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Super Bowl LVIII Guide: How to Watch, Game Preview, Rules, and Schedule

A red gridiron helmet and a yellow gridiron helmet on a green background.

G’day sports fans, we’re heading into February, so that can mean only one thing.. the Super Bowl season! So, here’s your good mate Joe Fortune giving you a bit of rundown on Super Bowl LVIII, telling you where and when you can watch it in Australia. Plus, I’ll chuck in a quick preview of the teams, a boofhead’s look at the rules, and what else you can look forward to during the game.

Big Game Preview

So, we head to the Big Dance where the Kansas City Chiefs try to become the first team to win back-to-back NFL championships since the New England Patriots some 19 years ago. In the Chiefs’ way stands the San Francisco 49ers who will be looking to avenge its defeat by Kansas 4 years ago.

With Taylor Swift’s far larger other half, Travis Kelce, alongside star quarterback Patrick Mahomes in the Chiefs line-up, the hype and build up to this year’s Super Bowl will be like no other.  Kansas City won the AFC Championship game against the Baltimore Ravens, with a decisive 17-10 victory. The Chiefs’ defence was formidable as it shut down this season’s leading MVP candidate, Lamar Jackson.

The Chiefs had focused on developing a formidable defense this season and relied on their ability to execute crucial plays in the game. Heading to their 4th Super Bowl in 5 years, Kansas City fans will have every right to be optimistic about another very enjoyable February.

Over in the NFC Championship battle, the Detroit Lions had a 17-point lead against the Niners. However, inspired by quarterback Brock Purdy and the impressive running back Christian McCaffrey, San Francisco fought back to reach its first Super Bowl since the 2020 loss to Kansas.

In Brock Purdy, the 9ers have one of the most unexpected stars. The quarterback was the last player taken in the 2022 NFL draft, but with several injuries, Purdy has taken the opportunity and is playing like a man possessed, inspiring his team. His second-half performance against the Lions demonstrated what a thorn he could be against the Chiefs’ defense and potentially how he could open them up.

After last year’s point-fest, which saw Kansas City down Philadelphia 38-35, I don’t think we can be looking at such a high scoring encounter this time around. That’s not to say it won’t be a classic Gridiron showdown, it is certainly one not to be missed. Make sure you get the date in your calendar and get your hotdogs and popcorn lined up – I know Taylor Swift and her fans will!

When to Watch Super Bowl LVIII

This year’s Super Bowl is on Monday 12th February 2024, with the following times when I reckon the game should be due to start. But don’t bet your last dollar on it going to time… Hobart, Sydney, Melbourne, and Canberra all at 10:30am, Adelaide at 10am, Brisbane at 9:30am, Darwin at 9am and Perth 7:30am.

A gridiron pitch shown on a tv screen on a yellow background

Where to Watch

Free-to-air coverage is available across the 7 Network with the game live on Channel 7. For all the pre-game build up earlier in the morning, you can get this on 7Mate and 7plus.  Super Bowl LVII is also available on streaming service KAYO and will be part of some Foxtel packages. As for you diehard fans, you’ll know you can watch it on DAZN.

It might be an early start to the week, but I dare say that a quite a few pubs, clubs, and bars will be serving up hotdogs, burgers, and tacos to go along with a few cold ones for those of you who down your tools for the day and head to watch it with your mates.

American Football Rules

American Football, also known as Gridiron, games last 60 minutes which is made up of 15 minute quarters. Each team is given three ‘time-outs’ per half, and there is also a 12-minute half-time interval, which tends to be extended by a few minutes during the Super Bowl. There are 11 players from each team on the field at any one time, but usually American football teams are made up of 48 players.

The team who has the football has four ‘downs’, or turns, during which they must make up 10 yards during these plays. If the team with the ball, known as the offence, manages to gain 10 yards within those four downs, the count resets and they are given another four chances to go another 10 yards. If the offence team is stopped to move 10 yards within four downs by the defence, the ball will be given to the team playing defence and they will be given a chance to score points and in effect become the offence team… Strewth for those of you new to the game I hope you know what I mean!

It goes without saying that to win, you must score more points than the other team. Here’s a quick guide on how you can score.  First up, you’ll all have heard of a Touchdown which is worth 6 points. To score it, one player must simply cross the other team’s goal line by running the ball into the end zone or catching it.

After scoring a Touchdown, team’s get the chance to score an ‘Extra Point’ with either 1 or 2 points. More often, team’s take the safer option and go for kicking the ball through the uprights to get one point. However, two points can be scored if the offence team can take the ball into the end zone from close range. It’s sort of like trying for another touchdown and isn’t too easy.

You can also get 3 points for scoring a field goal. If the team with the ball thinks they are close enough, they will bring out their kicker, who will then need to kick the ball through the posts and over the crossbar to get the points.

The last way for a team to score is very rare, ‘Safety’ is worth 2 points. The defence can score two points if they tackle the member of the opposing offence with the ball in their own end zone. I’ll leave it there but at least you know even if you don’t fully get it – just quietly, nor do I!

Super Bowl LVIII Half-time Show

R&B singer Usher has been picked to lead the Apple Music Half-time show. The much-coveted slot is always under intense scrutiny to thrill and impress audiences around the world, as well as the fans who will be attending the Allegiant Stadium. To coincide with his performance, Usher is releasing his latest album, Coming Home, on the same day as the Super Bowl.

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A gold gridiron football plus the odds for the 9ers and Chiefs on a yellow background

Betting and Odds

The 9ers has been favourites to lift The Vince Lombardi Trophy since back in October last year, and it remains the case at the time of writing at $1.86. With The Chiefs going for a 3rd win in 5 years, looking to cement a place in history, currently $1.99 to win the match.

There is no doubt that San Francisco has been strong throughout the regular season but have just held on in their last 2 games, winning both by just 3 points. This current Kansas City team knows how to win Super Bowls, and with 3 from 3 in the last three head-to-head encounters against the 9ers, Joe Fortune fancies The Chiefs to win by 1-13 points, with current odds at $2.60.

I also reckon that this will be a tight game, and the defences may well come out on top. As such, my tip of the Total Match Points is under 47.5, with odds at this time being $1.90. For the Patrick Mahomes fans out there, he is currently $4.60 to score a touchdown, while his opposite number, Brock Purdy, is paying $9.

Las Vegas

Now, look here punters, just because you can’t be in Vegas it doesn’t mean you can’t feel the whole Vegas vibe in your living room. You’re all set with the Super Bowl on your tv, you’ve got your nachos, burgers, hot dogs, popcorn, corn chips and your favourite cold drinks. All you need now is to visit Australia’s Best Online Casino and then simply find your favourite pokie. If you have any questions on how to set up, open an account and make a deposit, please reach out to my mates who are here to help.