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When it comes to online casino games, blackjack stands out as the preferred game of choice for many Australians. Although many people enjoy playing two up, online pokies and video poker, playing blackjack online in Australia has high odds when you are playing with real dollars.

If playing blackjack online is something you want to learn, you need to be familiar with the basics. Before you start betting with real money, you should know the basic blackjack rules and learn a blackjack strategy or two. Most importantly, you need to understand how to manage your money, so you don’t end up flat broke at the end of the day.


Blackjack is a card game where you receive two cards. One card will be face down, and the other card will be face up on the Blackjack table. The ‘aim’ of the game is to get as close as possible to 21 without going over (bust). Once you have two cards dealt, you decide based on the added amount of both your cards whether you would like another card (hit) or stay with what you have (sit).

Once you have decided to stay with the cards you have been dealt, the next player has their turn, and it follows around the table until it reaches the dealer. One important thing to know is that the dealer will always stop their hand when the cards reach a total of 17.


Although the ‘aim’ of the game is to get as close as possible to 21 using your cards, the more important object of blackjack is to beat the dealer.


There are many great ways to play Blackjack. If you are visiting major cities like Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Cairns or Melbourne, you can play blackjack in real life in one of Australia’s many casinos. If you are keen to play blackjack more often, you can play online from the comfort of your own home.

There are many rules to the game, but blackjack is one of the easiest betting games to learn. The aim of the game is to beat the dealer’s hand. This must be done without going over 21 points. Here are the rules of blackjack.


  • Always assume any card you cannot see is a ten.
  • Blackjack can be played with up to eight decks of 52-cards.
  • The value of your hand is the total value of your cards.
  • Blackjack is the highest hand, which consists of an Ace and any ten-point card.
  • Blackjack outranks all other 21-point hands.
  • If the dealer has blackjack, all stakes in the game except insurance will lose. The one exception to this rule is if another player has blackjack.
  • Play always begins with the player on the dealer’s left.
  • If the dealer goes over 21 points, any player who hasn’t busted will win.


Numbered Cards: Number cards equal their number value between two and nine.

Face Cards: All face cards (Queen, King, Jack,) have the value of ten points. Ten numbered cards also equal ten points.

Blackjack ace rules: Aces can be counted as either 1 or 11 points depending on how you need to play them.


Blackjack Switch is based on blackjack, but is different in the following ways:

  • Two hands are dealt to each playing position instead of one.
  • You can exchange or switch the top two cards between each hand. As an example, if you are dealt K-4 and 7-Q, then you can switch the cards to change the two hands into K-Q and 7-4.

online blackjack practice at Joe Fortune


If you want to understand more about the game itself, you need to get your head around the lingo. Here are some of the common terms you’ll come across:

  • Blackjack: The term blackjack is used when only the two dealt cards are used to a total of 21 points. This is achieved with a 10/King/Queen/Jack and an Ace.
  • ‘21’: 21 Blackjack refers to a hand of 3 cards or more that are used to total 21 points during the card game. This is the second-best hand in Blackjack.
  • Betting Limit: Normally, each casino or online casino game will have both a minimum betting amount and a maximum betting amount allowable to place on the blackjack table. For example, there will be a minimum wager of $1 with a maximum bet of $5,000, which will vary depending on the game.
  • Break or Bust: A broken or busted hand happens when a player has cards exceeding 21 points.
  • Double Down: A blackjack player can ‘double down’ by placing a second bet on the blackjack table. When do you double down in blackjack? The key to doubling down is the same as the main rule of blackjack online – always assume any card you cannot see is a ten. You can double down in blackjack when, after you have been dealt your two original cards. You can double your initial bet and get a single card in return. You should only double down when the combined value of your cards is 11 or less.
  • Hard Hand: The Ace is what distinguishes your hard hand from your soft hand. In a hard hand, the Ace=1. In a soft hand, the Ace=11.
  • Insurance: What is blackjack insurance? Blackjack insurance on a bet is taken out when a dealer has an Ace card facing up. Insurance is a secondary bet where you can guess whether the dealer has a natural blackjack. If you are right, you can win double your initial bet.
  • Perfect Pairs: In blackjack, you can be dealt with a pair of cards of equal value. These can be a mixed, coloured or a perfect pair, which is when you have two of equal value in the same suit.
  • Split: When you acquire a pair, you have the option to split the pair and have two separate hands on the blackjack table. You will also need to add another bet to the table. There is one exception to the split rule, and that is if the player splits two Aces. Only one card is dealt rather than the two, and if it totals a score of 21, it is not considered Blackjack.  When do you split in blackjack? If dealt a pair, or any two ten-point cards, you can double your bet and separate your cards into two individual hands. The dealer will give each split card a second card. You can then either hit, stand, or double. Doubling after splitting is not always allowed.
  • Resplit: Following a split, you can choose to ‘resplit’ if you gain another pair. Usually, you can resplit up to a maximum of four hands, depending on where you are playing blackjack online.
  • Surrender or Fold: This is a blackjack strategy where you surrender a lousy hand of cards to get half your original bet back.


Flush hands are used in side bets during blackjack. Known as 21+3, the 21 stands for blackjack and the three stands for ‘Three Card Poker’. This 3-card poker hand includes your first two cards plus the dealer’s up card. If a flush, straight flush, straight or 3 of a kind is acquired between those three cards, you can win 9:1 for that side bet.

  • A flush in blackjack are cards in the same suit – e.g. King, Jack, and Ace of Diamonds.
  • A straight flush in blackjack are cards in the same suit – e.g. Queen, Jack, and King of Diamonds


It doesn’t matter whether you’re in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney or Mount Isa, you can play blackjack online, any time of the day with Joe Fortune. Whether you’re looking for a new way to spend your Friday nights, or you are sick and tired of putting on a suit to head into the city. Online blackjack is guaranteed to be a whole lot of fun!

Keep in mind that online gambling should not be taken too seriously. To keep your online gambling experience fun, Joe believes that responsible gaming is a priority. When you gamble online, you gamble with real money. Stay within your financial limits and never wager more than you can afford.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is online blackjack legal at Joe Fortune in Australia?

Absolutely! Joe Fortune complies with the Interactive Gambling Act, allowing Aussies to enjoy legal online blackjack.

Where can I find a trusted platform for blackjack?

Look no further! Joe Fortune, licensed by top authorities, ensures a trustworthy environment for your blackjack adventures.

Can I practice online blackjack for free at Joe Fortune?

You sure can! Joe Fortune offers free-play options, allowing you to sharpen your skills risk-free before diving into real money.

What types of online blackjack does Joe Fortune offer?

Take your pick! Joe Fortune has classic, European, and live dealer blackjack for a diverse and exciting gaming experience.

How do I handle money transactions for online blackjack at Joe Fortune?

Easy as pie! Joe Fortune supports secure payments, including credit cards, Bitcoin, and bank transfers, ensuring seamless deposits and withdrawals.