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Busting Common Online Pokie Myths (Joe Gives It To You Straight!)

When it comes to casino myths, I’ve really heard it all. Stuff like pokies being due or running hot are just the tip of the iceberg. These misconceptions stem from way back when I was just an ankle biter, myself (so, yes – many, many moons ago. I’m aging myself here.)

Like I was saying, most of these rumours and misguided perceptions first originated in brick-and-mortar casinos and have never bit the dust. But I’m here to help put an end to that with online casinos, so that truth can win the day.

 It’s really just too easy to believe these sorts of statements, and that’s why it’s time I debunk some very common online pokie myths, and in general, clear up some FAQ about online pokies.

If you’ve wondered whether online pokies are rigged (spoiler alert: they’re not!), if there’s a best time to play pokies, or if you can win money online playing pokies, you’re about to get all of your answers, straight up like a whiskey neat.

Can you win money on online pokies?

My highly valued patrons, at some point, have asked me if they can win money on online pokies, and truth be told, I love this question, because it’s a big, hearty yes! Boy, does it feel great to have that answer in my back pocket!


We have a long and illustrious list of winners around here, which continues to grow around the clock. I even whacked up a special tribute page to my Joe Fortune big winners, which is updated monthly to celebrate the jackpot wins that all of our dreams are made of.

Now, it’s important to remember that even though it is indeed possible to win big, winning is never guaranteed. You could drown in cash on you first spin, or only ever reach small gains over months or years.

It’s important to read your game’s paytable before you play. Go for games with a higher casino RTP (return to player) percentage, like 96% or higher, as that means it’ll likely pay out more over time.

Focus on games with big progressive jackpots if you’re looking to bat for the big leagues, but be aware that you’ll have to invest more in order to have a chance to win it. Then who knows? Maybe it’ll be your name that’s celebrated on the big winner’s page. But let’s not jinx it, right?

What’s the secret to winning pokies?

We’ve all wondered it, we all want to know it, and we’re all aching to get in on the big secret.

Come in a little closer. Lean in, now, so you can hear every detail.

The secret is that…

… there is no secret. Sorry to disappoint, my friends, but that’s the cold, stark truth.

As much as I would love to tell you about an ancient ritual of hopping on one leg 12 times with a matchstick in your mouth and a rubber band over your left thumb, alas, I must tell you that there truly is no insider knowledge that will offer an advantage to winning pokies.

That said, you’re not totally at a loss for ways to increase your chances, because while it’s true there is no magic formula or secret button, you can win on pokies with common strategies.

Some of those approaches include choosing the right pokie for your bankroll, betting on the max when there’s a progressive up for grabs, and establishing limits to your wins and losses. It may not be the sort of ritual or cheat code you’ve turned up for, but it’s a lot more realistic, and probably won’t attract any strange looks, either. But so what if it does, right?

Does playing with bonus money reduce your chances of winning?

Good news alert!

One of the best parts of playing Joe Fortune online pokies is that you can turn bonuses into cash and use it in the game. Because getting this money is so easy, and quite generous I might add, many people think a casino might try to balance the scales and reduce your chances of winning when you play with the bonus money.

If anyone tells you that, you can politely tell them to shush their little yapper, and declare that Joe said that the money that I give you around here is yours, fair and square, and it is very real money, I might add.

When you put funds into a pokie, that pokie doesn’t know where the money came from. The only thing it knows is that a balance is in there, and it’s allowed to start spinning.

So if you see a bonus that you’d like to take advantage of (hint: Bitcoin is the best for online pokies), don’t hesitate a single second to snatch it up and use it. Those are some free games you’ve got there, and you have just as much of a chance of winning with those as with money from your own pocket!

What’s the best time of day to play pokies?

For players who ask, “What is the best time to play pokies online?”, I proceed to respond like this.

You can play a pokie in the morning
Or when the sun is highest after noon,
You can spin a reel under the moonlight
Because it’s never too late, or too soon.

No, no, hold your applause, please. Just keeping those creative juices flowing. Use it or lose it, you know.

Prize-winning poem aside, the point is that the best time to play pokies is when you feel like it, plain and simple. Joe Fortune online pokies are run by a random number generator (RNG), which is a machine that has no awareness of the 24 hours that nut out a day.

This number-jumbling software, which determines if a spin will lead to the big bucks, will run the same no matter when you’re using it, so don’t hesitate to play your favourite game at any time of day – your chances of winning will be the same!Is there a good or bad time of day to play pokies online that will give you an edge? Read what Joe has to say.

Can pokies run hot or run cold?

I’ll tell you right now that the only thing that’s hot about the pokies you’re playing is your own smokin’ good looks. You can take that to the bank. As for the cold part, well, I suppose that depends on how much of a people person you are. No judgments.

Again, we’ll need to mention the trusty RNG. This free-from-human-influence software spits out billions of numbers per second; in fact, every time you hit “spin”. The outcome is absolutely random and fair every single time. There are no VIP machines at Joe’s, and that’s because you’re all VIPs to me. True story.

If a pokie ever feels like it’s “hot”, or awarding wins frequently, it might be because that pokie is highly volatile, or it has several features that hit often. On the other hand, a pokie that feels “cold” could be a low volatility game, which means there aren’t many small features and regular wins in the base game.

Does auto spin on online pokies impact your odds?

Some pokie myths that create a buzz out there say that when you play in auto mode, the algorithm recognizes this and “punishes” you for being lazy.

I can assure you that the algorithm behind your pokie is not your year 7 PE teacher. Maybe, back then, taking the easy way out was frowned upon. Around here, you’re safe from the scolding finger of Ms. Always-Watching, and she is not hiding behind your pokie waiting to sign you up for detention for failing to use your finger every time you hit “spin”.

Thankfully, the truth is that playing pokies online on auto spin is simply making your life a little easier, and nothing else. Sit back and reach for the popcorn. The RNG in your game doesn’t know if you’re hitting “spin” with a finger, a stick, or an automated setting. So feel free to engage the autopilot and I’ll never tell a soul.

Can you tell when a pokie is due to hit?

The idea that a pokie would be ready to “hit”, or triggered to unleash the big jackpot, is one that spans back to the beginning of time, or maybe just to the 80’s, but still.

The answer was the same back then on physical pokie machines as it is today on online ones. Every spin on a pokie is just as random and fair as the last, and the pokie is under no obligation to trigger the jackpot at any time, regardless of how long it was since the last big win.

If a certain pokie is hitting a jackpot more frequently, that could simply be because more people are playing that pokie, therefore the RNG has more opportunities to land the right combinations. If it hasn’t hit in a very long time, then perhaps the RNG isn’t getting enough play time!

Aside from that, any hunch that your online pokie is due to hit is simply a hunch.

Where can I get more answers?

When it comes to playing pokies online, I know a lot of questions are bound to arise. I hope this handy little myth-debunker has worked to clear up some of your doubts. If you still have some questions, I also have a schmick casino pokie FAQ page that explains all there is to know about safe online casino gaming and pokies, and I heartily recommend that you stop by to check it out.


Above all, remember that my establishment is a proudly fair and fun place of business, and that I’m honoured you’ve chosen Joe Fortune Casino to play some pokies and have some wholesome and fair fun!