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10 Times Vegas Pokie Game Review

Staycation calling! Joe's bringing the strip to you with this hot-off-the-press game review of 10 Times Vegas – your new favourite pokie.

If you didn’t find time this year to pack up your bags and your crew for a trip to Vegas, then stay right where you are, because you’re in luck. (Also, the borders were closed, so you’re not just lucky – you’re also rather sensible.)

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s remotely view a Vegas casino. Ten times.  It’s the Joe Fortune 10 Times Vegas pokies game! Full disclosure: this online pokie may not take you to Elvis’s Chapel of Love, or to a Bellagio suite with a tiger in the bathroom and several hours unaccounted for. What is possible is arguably better… because those legal fees alone would knock your socks off.

Instead, you get what might seem traditional with its 3x3x3 format of fruits, horseshoes, BARs and 7s, but instead boasts a very modern and Vegas-sized progressive jackpot! It even cocks it up a notch with an LED-infused psychedelic landscape with a blazing trail passing through a three-dimensional mountain range, which one can only assume is channeling the backdrop of the glowing Sin City. Talk about the complete Vegas experience, all from your desktop or mobile.



How to Play 10 Times Vegas

So, here we are at the corner milk bar between the past and the future, a leg in the old and a foot in the new. And this is where you’ll find 10 Times Vegas and the following specs:

  • 3 rows
  • 3 reels
  • 3 paylines, paying left to right
  • RTP: 96.47% (geez, that’s pretty darn good!)
  • Minimum bet: $0.09
  • Maximum bet: $120
  • 10 symbols, each with their own paytable
  • Wild multipliers
  • Progressive jackpot
  • A bitcoin pokie


Yep: she’s a beauty. What do you say? Are you ready to take a trip back in time, then forward again, then back and forward a few more times? Excellent. Grab the remote control. First round of this Joe Fortune online pokie starts now.

TOP FEATURESLet's shine a spotlight on the features you'll find on 10 Times Vegas.

The main idea of 10 Times Vegas pokie at Joe Fortune is that each of the 10 symbols has its own paytable, even the Jackpot symbol, although that’s not included in the base game. Your symbols in the base game, from highest to lowest value, are:

  • Wild 10x
  • Wild 5x
  • Wild 2x
  • 7s
  • BAR
  • Horseshoe
  • Dollar coin
  • Heart
  • Grape
  • Cherry

With three horizontal paylines in play, you get paid whenever three matching symbols line up on a payline, just like a classic slot. But as I promised, the extra features make sure you can win just a little extra. That’s the future part talking, and we should probably listen.

Wild Multipliers

The stars of the Vegas show, and where the real money comes, are the Wilds. When Wilds land on the reels, they can transform into another symbol to help you get a win. When multiple Wilds appear on the payline, they get multiplied together into one very generous multiplier.

The Special Powers of Reels 2 and 3

More importantly, if a Wild happens to land on reel 3, it instantly triggers reel 2 into a free spin, and a chance for another win.

Progressive Jackpot Explained

Do you see that gigantic number on the top of the game screen, the one that keeps sneaking up higher and higher? That’s the progressive jackpot, and it’s no mind trick: the number keeps rising. Each time you spin, a tiny bit of your wager is added to the pot, along with the wagers from all other players at this online casino. Someone has to win it.

You’ll get an opportunity to win the biggin’ when you’re awarded a Jackpot Spin for landing the right series of Wild combinations. During the Jackpot Spin, you get to use the Jackpot symbol, which also has its own paytable.

This is the jackpot symbol paytable:

  • 1 symbol = 10x your bet
  • 2 symbols = 20x your bet
  • 3 symbols = the Jackpot, as in, THE Jackpot.

Joe’s Pro Tip

As with any Vegas pokie flaunting a progressive, the more you bet, the higher your chances are of winning it. This game is no different, and my advice won’t be, either. Having said that, many players don’t spin for the jackpot itself, and you can make more than enough fun money just by landing the Wild multipliers, which happens much more frequently.

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Joe’s Final Thoughts: Play or Pass?

Whether you find yourself loving the classic vibes with fewer reels, rows, and paylines, or you’re a big fan of futuristic graphics and jackpots soaring to high heavens, 10 Times Vegas has something extra to offer every type of player, except for those who don’t like extras.

It’s official, this game is a PLAY.

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There’s no need to rush to the airport to jump on a plane – flights are pricey, after all – because I’ve bought Vegas to you. 10 Times Vegas is ready for another player, and my Joe Fortune Big Winners’ board is ready for another name, and I’m hoping the next one is yours!

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