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Telegram Casino: Instant Gaming on the Go

Hope you’ve been having a ripper of a time trying out all my latest released pokies over the summer… Here’s your mate Joe Fortune giving you the heads up that I’ll be launching online pokies and the best casino games on Telegram very soon. If you’re a fan of instant gaming on the go, then I reckon you should give it a nudge when you get the chance. In the meantime, here’s a quick rundown for what you can need to do, as all your favourite pokies will be available on the upcoming Telegram casino & pokies app in Australia, and you don’t want to miss out.

What is Telegram?

Just to get you started and in case you’re not quite sure, Telegram is bringing a new era of messaging and much more, so I’m very keen to be part of the journey. It didn’t take long for me to get set up in this app and was then convinced quicker than a Thommo bouncer that it was time to get properly involved. First up, I was impressed at how simple it is to use, then how fast the connectivity is, and finally the ease of navigating. It is also very secure to use, and from what I’ve been told by my tech mates over a couple of cold ones, it’s private and has encrypted messages that can self-destruct… I’m still trying to get my head around this!

You all know the drill by now when you want to get the latest app… just go into the App or Play Store and, as with other messaging apps, from there simply download. Then you can pick your own username and privacy levels. If you take your security very seriously, as you should, there is also a 2-step verification that you can also arrange without any dramas. Once I started using the app and was all set up, I realised how brilliant this is to play pokies and chat with mates, so keep reading and I’ll tell you more on what you can expect.

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Set Up and Play

There’s a new digital world out there, and it’s landed in Australia. How good? It’s also so easy to start playing casinos or pokies on Telegram… Once you’re set up, look for the search box at the top of the screen and type in what you’re looking for. Then, when you’ve found your online casino of choice, you can play exactly where you are without having to navigate away. It’s like having your own personal internet browser within the app. That’s a ripper in my book!

Telegram Pokies in Australia

With online pokies in the Telegram app and access to all your gaming needs, this app is a must for regular players and is an exciting way for new players to start having some fun playing too. Telegram pokies have all the usual graphics, sound effects, which of course you can turn off if you’re in a meeting or at a wedding. Plus you get all the exciting features and the same thrills you normally get whilst playing at your local, in a club, or an online casino on your laptop.

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Telegram Casino Bonus

The other beauty of Telegram is that it is so simple to find and stay on top of what the latest casino bonuses and promos are when playing on your favourite casino. No longer do you need to use a search engine or go hunting on social media platforms; they’ll be there in the app. Better still, you and your mates can easily share any offers once you find them, all within the app, and then just carry on playing without any interruptions or adverts popping up.

The Best Telegram Casino in Australia

Once you’ve got the Telegram app downloaded, picked your username, put in a picture, then you’re good to go… the future of online casino and pokie playing is now in your hands. If you do have any questions before or after setting up on Telegram, as always, me and my team of battlers are here to help, so please don’t forget you can still get in touch. I haven’t been as excited about something since I got a signed Midnight Oil Cd for my birthday years ago… I’m certainly moving with the times, and so should you!