Quick Spins for Quick Wins at Joe’s

Quick Spins for Quick Wins at Joe Fortune CasinoAs fun as it is to pursue the ultimate in features and rewards as you immerse yourself in elaborate adventures, sometimes, all you need is a quickie to satisfy the urge and get through the day. (Don’t be coy now, you know how it goes!)

With that in mind, I’ve got a fine set of quick opportunities to boost up your day. On top of the big storyline-driven pokies at Joe Fortune, you could get down with a whole list of rapid-paced pokies that strip back the fluff and keep it simple. These pokies are light and bright with classic features and fast wins, and they’re perfect for anyone who’s short on time.

All it takes are a few good symbols, an ambient soundtrack, and great paylines wrapped up in a classic little game to put an extra bounce in your step as you go about your busy day. 

You might be short on time, but it will only take a minute to understand the crucial fundamentals of Joe Fortune pokies that will help you find the best quickies, and then I’ll give you a list of the best pokies to play for quick spins and quick wins.  

Understanding Pokie Basics

If you want to speed up your pokie playing process for more spins and wins in less time, you should understand the basics of pokie mechanics so you can make the right choice at a moment’s notice. 

No matter how straightforward a pokie is, the basic rules are the same as any other. You’ve got symbols with different values and different powers in the game, and there’s always a specific set of symbols you have to land to achieve the biggest win. 

Regular SymbolsUnderstanding Pokie Basics

In the case of Joe Fortune Australian pokies that are famous for their speed and simplicity, you’ll often see classic symbols like diamonds, lemons, cherries, watermelons, bars, bells, and 7s. Look for pokies that have these symbols as their icons since there’s a good chance they’ll be simple – or make an interesting fruit salad. Both are nice. 

Special Symbols

Other symbols exist inside traditional, quick-spin pokies, too, like the Bonus, Scatter, Multiplier (ex: 3X), and Free Spin symbols. These are as simple as you can get since the symbol is labeled with its value on the front. In non-traditional games the symbols could be literally anything depending on the theme, and I must say it makes for a fantastically varied experience. The only way to know for sure which symbol means what is to read the paytable. 


The paytable in pokies can be found with either the small “i”, question mark “?”, or hamburger icon of three horizontal lines. This will lay out each symbol in the game along with its value, plus describe in detail how each symbol awards wins and triggers features, as well as how your wins are calculated. The paytable is especially important for Joe Fortune jackpot slots, because it tells you how to win the jackpot! 

No Fuss, Simple Pokies To Play At Joe’s

That’s enough fumbling around and zipping up the details. Let’s see how you can play pokies the fast and simple way. These are the best games to strip away the fleshy extras and leave behind the pure, unfiltered money juice. 

3 Hit Pay 

Reminiscent of the charming penny slots from back in the day, 3 Hit Pay is all about respecting tradition with classic symbols and simple wins. There are 3 reels and just 3 paylines, but the 3,600 coin jackpot makes this one of my most profitable jackpot slots for the no-fuss crowd. There are only 8 symbols in the game that vary in value, but none come close to the flaming 7 which is your ticket to taking home the big jackpot prize when you land 3 on a payline.   

Cherry Trio (Pulse)

This trio of red cherries is an awesome game to open up on mobile with your earbuds in. The real-life arcade covers the screen from top to bottom so it feels like you’re standing right in front of the machine, from wherever you are. The casino crowd murmurs in the background emitting a hyper-realistic casino atmosphere. The cherries are what make these 3 reels go ‘round, and they can grant you 1000 coins when they cover all the reels. Nice and simple.

Big 7

In classic style games, 7s are almost always the biggest deal. This basic pokie has three reels inside an old school slot machine with only 1 payline. Nostalgic arcade sounds dot the movements as the reels spin and land. After any loss, a “nudge” might randomly take over which bumps the reel down 3 times for another surprise chance at landing a win. If you lose during the nudge, you can also “hold” a reel one time for another spin.  

5 Times Vegas

Just because it’s simple, doesn’t mean a quick-fix pokie can’t have an excellent jackpot. 5 Times Vegas proves it, and you can win up to 2,500x your stake with the right spin. Set over the flashy backdrop of Las Vegas, this 3×3 game is as straightforward as it is unforgettable. There are 3 horizontal paylines from left to right. The classic symbols plus wild multipliers of 2x, 3x, and 5x have their own paytable displayed on the side, keeping it nice and simple. If any wild lands on reel 3, then reel 2 is sent into a lit-up frenzy as it spins anew to for another winning chance. 

Wild And FruityWild And Fruity Pokies

If you thought fruit was only sweet and tart, just wait until you see what these wild fruits bring to the table. With classic arcade sounds on top of upbeat, funky music to set the pace, all you’ve got to do in this pokie is spin for the wilds. Wilds have extra juicy power here as they tend to remain sticky, and trigger free spins on top of multipliers. It’s a great, big multiplier sort of party, and I’ve reserved you a seat by the window. Every win comes with the ability to gamble for 2x or 4x the prize, so get ready to get wild and squeeze these wild fruits for all they’re worth. Just as practice before you get to me.


The rocket ship that blasts you up to outer space over 5 reels and 3 rows might be a complicated piece of machinery, but space is vast and empty, and perfect for an easy jolt around the stars. Watch out for lightning and dodge it in a flash since 3, 4, or 5 of this lightning bonus symbol will trigger the bonus game. Thanks to the bonus game that gives you the chance to win up to 6,000 coins, 100 free spins, or free spins with win multipliers up to 5x, Booster is one of the best ways to boost your bankroll.  

Australian pokies at Joe Fortune don’t have to be big and flashy – we’ll leave that for a different type of show. These pokies prove that you can keep things simple and smooth, and still make staggering payouts as quick as a whip. Whenever you’re out and about and the mood strikes you for a quickie, check out my new pokies on your mobile. All you need is a minute or two, and these jackpot slots could make your day like an iced-cold beer at the end of a January day’s work.