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Transcend Reality with Supercars Virtual Sports

Transcend Reality with Supercars Virtual Sports

When you were a kid muttering “vroom vroom!” over your Hot Wheels track, you may not have guessed that such an innocent passion for car racing would one day lead to a reward in your bank account. Life has a funny way of fulfilling your dreams, though, doesn’t it?

Now with virtual racing betting, you get to be inside the action of race cars and motorsports like you never dreamed of before. All the speed, hype, and hair-raising excitement is always in top gear with motorsports betting online.

Thanks to virtual sports in Australia, it looks like it’s time to put those Hot Wheels away and play virtual races online, winning epic cash prizes that younger-you would never believe possible. It was hard enough to score five bucks in pocket money, right?

So how does all this virtual racing betting stuff work, anyway? Glad you asked. Allow me to guide you through the motions.

How Virtual Supercars Work

Every 3 minutes, a new race is underway. There can be either 6 or 8 sleek, racing machines of steel zooming across the tracks in multiple rounds for the race to the finish line… and of course, paydays for you, the track’s most esteemed spectator.

As for those bets, you get to predict any number of outcomes about who the winner is and who will place. You’re paid out based on the odds for that bet. As for the cars’ performance and the race itself, everything is controlled by a randomized software. That means that each new race is a totally fresh start, independent from all other races before or after it (keep this tidbit locked away in your memory bank, as it will be handy later on).

Virtual Supercars Odds and How they WorkVirtual Supercars Odds and How they Work

You may be familiar with (+) and (-) odds, like from regular sports betting. Virtual racing betting is a bit different, as it uses decimal odds.

Let’s use 6.36 odds as an example, shall we?  Assuming you’re placing a $100 wager, you would walk away with $636 ($536 profit plus your original $100 bet) if your bet won. Not so hard to work with.

You’ll notice right off the bat that some bets have higher odds, and some are pretty low. The reason is simple: bets that are easier to win will pay out less. Bets that are more unlike to go your way will pay out more.

So let’s go over virtual racing bets to figure out which ones might work for you.


Here you’re betting on which car will be the winner of the race. If you’re right, you get paid at the stated odds. Typical odds for a winner bet stay in the 4-10 range, give or take a few outliers.


Now you’re betting on one car to place either 1st or 2nd. With a show bet, it doesn’t matter which of these places they finished in, as long as it’s one of the two. A Place bet can be surprisingly lucrative with the right selection.


This is the easiest of the main bets to win. You’re betting on one car to finish in either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. Once again, it doesn’t matter which one it is. These odds tend to stick around the 1-3 range.


Now we’re getting fancy. For this bet you have to correctly predict the first two cars to win the race in that order exactly. So if you bet on Richard Myers to come in 1st and James Alexander to come in 2nd, and they do just that, you win. However, if Myers comes in 2nd and Alexander comes in 1st, you don’t win anything. Like I said, tough bickies !


What happens when Exacta gets a little tougher? You get Trifecta, which does not require discreet medical attention. It works just the same as the Exacta, but now you’re betting on the first three places, in that exact order. Remember, if even one of your cars isn’t in the order you predicted, you won’t win the bet. As you could imagine, Trifectas are the highest paying bet you could make, and their odds range from the low twenties to over 2,000!


On the flipside, this is one of the easiest bets to win. Some races have 6 cars and some have 8. If it’s a race with 6 cars, you bet on one car to finish either in the first 3 (under) or in the last 3 (over). As long as it finishes in that half, it doesn’t matter the exact place. Fifty-fifty’s rather nifty.


Each car has an allocated number, and they’re arranged consecutively (1-6 or 1-8). For an even/odd wager you bet on whether you think the winning car will be an even number or an odd one.

Virtual Supercars Tips to Win

Remember before how I mentioned that key piece of information to keep in mind? That gem of advice is to always see each new race as a fresh start with fresh odds.

Let me put it this way: regular racecar betting has real human drivers with real skills, talent, and history, as well as real vehicles with room for error and accidents. Virtual racecar betting is all a simulation. That means that even if a car or a driver resembles a real world one, it will have zero impact on the race or the outcome. Wayno the Winner in real-life may be Wayno the Woser in virtual life.

So what can you do to win?

It’s all about managing your bankroll and your betting variety. Show up to the tracks with enough in your bankroll for around 20 betting units. Start off with smaller wagers, like over/under or even/odd, and try to stack up smaller wins. When you’re more comfortable with playing virtual races online, then you can try riskier and more profitable bets like Exacta or Trifecta.

Above all, make sure you only stake what you care to lose, and don’t hesitate to step back for a coffee break if you’re on a losing streak.

Motorsports betting online may not be exactly the same as when you were a little tacker , but I think even younger You would find it hellishly more exciting. Head to the Racecar section under Virtual Sports, fill out a bet slip, and settle in the driver’s seat. The racecars are revving up the engines every 3 minutes, and you don’t want to miss the show at Joe Fortune.