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Table Games with the Highest Payouts & Odds

Table Games with the Highest Payouts & Odds

I’ll cut to the chase and tell you that when it comes to payouts, you’ll want to choose the games that have the biggest and the best, because those will help you maximize real cash wins. Games with the best odds, however, will help you win more frequently, regardless of the size of the actual prize. So, two sides of the same coin, really.

All  online casino games have both payouts and odds you’ll want to factor in, and I’m going to show you right here how to tell the difference and which games have the best of each.

Difference Between Odds & Payouts

For starters, we’ll need to take a second to talk about the difference of odds and payouts; you know, just to make sure we’re walking the same path here.

Payout: A “payout” is referring to the amount of money you profit from your bet. So let’s say you bet $10 on Blackjack and you win the round with a natural (it’s an example, so we can aim high), and you profit $15. The $15 is your payout, aka your prize money.

Now you might wonder where that figure came from (why, thank you, mate, I have been hitting the gym lately). I calculated that number from a 3:2 payout, which brings me to my next point.

Payout Odds: This “3:2” is what’s called “payout odds”, or sometimes just “odds”.

Payout odds for table games are most often expressed as “x to x”. So “3:2” is said as “3 to 2”. To calculate your winnings on a $10 bet, you do (10 x 3) ÷ 2, and that would be $15. See? I don’t care what your high school teacher says, you’re a regular maths wiz!

Game Odds: Unfortunately for everyone, the odds to win the game and/or the house edge (and the payout) are all referred to as “odds”. The similarity in terms can be confusing, but context is usually enough to pick up on which one is meant.

One way to express the odds is showing your chances of winning. So if the odds in Roulette for a bet on black are 46.37%, that means the odds are 46.37% to win your bet. You can also say the house edge is 2.6% in Roulette, which would be another way to describe the odds.

Casino Games With The Highest Payouts

A few games stand out more than others when it comes to payouts, and this is what you can expect when you play on your PC and on the Joe Fortune no download app.Casino Games With The Highest Payouts


You may have heard that online blackjack is one of the best table games. The reason bettors love it so much is that the payouts are nice and steady. Regular wins in the round pay 1:1. If you happen to get a natural, then the payout is 3:2, and optional insurance pays 2:1.


Online roulette is another famous one for top casino games. For how simple the game is, the payout odds can vary a great deal.

The standard Roulette payout is 1:1 for outside bets, which is pretty standard for Joe Fortune table games. The highest payout is 35:1 for a single number, and something in the middle would be a two number combination for 17:1 or a four number combo for 8:1.


Next on the list is another table game available with your login: online craps. This game can seem intimidating at first, but I assure you it’s worth learning if you want to bank on its cash out potential.

Both the Pass Line and Come bets pay 1:1. A Place Bet on 4 or 10 pays 9:5, and a Place Bet on 6 or 8 pays 7:6. A Hard Way on 6 or 8 is quite good and it pays 9:1, but the best is a 2 Craps or a 12 Craps which pays 30:1 – just to name a few highlights.

Video Poker

Video poker has some of the best payouts at Joe’s. There are 8 versions of video poker to play, all with different payout odds.

A Royal Flush in Jacks or Better is 4000:1 when you play on 5 coins. If you play on only 1 coin, it drops to 250. For the lowest payout you’d get 1:1 if you won on a minimum pair of Jacks with 1 coin, but 5:1 if you played on 5.

If you’re playing Joker Poker, you could expect the same 1:1 or 5:1 for a pair of Kings on 1 or 5 coins respectively. For the big win of a Sequential Royal Flush you’d get a staggering 20,000:1 on 5 coins (!!) and 500:1 on 1 coin.

Casino Games With The Highest Odds

Now that I’ve got you salivating over the possible money you could win, let’s go over the top table games when it comes to odds of winning the game.


Since Blackjack leaves plenty of room for skill, the odds happen to work excellently in your favour (best online table game, remember?). The house edge is already low at .5% when you use an optimal strategy. Overall, you have a 46.36% chance for a win in Blackjack with the optimal chart. Not bad for a day’s work.


Online baccarat is yet another of the best table games at Joe Fortune with amazing odds. You have a 49.32% chance to win on a Player bet if you don’t factor in the Tie, and a 50.68% chance to win on the Banker. Generally, the house edge is a very conservative 1.06% for the Banker and 1.36% for the Player.

online Craps

One last game to boast about before we sign off. Craps is one of the best to try out if you want to boost that bankroll. As long as you focus on the two core bets of the game, you’ll be in good shape.

For the standard Pass Line and Come bets that kick off the game, the house edge is only 1.41%, with a 251 to 244 chance to win (aka very high odds that it lands). The flip side of those is the Don’t Pass or Don’t Come bet which has a lower house edge at 1.36% and a 976 to 949 chance of winning.

I’m impressed! This guide featured an onslaught of numbers and maths, and you pulled through like a champ. Now that it’s all over, you’re free to run off into the wind and use your Joe Fortune login to play any of the table games with the best paydays on either your PC or mobile. Either way, I have full confidence that you’ll choose wisely and do me proud.