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Quick Review: Calling all roulette players, this live online casino game gives you the real-time thrills of being at a casino but without having to use your elbows to push some overexcited other players out of the way to get your chips down on the table. With all the usual bets and a few bonuses thrown in, this roulette game is well worth having a play on in a more relaxed environment.

Play Mega Roulette 

This mega version of roulette is one of my most popular live online casino games. It maintains the single-zero roulette format but includes a simple yet ripper mega multiplier feature. During every spin randomly selected straight-up bets have the potential to qualify for the multiplier which gives players a huge boost to their winnings. Betting time is 20 seconds, so you’ve got to be quick and keep your wits about you. With that in mind, let’s get rolling and give you all the info you need in order to play Mega Roulette today.


How to Play Mega Roulette

As with all standard single-zero roulette games the format of play is the same, where you can pick straight-up numbers, splits, streets, corners, six lines, dozens, odds or evens, red or black and of course 1 to 18 or 19 to 36.

In this game, mega bets allows players to put bulk straight-up selections on which includes mega chances, mega columns & mega dozens that then make it even easier to find those big cash payouts. During your real-time play you can chat with our expert game host, socialise with other players and even your mates if you refer a friend to Joe Fortune online casino. If you’ve got any questions we also offer live support too.

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Mega Multiplier

Now here’s the beauty of this roulette game that makes it an absolute ripper… during every spin there will be between 1 to 5 multipliers made available with each of these multipliers offering somewhere between 50x to up to 500x that gets applied to randomly selected straight-up bets single numbers. If any of these are your numbers and the ball lands on one, then the drinks are on you, as it will vastly increase your winning payout!


Mega Roulette Pay Table

Straight-up i.e. 1 number: 29:01

Split i.e. 2 numbers: 17:01

Street i.e. 3 numbers: 11:01

Corner i.e. 4 numbers: 08:01

Six line i.e. 6 numbers: 05:01

Dozen or Column i.e. 12 numbers: 02:01

1 to 18 or 19 to 36 i.e. 18 numbers: 01:01

Odds or Evens / Red or Black i.e. 18 numbers: 01:01


Mega Roulette Details

Delivers all the standard aspects of single-zero roulette experience.

Players can bet on all 37 straight up bets in one go.

Multi-payer game.

Uses HTML5 technology, available on both desktops and mobile devices.

Auto-play feature and live games 24/7.

Detailed bet history for each player.

Mega Payout on Straight Up Number: 49:01 – 499:01.

RTP in Mega Roulette on straight up bets 96.50%.

RTP for all other bet types 97.30%.


Joe’s Pro Tip

The multiplier feature on this game makes mega roulette even more thrilling as there is the chance to win back 500 times your bet on a single number. As this game offers you the opportunity to place bets directly from the statistics and last results. My pro tip is to look at those closely and then have a play on a few single numbers as the multipliers then come into play.


Joe’s Last Thoughts: What sort of player would enjoy Mega Roulette?

This version of roulette is for those players who might be a bit superstitious and have special numbers they like to play. I know one of my neighbours loves to punt on Friday 13th as he says 13 is his lucky number, so if you’re like him then this game is dead set for you especially if you’re looking for a mega win!


Another Couple of Versions of Roulette that Joe says is just like Mega Roulette

A classic roulette wheel features, alongside the logo for ‘Speed Roulette’ and the wording ‘Joe Recommends’ on a yellow background.

If you enjoyed playing mega roulette I’ve got another couple of games for you to try so why not head over and give them a play today…


Speed Roulette

Speed Roulette is a ripper of a roulette game played at an accelerated and quick pace. It is well-rated by many of our online casino players as it keeps you heavily engaged. To give you an idea the average length of one spin round is about 26 seconds. I have some specially trained expert dealers who carefully make the spins and there are also cameras installed, as such that everything is fair dinkum and honest to all players and importantly my tech team have told me that predictive software cannot be used. The game is broadcast live from a studio and is available to play 24 hours a day 7 days per week!


Live Roulette

I also bring you another brilliant live experience with both live American and European Roulette. It’s that same familiar style game you know except that here at my online casino you can play and interact with our live dealers all from the comfort of your living room, kitchen, or if you prefer bedroom. The game is as straightforward and easy as it could be to play, just pick your numbers when the expert live dealer announces it’s time to place your bets.

Then a timer will start at the left corner of the game screen so you can see how much time you’ve got to place your bets. Just select a chip, $5 is the minimum, and then place it on the numbers on the betting grid. As a reminder there’s a 0 and 00, and numbers 1 to 36 in American Roulette. Whereas in European Roulette you only have a single 0. The dealer will keep you up to speed and announce when the time is up for you to have placed your bets and from there all that you need to do is cheer the ball to land on your number!




So, there you have it… mega roulette is one of the most fun table games you can play at my online casino. I reckon if you’re looking to keep out of the rain then deposit with bitcoin, get your mates over and pick a few numbers. With the chance to land a multiplier up to 500x your stake on a single number it’s no surprises that so many players really enjoy giving mega roulette a play.