The Easiest Casino Games For the Casino Newbie

The Easiest Casino Games For the Casino Newbie to play for real money

When the weekend rolls around and you’ve got nothing to do but kick back and relax, that’s the best time to whip open your Joe’s account and play casino games for real money. With the best online casino games at your disposal, you can unwind in style, building up your bankroll as you loosen up and recline into your favourite chair.

The best part is that the most relaxing games aren’t at all tough to learn. In fact, if you’re new around here, you’ll find games like Baccarat, Roulette, and Australian online Blackjack are surprisingly simple to play: and super easy to win.

Are you comfortable, feet up, head back? That’s the way. Let’s deposit and play now on games that are easy for a newcomer, and perfect for a chilled out day off.

Online Blackjack

Blackjack is a classic game for a reason. It’s easy to learn, easy to play, and even easier to win. Sounds easy, right? That’s exactly what it is.

To play Australian online Blackjack, place your bet and hit “Deal”. You’ll get two cards face-up, and the Dealer will get two cards facing down. Based on the cards you see, you can decide to either take another card (hit), or keep your current cards and face the Dealer (stand). The person who gets as close to 21 without going over is the winner.

The great news about Australian online Blackjack is that when you follow the right guidelines, the house edge is only 0.5%. That means we’re pretty much neck-and-neck, and you’re very likely to defeat me in a match. I’m cool with it, because when you’re winning, I’m winning too. It’s a bit like being in love.

Online Baccarat

Moving on from Australian online Blackjack, we’ve got another classic: Baccarat.

This is one of the best online casino games because out of the three bets you can choose from, one is mathematically proven to win more often. How do you like that for easy and relaxing? The work is already done for you!

The three bets in Baccarat are: the Player, the Banker, and a Tie. You want the person you bet on to have the highest value of cards up to 9. That’s when you win (unless you bet on a tie, then they need to be equal, of course).

So, do you want to know which bet to make for the best odds? It’s all about the Banker, baby. The Banker wins roughly 51% of the time (50.86% for you number folks), and it’s the safest bet to make.

That’s it. Just kick back, relax, and watch the Banker stack up paydays. Brilliant.

Reel Pokies

play the best pokies online

Taking a step back from the table, let’s talk about the best online casino games with reels. Unlike 5-reel pokies that are known for all the bells and whistles, 3-reel pokies keep it simple. Reel simple.

Don’t get me wrong, 3-reel pokies have their own bells and whistles, too, but they’re usually less loud. With many 3-reel pokies, the distracting graphics, complicated paylines, and general commotion are stripped away, leaving you with just the basics: pure, cold, hard cash up for grabs.

They’re some of the best online casino games out there because they’ve got just as many progressive jackpots and prizes as any other type of pokie, but the steps to a win are much lower ( as in, fewer levels to advance) and easier to reach (meaning fewer paylines to pay attention to).

Online Roulette

Now for one last simple, chilled out way to play casino games for real money. Online Roulette may look complicated with all the pockets on the wheel, but it’s actually really easy.

There are two types of Roulette you can play: American and European. We’ll focus on the European version here, because it has the lowest house edge at 2.6% (with American at 5.25%).

The wheel is made up of numbers from 1 to 36, alternating in red and black pockets. The pocket with a 0 is green. Your job is to bet on where you think the ball will land.

You can bet on any number of things in the game. The biggest payout of 35:1 comes when you bet on a single number straight up. But the players who embrace easy living focus on outside bets like red/black, odd/even, or first 18/last 18. Those occur the most often, and payout steadily at 1:1.

Whether it’s Australian online Blackjack, Baccarat, 3-reel pokies or Roulette, you’ll have quite the blast when you play casino games for real money: simple, profitable, and chillaxed. Don’t celebrate too hard, though – we’re being zen now, remember?