3 Lesser-Known Tables Games at Joe’s

3 Lesser Known Tables Games to Play Online

Unique Table Games to Play

When the inertia of pokie spinning finally leaves you feeling a little dizzy, as it is known to do for some of us at one point or another, you might find it’s time to switch up lanes and try your hand at a brand new game. A chef’s special of the Joe’s a la carte casino menu, shall we say.

Don’t start ordering dessert just yet, though: as long as you’ve got your Joe Fortune login all taken care of, you can follow me right here at a comfortable pace while I take you through the  worlds less travelled, chock full of lesser known Joe Fortune table games. That’s right – these table games are reserved for the adventurers and raconteurs among us, which – to be frank – basically means anyone with a Joe Fortune login. Face it: we’ve all got a bit of Indiana Jones in us.

So when the time comes to step away from your favourite Joe Fortune pokies, you’ll be ready to hit up three majorly lucrative games in the Joe Fortune underground of rats and riches. Okay, I’m being dramatic: maybe just the riches. Let’s just get our hands on the holy grail, shall we?

1. Andar Bahar

If ever there was a Joe Fortune table game with plenty of pathways to paydays, Andar Bahar is that slightly exotic gem. Far from being the Jungle Book character you forgot all about, the beauty of this old Indian card game is that it can be as simple or as involved as you want it to be. Let’s start with the basic version, since we’re just warming up… or at least I am – you’re probably hot to trot, you talented young upstart.

Basically, you bet on one of two sides for the correct card to land: the left side (Andar) or the right side (Bahar). The “correct” card is the one that matches the middle card. If the matching one appears on your side, you win the game. Easy as a Four ‘n’ Twenty  pie.

If the winning side was Andar, you get paid at 1.9 odds. If it was Bahar, you get 2. So how do you inflate the wins even more? Side bets, my friend. So. Many. Side bets, mainly concerning the middle card. You can bet on any detail you’d like, including its suit, colour, number, or position above or below the number 8. Payouts for these can be as low as 1.35 or as high as 42.5, depending on the difficulty.

So which of the main two sides should you choose? I can’t very well say that there’s one magic formula to winning Andar Bahar. That would be irresponsible. But what I will tell you is that one side is technically more likely to hit, by a very small margin. Just like there are slightly more ladies than fellas in the world; that’s the way to look at it. Since Andar is the side that’s dealt first, the odds are 51.5% to win instead of 50% straight up. That’s why the payout is slightly less.

That’s Andar Bahar for you. Which side are you on? While you’re deciding, let’s spin you right round, baby, with the next game.

2. Spin the Wheel

If a perfect rainbow made sweet, sweet love to a cash-spinning tornado, you’d get Spin the Wheel. This stunner of a game is a beaut alternative for the Joe Fortune pokie lover, mainly because it involves plenty of spinning. And where there is spinning, there are Joe Fortune Casino free spins, too. So use your Joe Fortune login info to snatch those up before you play. Just a little tip.

Now to play this game, place your chips on any of the 10 wedges and hit “Spin”. As the wheel does as wheels tend to do, with colours and patterns melding into a blur, pay attention to the pointer in the middle if you can keep your eyes steady. This is where the money’s at. You win first when the pointer lands on your number, paying 9:1. But you really win when the multiplier rotating inside the pointer lands on 4x (with a range of 1x-4x) as it points smack bang  on your number. In that case, your payout is 36:1. Congratulations, champ.

This is the perfect game to let the wheel do the work while you just kick back, much like my Joe Fortune pokies. Also like pokies, the best way to win at Spin the Wheel is to go in with plenty of Joe Fortune Casino free spins. This lets you play the game for free, keeping your bankroll intact, but still gives you the same chance of winning.

Finally, let’s see what’s behind door number 3. Is it… a flasher?

3. Three Card Flash

Despite what the name makes you think of, this game does not involve unzipping for your fellow casino patrons and laughing it up like a loon. No siree. It’s much better than that, so let’s keep it in our pants. For now.

Three Card Flash, also called Teen Patti, is another game from India. Who knew they were so ingenious in the game-making department? (Well, I did of course, but… er, that’s my job.) There are two versions of the game to choose from. As usual, let’s start with the easy one.

In Three Card Flash Rapid, you only have to do two things: place your chips and hit “Deal”. Boom, that’s it. Three cards will pop up, and you get paid based on the quality of a three-card poker hand.Three Card Flash Pro Casino GamesThen there’s Three Card Flash Pro. In this version of the game, you choose who you believe will win: the Player or the Dealer. You can also bet on a Split, or a tie, to occur. Three cards for each side are flipped over, and whoever has the best poker hand wins the round. You win the bet if you had bet on that side in the beginning.

On top of the regular payout for guessing the right outcome of the game, you can also win by predicting the correct hand that appeared for either side. All it takes is accurately calling who’ll get a pair to win 5.65:1, which is on top of predicting the winner in the first place. You could also spring for the big bucks and bet on a Straight Flush for a payout of 440:1. The point is, you have options. But not so many that you’ll forget all about the value of your bet multiplied by 440.

And hey, if you play this game with friends, you can flash each other all day long for as many cackles as you want. Just remember that THAT game has a very limited lifespan and probably no payouts. Just odds.

Feeling ready for something a little special, now? There are so many Joe Fortune table games out there that it’s easy to let a few slip through the cracks. Now these 3 “lesser known” games are a little more known thanks to you getting to the bottom of this educational session. Take a little time out from Joe Fortune pokies, and use your Joe Fortune login goodies to hit up these fresh-faced upstarts. Who knows? You might have just found a new favourite hangout.