Top 4 Tips to Win at Pokies

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When you play the best online pokies for real money, it may seem like there’s nothing to do but sit back and spin. I won’t pull your leg – that is mostly true. Having said that, however, you’ll be surprised to learn that playing hefty jackpot slots and the best progressive jackpot pokies comes with its own set of subtleties and skill.

Everything from choosing the right game, collecting the right bonus, getting your timing down, and refining your betting style will help you increase your chances to win at the best online pokies in Australia. And I’m keen to help you get there!

Are you ready to get knee-deep in pokies and prizes? All right. Take a deep breath and let’s dive right in.

1. Understanding Max Betting

Every online pokies game has a range of bets you can make. The smallest possible bet is $0.01, and the largest will depend on the game, but it can reach hundreds of dollars.

When you’re playing any type of online pokies for real money, including the best progressive jackpot pokies, you have to place a bet on each payline. Your bet amount times the number of paylines is your wager per spin. If the game you’re playing happens to be one with an online progressive jackpot, this is where max betting comes in. 

Most of the best online pokies for real money with a progressive jackpot require that you bet the maximum in order to be eligible for the big one. So if you’re playing a progressive pokie with 25 paylines and betting ranges from $0.01 to $2, you have to bet $2 X 25 paylines ($50) per spin in order to have a chance to win the jackpot.

2. Chase Progressives with Big Jackpots

Chase Progressives with Big Jackpots

As you can imagine, betting on max can get pricey. While your rewards are greater when you bet on max, it’s also true that your bankroll depletes a lot faster. That’s why some punters avoid these games and focus on the jackpot slots that don’t have the max betting rule. Generally speaking, pokies with random progressive jackpots don’t require a max bet to win. An example of that is A Night With Cleo, which also happens to be one of the best online pokies in Australia altogether for, let’s say, a more mature audience.  

Others prefer to spend more money upfront for the chance to win the big online progressive jackpots. The idea here is that if you’re going to bet per spin anyway, you might as well be playing for the biggest possible win. 

Games like Mega Moolah, Absolootely Mad: Mega Moolah, and Gold Rush Gus are some rollicking-good online pokies for real money, with insane progressive jackpots reaching the millions. If you do happen to win, let’s just say your investment will be worth it.  

There is one key thing to remember, though, in case your tempo changes: in order for progressive jackpot slots to have such huge values and prizes, it’s logic 101 that the ingoings must reflect the higher rewards, and the standard gameplay will accordingly pay out slightly less frequently. That’s called having high volatility, and it means you’ll win less often on standard prizes as you spin your way towards the ultimate prize. Which brings me to my next point! 

3. Don’t Chase Jackpots Too Long

If you’ve been playing an online pokies game for a while, you might start to feel as though the jackpot or the right winning combination is “due” to hit. That’s a common sentiment, but it’s a total myth! In my world, it’s called the Gambler’s Fallacy. The fact is that there is absolutely no way for you to predict what may happen on the next spin. After all, not even I have any clue, and this is my bread and butter! But there is good reason why this should bring peace of mind: every outcome is determined by a Random Number Generator (RNG). Not by yours truly.

The best way to avoid this trap and to keep up your chances of winning at the best jackpot pokies is to diligently manage your bankroll. Only go into the game with the amount of money you’re willing to kiss goodbye. Then set yourself a maximum for winning (so you can quit while you’re ahead) and a maximum for losses. If you reach either of those limits, stop playing the game! You can always come back later with fresh funds and fresh goals. Your game will still be here; and I’ll still be here to help when you need it. Even if it’s just a little moral support.

4. Use the Pokies Bonuses

Speaking of bankroll management: if you want a really handy tip for playing the best online pokies in Australia to win, this is it: jump in head-first with online pokie bonuses. When you pad out your bankroll with the free money bonuses and free spins, with love from me to you, your odds increase significantly. You can play on the best progressive jackpot pokies for longer without draining your own resources. 

Different Types of Pokies Available

Different Types of Pokies Available

So which types of online pokies for real money can you play? There are tons to choose from right here!

If you’re into high-end graphics, exciting storylines, and super unique features, you’ll want to play 5-reel pokies. These are also some of the best online pokies for real money because they have plenty more paylines to win on. Lots of online progressive jackpots on those 5-reels, too.

If you like something a bit more traditional in terms of design, then hang out in the 3-reel pokies section. These may be simplistic in terms of reels and features, but they’re not lacking in prizes and jackpots. 

A 3-D online pokies game is yet another option that’s buzzing with good looks and big adventures. These games focus heavily on creative storylines, and they can be both 5- or 3-reel. If you like to escape into an immersive gaming experience, you’ll love these babies from the word go. 

Then there are progressive pokies, which are widely considered as some of the best online pokies in Australia, no doubt about it. These are the games you go for to get in on the action and crank up the thrills with the chance to be a millionaire. Without a grilling from Eddy!

Winning at pokies comes down to choosing the right game, grabbing a bonus, managing your bankroll, and diving into exciting stories, features, and bonuses, all the way to the mammoth online casino progressive Jackpots. Be smart, and have a blast. This has been your friendly PSA from Joe.