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Poker Inspired Games & Video Poker – A Comparison

Poker Inspired Games & Video Poker - A Comparison

They may have “poker” in their names, but in reality, Joe Fortune video poker and table games inspired by poker are totally different. They are certainly based on the traditional poker you know, in that you have to form a winning poker hand within 5 (or sometimes 3) cards to win. But video poker and poker table games come with many unexpected twists. Brand new poker hands, unique payouts, side bets, and rapid pacing are some elements you’re about to see in all types of poker here at Joe’s online casino

I won’t leave you hanging trying to navigate these games on your own. Kick up your feet, light up an imaginary cigar, and follow along with me, nice and mellow. I’ll show you what’s-what between video poker and poker table games, so you can decide for yourself which type of poker is best for your skillset and your wallet’s appetite. 


The Pros of Playing Video Poker

If you ever liked the idea of regular poker but thought the traditional game with real opponents was too complicated to master, then you’re about to fall in love (with video poker, of course – I’m already taken). 

It resembles regular poker in certain ways, like requiring that you form a good hand out of five cards. You’ll recognize most of the ranks from regular poker, too: four of a kind, royal flush, full house, and so on, are all there. The difference is that in video poker there are many new hands for different versions of the game, like a wild Joker or a Deuce making 5 of a kind. This tends to shake things up a little, plus gives you more opportunities to form novel winning card combinations. 

Another huge perk of video poker is the speed. It’s sort of like the Fast and Furious version of regular poker because you can zoom through rounds faster than one single round of checking and calling at a regular poker table. It does not, however, include a saucy lass fixing your engine or dealing the cards. Just to be clear. 

Finally, video poker doesn’t have any opponents. It’s just you and your old pal, the CPU (that’s a computer processor, if I’m being obtuse). Oh, and there’s much less pressure during the game. You can drop that poker face and make as many dramatic expressions as you want, like grinning wickedly when you’ve landed a pair of kings. I’m right there with you, bud! 

Other Poker-inspired Table Games

Aside from the classic video poker games found under the “Video Poker” tab at Joe Fortune, we have lots of other poker-based games that are just as fast, easy, and fun. Each of them follow the same poker principle of getting the best hand possible out of five (or three, or seven) cards. The differences are in the way the cards are dealt, how many you can see, and the side bets for increasing the wins. 

Caribbean Stud PokerCaribbean stud poker for real money

For starters, Caribbean Stud poker, and it’s brother, Caribbean Hold ‘Em, have the hugest progressive jackpots for all poker table games. To be eligible for it, you have to click the red circle to toss in a dollar before hitting “deal”. 

When it comes to Caribbean Stud, you get five cards face up and you get to see one of the dealer’s five cards. If you think you’ve got a money hand that’ll beat the dealer’s, then “raise” and have a face off. If you think it’s not going to cut it, “fold” and end the game. 

In order to win the most, the dealer has to qualify with an Ace-King or higher. Aside from beating the dealer, you also get paid on your raise based on the quality of your poker hand. That means two opportunities within one round to maximize payouts. Absolute stud. 

Caribbean Hold’em

For this version, you get two extra cards to form a better hand. 

Two cards are dealt face up, the dealer gets two cards face down, and three community cards are dealt face up to the middle. If you think your hand is better, then you raise and two more community cards are added to the flop. Now you have 7 cards to make a winning hand, and you can raise if they’re good and face the dealer. If you don’t think your hand is good enough, then you fold. Now the dealer has to qualify with a pair of 4’s or better for you to get the winning prize. 

Let ‘Em Ride

Let ‘Em Ride is different from other poker table games because you get two chances to raise your bet. 

The way it works is you get 3 cards face up, and two community cards go face down. At this point you can either move to round two without raising, or double your ante and move to round two. This happens again until all the community cards are revealed, and you see how you did based on the final five cards in your hand, with a minimum of a pair of 10’s to win. 

Tri Card Poker

Now instead of getting five cards to build a solid poker hand, this unique version of poker table games has you working with only three cards… but you also get three ways to win. 

It starts when you get 3 cards face up and the dealer gets 3 cards face down. All you have to do is decide if your three cards can beat the dealer and hit “raise”. If not, then fold. If the dealer has a queen or higher than he qualifies. If you beat the dealer, you’re paid even money on your ante and raise, plus you get an ante bonus if you got a straight or better. Finally, you could also get a side payout if you had opted into the pair plus bet which gives you even more for having a pair or better. Want to learn more? Check out this Tri Card Poker Guide!

Which type of Poker-inspired game is right for you?

That was a lot of poker talk. Be glad it’s not polka talk. We’re just about finished, so keep that cigar lit and take a nice, stately puff. Let’s do a quick recap to help you figure out which type of poker you should play at Joe’s.

You should play video poker if you prefer a traditional poker experience that’s faster and easier, but also has some curveballs like wild cards and unique poker hands to sharpen up your skill set and keep it interesting. 

If you prefer to play poker table games that have extended options for side bets and payouts, then try Let ‘Em Ride, Tri Card Poker, or Caribbean Stud. 

If you love Texas Hold’ Em but you don’t love the time commitment, stick with Caribbean Hold ‘Em since it follows the same principles but keeps it far more simple. 

What a beautiful thing to have a game like poker to offer so much variety and flavour in the world of gaming. So review the basics, smush out that air cigar (there’s a new performance competition for you)… and light up your poker chops. You’re about to have a poker experience at Joe’s that the traditional table has never seen.