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Help Me, Joe! Tips to Get You Started

If you’re waltzing into my casino, I already know three things about you straight off the bat, and I don’t even need to glance up from my copy of Casino Entrepreneurs Weekly to be sure.

  1. You’ve come to the right place. You’re home. Everything is going to be alright.
  2. You’re after a change of scenery. Something less conventional. Oooh! That’s me!
  3. You’re exactly the kind of player who belongs at Joe Fortune. It’s practically tattooed on your forehead.

You already know how to sign up at Joe’s, and hopefully how to collect your $5,000 Welcome Bonus (just three deposits for five grand!). But after that, there’s more to discover on this casino safari than David Attenborough could squeeze into a 2-hour special.

Instead of tying a pork chop around your neck and tossing you to the wolves to fend for yourself, I’m going to do it the Joe Fortune way. And that means being helpful. And possibly insufferable. Or both.

I’ve got a truck full of handy tips to get your motor running at Joe Fortune Casino. But these aren’t just any old tips for any old casino. This is the kind of insider information that’ll set you apart from other players.

Here’s your pre-tip tip: follow me for the best tips.

Tip #1: Use Crypto, Especially Litecoin

You might know that Joe’s is a Bitcoin casino. The best Bitcoin casino in Australia, in fact. But you may not fully grasp what that means for you, the player. First, Bitcoin isn’t the only thing we offer and it’s definitely not the only you should use.

I accept pretty much all mainstream cryptocurrencies for deposits and withdrawals. Using them gives you benefits like faster processing times, bigger bonuses, and tighter security. But the real tip that I’ll share is which crypto to use. And that would be Litecoin.

Litecoin was built as a “lite” version of Bitcoin (which I also accept).

It uses a separate blockchain which means it doesn’t get congested like Bitcoin does, which means even faster transaction times. It also has some of the cheapest transaction fees you can find, making this token the Goldilocks of crypto at Joe’s. And the best part is, when you transfer Litecoin to play in my casino, it immediately becomes AUD and you can withdraw it in any way you like!

Tip #2: You Can Actually Buy Bonuses and Free Play

It’s no secret that the bonus rounds are the best parts of playing pokies.

But even though they’re there, the bonus rounds aren’t guaranteed to trigger. Chin up, now, because I came up with a gem of a solution: Buy Bonuses.

This ingenious addition to some of my best pokies allows you to slip the Big Man behind the reels a cheeky fiver and straight-up buy your entry into the bonus round. The beetroot in your burger is that your RTP usually increases significantly, too.

Games like Bonanza Billion, Aloha King Elvis, and Hot Rio Nights all have this feature.

Then again, you could just play the games for free in Practice Mode, too. The balance is play money, and the wins of course aren’t real, but the bells and whistles are exactly the same.

Tip #3: Specialty Games Provide the Most Reward Points

Have you heard of my Rewards Program? No? Then I’m clearly not shouting from the rooftops loudly enough. Allow me to adjust my volume setting to civilised.

I like to make things so easy for my players. Life is too short to chase things that you’re entitled to, so that’s why you’re automatically enrolled in the Rewards Program when you sign up for an account with me. Then, for each game you play, you earn a certain number of points. The more points you have, the more rewards you get. Easy, see?

Now, most people go straight to the pokies, and that’s just fine. But most people don’t have the calibre of tips I’m giving you right now. You see, pokies get you five points for every dollar you spend, which is more than respectable.

Specialty Games, on the other hand, will earn you a whopping 15 points. That’s insane. So why would I lose my mind like that? Because I like doing things differently!

If you swing by the specialty games every couple of visits and kick arse on Bingo, Keno, and Thundercrash, you’ll be scoring so many points that you’ll forget the point of them.

Tip #4: Live Blackjack Games have a Progressive Feature

Everyone loves a progressive jackpot. Everyone. And if you already know your way around a pokie machine, you’ve probably been pining for a progressive yourself.

Now, because I do things differently around here (in the best possible way) I took the progressive and progressed it all the way to live casino blackjack. See? A little insider knowledge can go a long way.

In the live casino version of Blackjack, you’ll play at a table with a real-life dealer – and fellow players! – live via video stream. Don’t go on a beautifying mission, though, because this is a one-way street. Or stream, as it were. You can see the dealer, in other words, but the dealer, along with the other players, can’t see the orange Doritos dust on your fingers between plays. There is no nose cam. No dress code. No chance of scoring a dealer date (them’s the rule, I’m afraid).

The blackjack rules are the same as any other regular blackjack game, which is to aim for a higher sum than the dealer without going over 21.

But in the live version, you can opt into the Super 777 side bet for the progressive jackpot.

To claim it, you need three 7 of diamonds in your hand. If you find yourself in this happy circumstance, then your live dealer (hired, trained and put through their paces by me) is going to join in the celebrations with you, and let me tell you, progressive jackpot joy is a meal to be shared. Just the joy, though.

Let’s do another, Joe!

You got it, champ.

Tip #5: Keep an Eye on those Hot Drop Jackpots!

Three words: Hot. Drop. Jackpots. If you don’t know what they are, then it’s my pleasure to tell you.

Hot Drop Jackpots are jackpots – three of them to be precise – that I’ve hooked up to particular pokies to trigger at different points.

The hourly jackpot will knock someone off their perch every hour. The daily jackpot, to risk being Captain Obvious, will launch into a player’s lap once in every 24 hours. But the big Kahuna of the bunch, the Super jackpot (which I once tried to explain to a senior citizen, who told me, ‘I’ll take the soup’) is instructed to drop like a lead balloon before it reaches an amount that I’d decided earlier. Think: a good, healthy, six-figure sum like $300K. So healthy, in fact, that my Hot Drop Jackpots pay out more than $5 million every single month.

Now you’re really settling in, right?

Now, the closer we are to T minus 1 second, the greater your odds become to win. Repeat: Closer to zero = bigger chance of winning. Then it’s Houston, we have a Hot Drop, and some player is immediately over the moon.

I have a whole bunch of pokies with a path to win Hot Drop Jackpots, and they never stop ticking down towards lift-off. You’ll recognise them pretty easily: they have Hot Drop Jackpots in the title.

Tip #6: Refer Friends for Free Money

One last tip, and this one’s for peeps with peeps.

You seem like the type of charmer who collects friends like some folks collect newspaper clippings. (What is it that people collect these days? Can someone tell me on my socials?) If you invite a few of them, or as many as you want, really, I’ll give each of you a referral bonus of up to $75.

That means you’re happy, they’re happy, I’m happy, and we’re all just a bunch of above-average punters having a particularly excellent time.

Congratulations – you got the job. You are six handy tips up at Joe Fortune Casino, and it didn’t require a cent of collateral. Now what? Well, look around, my friend: hundreds of top-notch pokies and table games, and shelves upon shelves of bonuses and rewards to play them. With such a comprehensive crash course in Joe-ology and Fortunomics, you’ll be parading like a peacock on the casino floor, and offering to show everyone your tips.