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Getting Started: Joe Fortune Casino Games to Try

Joe Fortune Casino Games and Pokies to Try

Australia has plenty of choices for entertainment. Beaches, pubs, movie theatres, and that neighbour who leaves his blinds open all the time. But if you’re looking for another type of entertainment, you’ll want to smash out the best online casino games. At Joe’s casino, we’ve got truckloads of ways for you to play casino games for real money. Everything from Australian online Blackjack, to sports, table games, specialty games and, of course, pokies.

If you’re wondering where to start in the world’s best place for entertainment, take a look at these games. They’re some of my finest, and they’re all ready for you to deposit and play now.


Online Blackjack

Australian online Blackjack is just the game for anyone getting started in the world of online casino gaming. Unlike real-life Blackjack, where you’re stuck twiddling your thumbs until your turn comes back around, online Blackjack lets you zoom through the rounds, stacking up wins without even once pausing for a thumb-twiddle. Unless you enjoy a good twiddle.

On top of that whirlwind pace, Blackjack has some of the best odds in the house, averaging around 0.5% for the house edge.

And as you may well know, the aim of Blackjack is to have a total card value of 21, or as close to it as possible without going over. Beginning with two cards, you’ll decide to hit or stand. With a little bit of practice, you could find yourself enjoying regular, even money payouts in each round, and even more if you score that perfect Blackjack himself.

Virtual Sports

If sports are more your speed, I’ve got the best online casino games for you, too. Why wait for a scheduled game to start the party? With virtual sports, you don’t have to worry about international games getting cancelled, players falling ill, or seasons not yet up. Those frustrations are so last year, and virtual sports games are on all the time, 24/7.

Every 3 minutes or so, a new match comes around. You’ve got soccer and basketball to bet on, as well as different types of racing like greyhounds, horses, cars, and even camels, which will run like the clappers!

The events are designed to look and flow exactly like the real thing. You can place bets on the winner and point totals, as well as placeholders of all kinds for the racing games. Whatever match it is you’re into, the thrills of sports betting are always just clicks away.


Just think: you could be donning a three-piece suit or a sparkly evening frock and winking at the onlookers as you build up your winnings and sip your martini. Shaken of course, never stirred. Or just float an olive in your tap water, mate, and who’d know the difference?

Even if you don’t have a dazzling outfit on hand, you can still play casino games for real money in whatever clothes you’ve got. In fact, when you play Baccarat online at home, one round only takes a minute! No need to get all dolled up on my behalf. Undies stay on, though. Fair?

Baccarat is a game where you bet on the Banker or Player to get as close as possible to 9, or bet on a tie between the two. If you want to get in on a little secret, this is it: bets on the Banker have the best odds at 51%, so stick with that for strategic wins. Free advice, my friend. No fine print here.


keno to play for real money

There’s a bit of finesse when it comes to Keno in terms of your betting style, and here’s your next entry on the notepad. You have the option to select up to 15 numbers, but it’s not so smart to do so. It’s an actual case of less is more. Instead, stick with 6-8 numbers and a smaller bet size. You’ll be more likely to score more numbers that pay out bigger, and your bankroll is sure to thank you.

Online Pokies

And lest we forget the lifeblood of the best online casino games: pokies. Pokies put you knee-deep in the action with hyper-real graphics and super-immersive gaming experiences. It’s a whole new technological world out there, my friends. And what a wonderful world it is.

If you want to play casino games for real money, and you’re really serious about the money part, plonk yourself down in front of a progressive pokie. A progressive pokie has a huge jackpot that grows as more people place bets on it. To win the progressive in the game, you usually have to bet the maximum, before scoring the correct combination of symbols. When you do, your screen practically explodes with gorgeous light and organised chaos. Well worth the visual assault, I’d say.

Whether it’s Australian online Blackjack, immersive pokies, swanky Baccarat, lucky Keno, or competitive sports, you’ll find all the best online casino games right here, ready for your patronage.