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Pokies to Choose Your Own Adventure

We’re all going on a summer holiday / no more workin’ for a week or two…

Admittedly I don’t know the rest of the lyrics, but I don’t care a single dot because it’s peak holiday season, from Bunbury to Brisbane and everywhere in between. Taking a week or two off work while you and your troops head to… well, where do you go? Each of my intrepid players would have a different answer, but with borders opening up and summer descending upon us, they would have one thing in common: a change of bloody scenery. So, this collection of Joe Fortune adventure pokies are handpicked to take you somewhere else; some of you might go coastal, trying not to fry up. Others could be mountain climbing, setting up camp under the stars, or getting chased into Wonderland by the mob. Say what?


Bikini ParadiseA-hem. Bikini Paradise awaits, and this is one day at the beach you won't forget in a hurry. Grab your board and let's jet.

Every born-and-bred Australian loves themselves a day at the beach. We don’t have a single capital city more than a stone’s throw away from the ocean. What about Canberra, you ask? Well, that place is full of drips, too. So most of us have spent long days sprawling out on a beach towel, trying to get the sand out of our toe cleavage.

Here’s the indulgent idea behind Bikini Paradise: you’ve got three featured babes strutting their stuff. A slice of beach paradise wouldn’t be the same without the scantily clad bikini babes. My wife would be the bikini babe, for starters. You’ve got beach supplies like surfboards, cocktails, starfish, towels, sunnies, free spins, stacked Wilds, and a prize pot of 5,000x your stake. That last figure is what makes this beach pokie really sexy.

Atlantic Treasures

The lost city of Atlantis is far beneath the ocean, with treasures glimmering behind the coral, and maybe even a shipwreck or two. Plenty to explore.

Unlike your regular ocean experience, this deep sea pokie will have you entirely surrounded by hues of ocean blue and green, right in the thick of the lost world. Free spins are there, as well as Wild multipliers and a sparkle bonus feature where you can catch those twinkling things and win up to 50x your bet.

Golden BuffaloFeeling outdoorsy today? Well, aren't you just in luck, then? Golden Buffalo needs no introduction being one of Joe's favourites, but we'll give you a snapshot anyway. Let's do it.

Where are my outdoorsy friends at? Anyone? Anyone? (I won’t go there. I promise.) It would seem they’re already off to chase the buffalo. You see, out in the great outdoors, there’s a magnificent beast with thick, golden fur. The Golden Buffalo ambles through the great canyons in a rapid flash, with 4,096 ways to win billowing in his wake. If there’s more to the great outdoors than exercise and Vitamin D, then this pokie proves it.

This mission is reserved for the truly adventurous type who dare take their chance to wrangle in the elusive beast (which we cover in our Golden Buffalo game review!). If you can manage it, you’ll be riding the buffalo back to camp with stacked Wilds, free spins, and Wild multipliers that come together for the ultimate 3,125x multiplier prize.

Ways of Labyrinth

So far, I’ve driven the tour bus for the beach lovers and the nature lovers. Next, I’ll direct my attention to the fantasy-style adventurer.

If you read giant fantasy novels full of characters with names like Ellvynwookie, Ways of Labyrinth is your match made in Middle Earth. Run alongside Cerberus and Minotaur, chasing the hissing serpents of Medusa’s hair in search of cryptic prizes in this Joe Fortune online pokie.

WoL has all the elements of a thrilling fantasy adventure; Medusa can turn Wild, Minotaur can turn into a mystery symbol, and Cerberus can explode and infect nearby positions with the same symbol, and all before Monday rolls back around two weeks later and you wake up in your own bed again.

Alice Adventure

24 years I’ve been living next door to Alice. But rather then falling down a musical rabbit hole, I’ll let you find your way into Wonderland in the Alice Adventure pokie. In this fantasy adventure through the forest, you’re the character from the unabridged edition. You’ll recognise your old favourites like the Mad Hatter, the Queen of Hearts, the White Rabbit, the Cheshire Cat and the lesser-known caterpillar.

Don’t forget to take a sip of Alice’s ‘Drink Me’ bonus, then watch as free spins come tumbling onto the reels, your eyes growing wide with wonder (or are you just high?) as Wild reels grow bigger, just like Alice did, for bigger winning potential.

What a trip.

Savannah King XL

Ever since I saw the Jungle Book (the Disney version, if you care to guess my vintage), I’ve dreamed of embarking on an exotic African safari. There’s nothing quite so thrillingly confronting as roaming in a jeep through the plains and savannas where zebras graze like it’s New York Fashion Week, giraffes lazily munch on leaves, and lions pride themselves on being kings of the jungle.

I can’t lend you a jeep, but I can give you the next best thing, which is Savanna King XL. This pokie may be the closest to a real African safari as many of us will ever get, and I’d say it’s a darn good substitute when it comes down to it. There are wild symbols roaming right alongside the wild beasts, and free spin stampedes with up to 64x multipliers rushing through the reels in an African pokie adventure.

Mob Heist

Then again, if you’d rather not spend your adventurous holiday with wild animals (assuming you left the kids behind), maybe you’d prefer to travel to dodge the Chicago police as you plot a daring heist with the local mob. Hence the name: Mob Heist.

Here’s your team: you’ve got the Goon, the Girl, the Boy, the Boss, and the Doc (person, camera and TV couldn’t make it). The lot of you are pulling off a bank heist and running from the wild Cop. You’ve got a pocket knife, hand guns, handcuffs, and poison to ward off the police, and most importantly, a bank vault full of cash, and a gamble feature to double your prizes.

The Great Icescape

While most of us are getting on our bathers and sipping margaritas under the warm sun, others are piling on their gloves and scarves and layering up on quilted parkas. Antarctica is a whole new type of adventure, and it gives you far more than a chill in the air with the Great Icescape pokie.

To welcome you to the great ice-doors is Baby Penguin. He’s cute as a frozen button, and he needs your help to rescue his little penguin friends from blocks of ice in this pokie. You can help him save his friends by landing matching symbols which break open the blocks. When you manage to help Baby Penguin unblock all of his buddies, even more prizes await you at the end of your heroic adventure. What a pal, you are. Truly. What a pal.


Before we soar into this type of Joe Fortune arcade adventure (like a pokie, but with more strategy!), let’s take a moment to be humbled by the unknowable expanse of space, with its dark matter and black holes and comets and burning suns. The universe looks down on planet Earth and sees no more than specs of dust. Great, now that everyone’s existential crisis has settled in, let’s take it a step further in a very special adventure through space.

In Thundercrash, you’ll be the captain of a spaceship in search of $100,000. While you’re enjoying the stars, you’ll want to pay close attention to the space junk floating past. At any second, it could collide with your ship and you’ll be blasted! The longer you fly, the bigger the multiplier grows, which means the bigger your prize if you successfully dodge the crash! I cover the whole Thundercrash game review if you want to know more about this outerspace adventure.

These extra adventurous holiday-in-a-pokie games are mere flakes in the salt mine that is the well-seasoned Joe Fortune casino. Wild and wacky adventures that are just a click away at. Try one of these little gems to start, and when the travel bug takes over, jump over to the next pokie adventure.