Playing Live at Joe’s Online Casino

live action casino games at Joe Fortune

Thanks to advanced technology and a growing need to find entertainment from home, live casino gaming online has exploded in popularity in Australia’s backyard. Nothing else out there offers the best of both worlds like a live casino in Australia. You can get the land-casino vibes and real-people interaction, but still kick back in the comfort of your own home as you play your favourite online games.

All the classics are there like Blackjack, Roulette, and Baccarat, as well as brand new opportunities to make money and take advantage of special features. I’ll show you what it’s all about and how you can get in on live dealer games, too. I’m good like that.

Live Casino Advantages

Let’s face it. While betting, raising, hitting and doubling down at a land casino table is exciting, there are still some downsides. The social pressure, for one. Everyone staring you down as you decide on your move. Then there’s the noise. Who can focus on their strategies when the table next to you is exploding in uproarious laughter? And of course, there’s the old, no shirt, no shoes… I want you to be able to show up at Joe’s in your best boxer shorts, with your hair pointing in every direction. If you want.

A live casino online is different. Other people are still out there, and you can even talk with them via the chat box, but you can’t see each other. It really takes a load off. This also adds a bonus social element to an otherwise independent online game.

Aside from making new online friends (that are thankfully spared from seeing you hoe into a pile of Barbeque Shapes), playing at an online live casino in Australia is incredibly convenient since you can do it straight from home, or anywhere else you’d like. It’s the perfect bridge between being comfortable in your own home and experiencing the rush of real-life humans guiding your experience. So why should you play at Joe’s live casino in Australia? I’ll give you a few good reasons.

Why Play Live Casino at Joe’s

For starters, you won’t find such a sleek, modern live gaming design in any other live casino in Australia. I must say I take the cake in that category. I eat it, too. The video stream is top-notch, and the responsive interface and advanced software makes the entire gaming experience as smooth as peanut butter.

Our live dealers are well-seasoned in the industry, and they’ve got high-end professional equipment at their fingertips to make it come alive. As far as safety is concerned, Joe’s is trusted throughout Australia for having the best in security and safety for our players, including safe deposits and encrypted data protection. Safer than a Swiss vault, we are.

I also let you get in on the games with only a $5 minimum, and you get the option for early payout with Blackjack, as well as the options for a side pair bet and a rummy bet (read: tons of ways to make more dosh).

When you play at a live dealer casino in Australia, you often have to wait your turn when the table is full. Right here, I let you get in on the action even when you’re not in the game.

It’s called back betting, and it means you can put your money on another player who’s already at the table (or the same table as you while you’re in the game). You win when they do, and lose when they do, too. You might as well profit from someone’s savvy moves too, ya know? Just remember that you also have to split and double down when they do, too, so don’t just bet behind any random knob at the table. Watch them for a while and see if they’re worth it. Because you’re worth it. (With apologies to L’Oréal. Ahem.)

Finally, I’ve got the best selection of live dealer games you can play online. Most of your top faves are there, and you’ll even get to build a relationship with the dealer if you repeat the same table (tipping sure doesn’t hurt, either, and not just your hat).

Live Casino Game Selection

I’ve got plenty of games to keep you busy, and I reckon you’ll recognize most of them. All the games are played the same as you’re used to, with the regular controls on your side of the screen. But now the live dealer can see what your selections are and deal the cards accordingly on the table. Let’s see what’s there.


Finally. You can be as suave as James Bond himself, with others around to witness your spunky charisma through chat. Having said that, I recommend not attempting whatever your version of a seduction is, as that might result in a ban for you. Try Tinder. Baccarat is a sophisticated, wholesome game, you eager old thing!

With live dealer Baccarat, the dealer will give the player and the banker two cards. Now you bet on whether you think the player or the banker will win, or whether there will be a tie. The live dealer reveals the cards, and you see how you did.

BlackjackBlackjack for real money online

The game you know and love. This is also where you can take full advantage of back betting for bigger profits. In live dealer Blackjack, the dealer must stand on 17. The first thing you do is place your bets. You can do a regular bet here, or you can choose to do a Pairs or a Rummy side bet.

After everyone’s done and betting is turned off, the dealer hands out two face-up cards to everyone starting with the player on the dealer’s left, and one face-up card and one face-down card for the dealer themselves. This is when you decide to hit, stand, split, or double down by clicking the button on your screen as usual.

All your winnings are recorded instantly, and you can hit “re-bet” to play again. As many times as you want.

Early Payout Blackjack

Basically, this is a gift from heaven. It’s done just like regular Blackjack above… but now you can end the game, take your money AND run before any more cards are dealt. The amount you can take with you is highlighted in green, and the amount varies based on the dealer’s up card. It’s like a compromise when you want to ditch a bad hand and still take a slice of the bigger pie. Early Payout Blackjack is amazingly cool for flexibility.

Super 6

This is live dealer Baccarat with a twist. You still bet on the player, banker, or a tie, and you want the value of the cards to reach 9. But this time, you can participate in the Super 6 side bet which pays you 12:1 if the banker gets a 6! If you don’t take the Super 6 side bet, you get paid 50% of your bet (1:2) when the banker gets a 6. You can make other side bets, too, like Player Pair, Banker Pair, or the Dragon Side Bet. No shortage of ways to cash out with live dealer Super 6.


There’s nothing quite like live dealer Roulette at a live casino in Australia! The real-life Roulette wheel and ball is truly a rush when a live dealer sends it around and you’re just kicking back like a champ.

You can make all the bets you’re used to: outside bets, straight up, split, street, and more. Live dealer Roulette is also hot to trot because you can watch the outcomes of the last ten rounds with the Game Histories feature. Don’t forget to chat up your Roulette buddies and butter-up the live dealer with a generous tip. Tip, I said. Be nice!

If you want to learn more about gaming with Joe’s live casino in Australia, head to my live dealer FAQ page. There you’ll see more of what I’ve covered here, as well as other important details for the experience. The live dealers are always on, and a table is (nearly) always open. So get out there and show off those tabletop skills.