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Casino Bonuses: Everything You Need to Know

Whether this is your first day at an online casino, or you are a regular player, you probably know there’s a ton of free spins and additional cash or credits that can be awarded directly to your account to play the games you know and love. These are online casino bonuses and they can come in the form of a welcome bonus, no-deposit bonus, free spins bonus, and more.

The best bonuses can be found at Australia’s favourite online casino, Joe Fortune. (I might come off a tad bit biased, but really, my Joe Fortune bonuses are the best around.)


Once you know how to get started at a casino like Joe’s, there are online bonuses at the ready for anyone who knows how to claim them, and you can easily turn them into big paydays to spend on real-life goodies.

What you might be less familiar with is the nitty-gritty details behind claiming online bonuses or casino promotions. That’s where I come in.

I’m here to make certain that you are first in line to grab the bonuses that are rightfully yours, but first you should understand exactly what’s on the table. Stick with me for a few minutes, and we’ll cover everything you need to know about casino online bonuses and how they work.

What Are Online Casino Bonuses?

Here’s the lowdown on the different types of bonuses you can expect to discover when you play at an online casino.

Welcome Bonus

When you sign up to any online casino worth their salt, you’ll get a welcome bonus (sometimes called a sign up bonus), as a way to say thanks for joining. This is often the biggest and most lucrative bonus you can get, and sets the bar for your time at that casino, so keep that in mind when deciding where to sign up.

A first-time sign up bonus is, more often than not, a deposit bonus (more on this in a minute). You make your first deposit, they give you extra money. That’s the basic idea of how it works. That being said, many casinos will often offer a multi-deposit bonus, meaning you could get bonus cash on a few of your first deposits. (Look at the Joe Fortune Welcome Bonus, where you could get $5,000 in bonuses over your first three deposits.)

If you’re a dabbler in the wider cryptocurrency market, you’ll want to be on the lookout for a crypto or Bitcoin Welcome Bonus. At the right casino, you’ll find increased bonus rewards when you use crypto because it’s a much easier and faster way to get your deposit in.

Playing with crypto has so many benefits, including being easier to deposit, faster to withdraw, and offering bigger bonuses!


Deposit Bonuses

Going into more details now, a deposit bonus gives you bonus money on top of that deposit (just like we discussed with welcome bonuses.) How does a deposit bonus work? Well, generally it’s in the form of a match bonus, which means the casino matches your deposit amount with a set amount of money.

Let’s adjourn to the chalkboard to explore an example: if the casino offers a 100% match and you deposit $100, then the casino will drop $100 into your account, leaving you with $200.

There’s usually a limit to the amount you can match, so you’ll want to do some quick math on how much you need to deposit if you want to get the maximum amount. Another tip is to look for a higher match percentage (ex. 200%), where you could earn a bigger bonus.

A reload bonus allows existing players to take advantage of a deposit bonus on a regular basis. You might see it as a daily doubling of your money, or something every week. Reload bonuses could also be larger depending on your level of membership with the casino.

You often have to make a deposit to play casino games, although wait until you hear about no-deposit bonuses!

No-Deposit Bonus

So far we’ve talked about bonuses based on your own deposit amount, but there’s another type of bonus that’s even better, since you don’t have to do a thing – except hit “accept”. These are called no-deposit bonuses. These allow you to receive bonus money… without making a deposit.

You’re either scratching the top of your head in confusion now, or steepling your fingers like a supervillain who just found the funding for their next series of diabolical plans. Tell me I’m wrong, Lex Luthor.

You could find a no deposit bonus in the form of cashback. This can be granted for a percentage of wagers placed on certain days, times, or games, on either total results or non-winning results. An example would be if I offered 10% of all bets on Mythic Wolf made on Friday to be credited back to your account the next week, regardless of the outcome.

Cool, right?

Another way you could get a no-deposit bonus is through reward points. Those are based on your level of membership with the casino. You earn a certain number of points for the games you play, then you can turn those points into cash for your games. It’s kind of like your grocery store rewards card, but instead of discounted peanut butter, you’re getting that bread (pardon the pun).

With these extras, you can get more value out of your games, and you can explore all sorts of ways to play and win real money at the casino that you might not have experienced before.

Free Spin Bonus

If you’re a pokie lover, free spins bonuses were made just for you. Whereas regular casino bonuses can be used as cash for any games in the catalogue, including poker, specialty games, or table games, the free spins bonus can only be redeemed in the form of free spins in an online pokie. A great casino often tacks these onto other offers like a welcome bonus to sweeten the deal.

In fact, if you want to know how to win a progressive jackpot in pokies, collecting a free spins bonus is one of the best ways to do it, since you get more free spins, which directly equal more free chances.

Referral Bonuses

This is another type of no-deposit bonus – for you anyways. You tell your friends about an awesome casino and that awesome casino proves it’s great by giving you a referral bonus. (Talk about a fulfilling prophecy!) And at the best online casinos, this is usually an unlimited bonus, meaning call all your friends! Tell everyone you know and keep collecting those bonuses!

Then you can keep all of it, no sharing necessary, since you already did your good deed for the day. Keep spreading the good word, and who knows how much you’ll earn?

I love it when my players get more people involved with the fun at Joe’s, and am more than happy to reward you for it! Learn about my Joe Fortune Refer a Friend bonus now.


FAQ About Online Bonuses

You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers. I know that online casino bonuses can get pretty tricky – it’s hard to believe you can really get all of this bonus money, just for being you, but it’s true! I’ve heard all the questions there are, so let me try to answer some of those upfront to save you some time.

What are playthrough requirements?

These may also be called “wagering requirements”, and you’ll see them as a multiple, such as 30x. This means you have to wager 30x your bonus money before you can withdraw the funds. So, if you get a bonus of $100, you must first wager $3,000 before you can claim it. It’s also worth noting that on a deposit bonus, the playthrough requirements apply to both the bonus plus the deposit amount combined. As a tip, it’s always worth reading the terms and conditions to understand the playthrough requirements.

Can I immediately withdraw a bonus?

Once you get a hefty bonus, you can start playing with it ASAP. You won’t be able to withdraw it, however, until you’ve met the playthrough requirements. A good casino offers tracking inside your account so you can stay on top of your playthrough in real-time.

Are there expiry dates?

It depends. Some casinos have an expiry date of 7 days, 30 days, etc, and others don’t have any. Like we said, be sure to review the fine print and the T&C section for clarification. Just don’t forget your reading glasses.

Are bonuses worth it?

Heck to the yes! This is literally additional money given to you to try out some games. If it eases your mind a bit, just remember that the casino does benefit from this because it attracts more people to their establishment. I can assure you, grabbing the bonuses for games is worth every penny – literally.

Are there deposit requirements?

If you receive a match on a deposit bonus, there’s usually a very reasonable minimum, like $20 or so. As for the maximum, there’s almost always a limit to the money a casino can match. If the casino says they’ll only match you up to $2,000, you could deposit $4,000 if you wanted to, but you’d still only get $2,000.

Where can I find bonuses?

Any online casino should have their bonuses clearly laid out within an easy-to-find promotions page (for example, Joe Fortune promotions). Most casinos will proudly advertise their bonuses front and centre, so you won’t miss the big ones. Otherwise, keep an eye on your email inbox and check inside your account on occasion for any surprise, no-deposit bonuses or free spin bonuses.

What are promo codes?

Promo codes are sometimes used to claim an online casino bonus. If you’re getting a sign-up or welcome bonus, for example, you may have to enter the promo code to activate it. They can also be sent to your email for no-deposit bonuses or other rewards.


All in all, bonuses are an excellent way to get more time in the game and improve your chances to win big.

And don’t worry, at Joe Fortune Casino, you can enjoy bonuses bigger than those found anywhere else online!

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