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Instant Inferno Pokie Game Review

It’s time to turn up the heat with your pokie playing action with Instant Inferno. Check out Joe’s review and get playing today.

What do you think about headbanging to a heavy metal riff, with a wicked front-man ripping up a solo on an electric guitar on a stage engulfed in flames? (Dude… could it be the Wyld Stallyns?)

And with that pleasing 90s throwback, I welcome you to my Joe Fortune Instant Inferno pokie review. This is where you’ll learn about all things hot, like how it feels to be in an inferno, and wins instant at the snap of the devil’s fingers.

Once you get started, you’ll just need to brush up on your electric guitar skills, as well as your devilish side. The one who sits on your shoulder will do. The flames of this inferno pokie are spitting fire and prizes, and you’re the brave soul descending to hell to claim them.


How to Play Instant Inferno

Despite what some devil may have you believe about his fiery lair, he’s actually rather keen to put on a good show for his visitors in this online pokie, which perhaps compensates for the pain of disappointing his parents. Anyway, believe it or not, this devil has always been a fine connoisseur of heavy metal, working his way around an electric guitar like a pro.

As you enter the Instant Inferno, a steady guitar riff builds up the beat over the sound of cackling flames. The devil is more supportive than you’d guess, and with each win you land in the base game, he lets out a stellar guitar riff in a moment of celebration. He also delivers on the details of these red-hot reels:

  • 5 reels
  • 3 rows
  • 30 winning lines, awarded from left to right
  • Two scatter symbols with their own paytable
  • Pick-Me bonus game
  • Free spins and multipliers
  • Wild symbol
  • RTP: 96.63%
  • Betting range: .3 – 150

Are you ready to see what lies behind the flames of the Instant Inferno pokie at Joe Fortune? I hope you brought a fan, because it’s about to get hot.

Top FeaturesLet’s bust down the doors and look at the top features of Instant Inferno.

The heat might be coming from the flames billowing up over the reels, but the real heat in this Joe Fortune online pokie comes from its mega hot features that are heating up your balance.

Instant Inferno Scatter

The Instant Inferno scatter is of mild heat, with yellow-orange flames surrounding the Instant Inferno logo. You can imagine 3 out of 5 stars at a Thai restaurant. This scatter pays out more than the regular symbols, and landing 9 of them garners the most prize money.

Premium Inferno Scatter

Yep, you see that right. There are two scatters cooking within the inferno of this pokie online. This one is more of a 6 out of 5 on the spicy scale, in other words it’s off the charts! All you need are 5 of this red-orange Instant Inferno logo in flames to get a prize that’s even higher than all 9 of the first scatter.

Wild Symbol

The devil’s pitchfork is a Wild, but don’t run away screaming if he whips it out! Remember, this devil is on your side, at least for this game, and he uses his pitchfork for good. In this case, that means he replaces regular symbols to help you land another win.

Pick Me Bonus (With Free Spins & Multiplier!)

Pick me, pick me!! That’s what these 20 tiles on fire are screaming as you enter the bonus round via bonus symbols on reels 2, 3, and 4. You get to be the powerful devil now, and you’ll have to use your gracious discretion to determine which tiles to pick. You’ll need to match 3 tiles in a row that reveal the same prize. In doing so, you could win up to 20 free spins with a 3x multiplier.

There’s even a Wild tile which substitutes the other tiles, and adds an extra 5 spins. They can all be retriggered, and the spins keep on spinning until there aren’t any left, or you reach 50.

Joe’s Pro Tip

As always, the best strategy for bigger real money wins on pokies comes down to betting on the max. That’s no different for this game, and the higher your bet amount is, the more your multipliers and scatter wins will get you!

Joe’s Final Thoughts: Play or Pass?

It’s no secret that the devil’s lair is always the most fun… and you’re sure to have a blast when you tap into his Wild side with an electric guitar.

I like to play this one whenever I’m in the mood to party, and I turn on Metallica in the background just to help me get fired right up.

If you’re a fan of heavy metal, interactive bonus features, a touch of evil, and you don’t mind it hot, then Instant Inferno is one of the top pokies to play in 2022, or any other year for that matter.

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Play Instant Inferno Pokie at Joe Fortune Now

If I’ve done my job, by now you’ve transformed into a hunk a hunk of burning love, and your eternal flame is ready to devour my spinnable children like wildfire for some smokin’ paydays. I’ll hold the fire extinguisher, and you fire up the Instant Inferno furnace at Joe Fortune, and we’ll meet on the other side; hopefully with a full canister and a full wallet.

Don’t forget to grab some casino promotions to maximise wins, and that’ll really heat things up for any online pokie you play.

Then it’s time to grab your electric guitar, plug that bad boy in, and prepare for your heavy metal guitar solo… in hell.