How to play Live Casino Games at Joe Fortune

Skill-up with our guide on playing live casino games at Joe Fortune

One of the most fun parts of being at a land casino is getting chummy with the Dealer. Not even we can deny that. It’s cool to have them there. It makes the game feel…professional. Sophisticated. A part of something exciting.

So you might be thinking that since online live casino games are, well, online, they’re not as fun. Think again, my friend. Live casino games for real money are just as thrilling as in a land casino. Maybe even more thrilling.

And for all the times I’ve heard the question “Is live casino gaming safe?” I really must answer with another question, like “How are we this bloody lucky to play live casino games for real money?” And yes, it’s incredibly safe.

Wow, this is a stark reminder. With a live Dealer online, it’s as close to the “real-deal” as you can get, Including the safety part. And we’ve got a live Dealer online for Baccarat, Early Payout Blackjack, Super 6, and Roulette. You won’t even know the difference. Unless you pretty much hang out with me every day, and though you’re more than welcome – it’s just a bit sad, really,.. don’t you think?

How a Live Dealer Works

First of all. What exactly is a live Dealer online? Is it a computer? A robot? A transformer? Nope. It is a human being. A beating heart circulating blood. Someone to communicate with directly through text. So be nice… or you may just get your bum kicked. It’s what makes live casino games for real money truly that – Live.

On your end, it looks just like you’re in a video chat. And other people are in the chat, too, but you can’t see them. You can only see the Dealer.

On the Dealer’s end, he or she is situated around a real game table talking to a camera. They can’t see you, but they can see your actions during the game and read your messages.

And, instead of a computer dealing your Hands or spinning the wheel, the live Dealer online does it for you.

So you might be wondering how you can clearly see the cards. Good question. In online live casino games, the real-life cards are embedded with tiny microchips. The Dealer scans each card, and it shows up on your computer screen along with your hands’ totals.

So, remember that question, “Is live casino gaming safe”? In short, yes. Every move with the cards is displayed right in front of your eyes and pops up on your screen in real-time. No rabbits and no hats.

Playing for real money with live games at Joe Fortune

How the Games Work and the Extra Perks They Offer

Just like in a land casino, in online live casino games there are multiple Players at a table. The game functions in much the same way you’re used to.

  1. Everyone places a bet.
  2. The live Dealer online deals the cards or spins the Wheel or what have you.
  3. After the cards are scanned and dealt, the Dealer waits for you and the other Players to decide on your Actions.
  4. Once everyone has inputted their Actions, the Dealer will see it on their monitor and make their own Action.
  5. Then the Conclusion is displayed directly on your screen, and the Dealer inputs your winnings.

That’s how it works. So what are the perks of live casino games for real money?

More authentic. It’s kinda nice, ya know? The jovial smiles. The eye contact. The personality. It’s another dimension to online live casino games.

Safe. Is live casino gaming safe? With a live Dealer online, the answer is yes. That’s because you can watch everything they’re doing in real-time. All of the moves are recorded, and you can communicate your question or concerns directly with the Dealer.

Bonuses, Free Spins, and Freebies. Live casino games for real money are their own beast in an online casino. For that reason, most online casinos will offer special deals to their live Players. Check the Bonus section to stay up to date.

You can communicate. When it’s you against the computer, you’re fresh outta luck if there’s a problem – and you want an immediate solution. With online live casino games, it’s not so much a problem, because you can speak directly with the Dealer and solve your problem right there. BAM. Just like that.

More social. It’s not just the Dealer you can talk to. You can talk to various other internet buddies as you play the game. The Dealer can talk to everyone. It’s like a little party. Remember those?

Instant payouts. At a land casino, you have to wait until the end of the game to get your results. With online live casino games for real money, you get the goods as soon as the round is over. Nifty.

Once again. Baccarat, Early Payout Blackjack, Super 6, and Roulette. Your Dealer (real-life, earth-born human) is waiting for you. Don’t stand them up. Deposit and play now.