, preferably away from the action of the casino games. Accidents happen, take it from me.

Mingling Area
While the dice and the good times keep rolling, every guest will need a break at some point.  Make some space for them to chill on the sofa, or stand up and chat. Your casino party is as much about pockets jingling as people mingling!

Step 5: Decorate

Decorations are your chance to go buck wild! All you have to do is search online for casino-themed decorations to fit your theme. Go tacky or classy; over-the-top or tame – whatever suits your precise theme and the kinds of guests you expect.

If Vegas is your theme, line your doors and windows with LED lights. After a few cocktails your guests will forget that they’re not at a hotel on the Strip (that’s with good, strong cocktails, and a smack-bang job of the lights).

If Playing Cards is your theme, try oversized dice, life-size playing cards (or an Alice in Wonderland Queen of Hearts if that’s what your party hire store offers), and anything more basic that fits the colour scheme.

If you’re going Elvis, then go all out with an Elvis costume and a tacky altar for those itchin’ to be hitched. An authentic-ish “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada” sign would be a polite way to tell guests to get in character, stat.

Be sure to roll out a red carpet if you’re doing Bond, and lots of 1920s quellazaire cigarette holders if you’re going with Roaring Twenties. (If you just learnt a new word right now, I’ll admit I had to Google it, so I’m right there with you.)

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Step 6: Set up the MusicDon't forget the music! The right casino song soundtrack could add just the finishing touches to your party!

Considering it’s all about casinos, Viva Las Vegas and Casino Boogie by The Rolling Stones will be a given. We all love a good recognizable Vegas tune, but make sure you switch it up as well, or soon the exasperated sighs will drown out the music as yet another rendition of Viva Las Vegas comes on. There can be too much of a good thing. Someone should have told Elvis that, too.

Here are some casino-tinged bangers to get you started:

  • The Gambler by Kenny Rogers
  • Playing to Win by Johnny Farnham
  • Ace of Spades by Motörhead – if your guests like a spot of dirty rock!
  • Stayin’ Alive by the BeeGees (not technically a casino song, but experience tells me that almost everyone can at least shrug their shoulders to the infectious beat)

Step 7: Get Yourself in the Mood!

The house is decked out to suit your style of casino, the tables are ready to roll, and your playlist is sorted, at least until some overly keen boyfriend of your sister’s best friend decides to go sleuthing for the Bluetooth password. But take a breath – your guests are going to love it! But remember, it’s not all about them. You’re in this for kicks too! So get yourself in the zone before they arrive. The best way to succeed in your big casino blowout is to lead by example. Don’t worry about answering the front door and officially greeting your arrivals – the music and laughter will say “come on in!” for you.

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If you need some more inspiration, check out our Instagram @JoeFortuneOfficial. Then, be sure to familiarise yourself with the games at Joe Fortune Casino so you can show everyone the ropes. 

It’s going to be a ripper of a party with these trusty tips from yours truly! You’ll be the talk of the town, the host with the most, and the man or woman of the moment. Oh, and one more thing! It’s a newspaper.

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