Roulette Guide: FAQ, How to Play, and Strategy Tips

Joe Fortune Roulette Guide

Roulette is the type of game that gets your heart racing at the speed of the wheel’s spin, and with one lucky clunk of the ball will send it into full throttle as the cash rains down directly into your wallet. Having said that, I promise you don’t need a full physical and a doctor’s seal of approval to play Roulette, but having a decent bill of health probably wouldn’t hurt.

The beauty of Roulette at this humble establishment is that it’s a game that works wonders for any bankroll. The amount of risk you take on, which can be a solid 50/50 or a brave stab in the dark, is as much your choice as your bet size.

Like all table games, and like most things in life as long as we’re laying down wisdom here, it’s never a good idea to jump in without knowing how deep the water is. Luckily for you, in my mature years, and with a fair bit of experience at the Roulette wheel, I’ve got tips up the wazoo. Let me show you how to play Roulette at Joe Fortune like a seasoned pro.

Roulette FAQRoulette FAQ

What are the benefits of playing real money Roulette online?
There are so many to talk about, so I’ll jot down a tidy little list:

  • No travel, paying for gas, or even getting dressed
  • More bonuses to get started
  • 24/7 play
  • Faster rounds
  • Lower minimums
  • American, European and Live Dealer versions

What’s the difference between European & American Roulette?
The Mother country would seem to have a leg-up here. European Roulette has a significantly lower house edge at 2.7% versus American Roulette at 5.26%, which directly impacts your chances of winning.

Can I play Roulette on mobile?
Sure can! Not only can you play on mobile, you don’t even need an app to do it. Just login to your Joe Fortune account through your phone’s browser and open the game. It will automatically scale down to size and present a smooth, dynamic interface that’s easy to use. 

Can I play Roulette with a live dealer?
Is the Pope Catholic? Damn straight you can play Roulette with a live dealer. At Joe’s, expect the most professional of real, actual croupiers available. They guide your experience in real time in a real casino studio, plus you can play with other fellow humans at the table. Just as if you put on your best shoes and left home for the evening.

Do you have any games similar to Roulette?
Spin the Wheel is a pretty fab game that’s a bit like a first cousin to Roulette. You play on a wheel with 10 wedges of different colours – a bit like Wheel of Fortune. You can bet on as many wedges as you want. The wheel spins and a pointer cycles through multipliers of 1x-4x. If it lands on your number, you get paid based on the value of the multiplier. Simple, easy, fun.

European Roulette: How to Play & OddsEuropean Roulette: How to Play & Odds

The first thing you’ll notice when you play online Roulette is that there are two types to choose from: European and American.

Both versions of the game are set up similarly. Both consist of a wheel with multiple pockets alternating between red and black and odd and even numbers. The red and black pockets are numbered 1-36. The main difference comes with the number of green pockets, and therefore the odds on offer. That difference includes the house edge, which has a direct effect on how you get paid.

I’ll cut to the chase and tell you right now that Joe Fortune European Roulette is the wheel of choice for most experienced players. European Roulette has only 37 pockets, and only one of them is green, a single zero “0”. (When you read on, you’ll see American Roulette has 38 pockets, a single zero “0” and double zero “00”, making the house edge 5.26%.)

You would think that measly little pocket wouldn’t make much of a difference, but au contraire, my Roulette-rolling friend. Removing this one little pocket reduces the house edge to 2.7%, and that is an edge nearly halved. 

Take a look at the European Roulette odds and their payouts (as well as their fancy shorthand names), and store them in your memory bank for later when we compare them to the American version:

TYPE OF BET                                                                           ODDS               PAYOUT
Single Number (Straight Up)                                            2.7%                 35:1
2 Numbers (Split)                                                                   5.4%                 17:1
3 Numbers (Street)                                                                8.1%                 11:1
4 Numbers (Corner)                                                              10.8%               8:1
6 Numbers (Line)                                                                   16.2%               5:1
Outside bet on 12 Numbers (Column)                          32.4%               2:1
12 Consecutive Numbers (Dozen)                                  32.4%               2:1
Red or Black (Color)                                                              48.6%               1:1
Any odd number or even number                                   48.6%               1:1
Any number from 1-18 (Low) or 19-36 (High)             48.6%               1:1

How to Play European Roulette

Playing Roulette at Joe’s is super straightforward, just like me. Once you’re in the game, you’ll see the big old wheel as well the same flat table of numbers and betting options that you will find on any land casino. The game is as challenging as placing your chips on the numbers or options you want to bet on, before spinning that baby and holding your breath as it whirls at full speed.

American Roulette: How to Play & OddsAmerican Roulette: How to Play & Odds

As mentioned, Joe Fortune American Roulette has 38 pockets – one more green than its European counterpart. One green pocket has a single zero (“0”) and the other has a double zero (“00”). That makes the house edge 5.26%. It’s this added number (the “00”) that changes the odds of the entire game, as well as how you get paid. 

So, your odds and payouts for American Roulette are as follows: 

TYPE OF BET                                                                           ODDS               PAYOUT
Single Number (Straight Up)                                            2.6%                 35:1
2 Numbers (Split)                                                                   5.3%                 17:1
3 Numbers (Street)                                                                7.9%                 11:1
4 Numbers (Corner)                                                              10.5%               8:1
6 Numbers (Line)                                                                   15.8%               5:1
Outside bet on 12 Numbers (Column)                          31.6%               2:1
12 Consecutive Numbers (Dozen)                                  31.6%               2:1
Red or Black (Color)                                                              47.4%               1:1
Any odd number or even number                                   47.4%               1:1
Any number from 1-18 (Low) or 19-36 (High)             47.4%               1:1

How to Play American Roulette

The actual game play, as far as controls are concerned, is the same as in the European version. You select your bets on the flat table and spin the wheel. Easy.

Joe’s Roulette Strategy Tips

So the first tip of winning at Roulette is, sadly, to consider ditching the burgers and brews of the American version and focus on the wine and cheese of the European style. Like I’ve said, that lower house edge in European Roulette makes all the difference.

Once you’re in the game, remember that outside bets, as I’ll detail below, cover nearly half the wheel and sit sturdy at *nearly* a 50/50 chance. These bets can help you win more consistently with even-money-payouts.  

Outside bets include:

  • red/black
  • odd/even
  • 1-18 or 19-36 (also called low/high)

The flip side to that are inside bets. These are essentially any combination of numbers that involve the inside of the betting table. The fewer number you select, the better the inside bets pay, though your odds of winning will reduce simultaneously. You can’t win what you don’t bet on.

Some inside bets include:

  • Straight up (1 number)
  • Split (2 numbers)
  • Street (3 numbers) 
  • Corner (4 numbers)
  • Line (6 numbers)

Those represent a few popular choices, however in reality you could place a bet on any combination of numbers you fancy. 

Start Playing Roulette Now

Regardless of the type of online Roulette you play, remember to manage your bankroll, like a kid saving for a bike. We want you here for a good time AND a long time. More so than other online table games at Joe Fortune, Roulette involves a lot of chance, and chance means money. So to keep it flowing inward as well as outward, set aside your investment. And most of all, brothers and sisters, relax and enjoy.