How to Win Jackpots on Huge Pokies

How to Win Jackpots on Huge Pokies

So, you want to make big bucks. Are you sitting down for this? Good. Because what we’re about to show you will likely knock you off your seat.

Did you also know that when you play the best progressive jackpot pokies, you could spin once and win enough money to buy the car, the mansion, the jet, and the private chef? Now you do! If you’re going to play an online pokies game, you might as well go for the big guns. And that’s what online progressive jackpots are all about. Bigger, better, and… bankier. 

If you’re keen to see which the best progressive Jackpot pokies are, I’ve got them right here. I’ll teach you how they work, how to play, and how to show up, guns blazing, balls to the wall, and ready to take it all. 

Understand How Paylines Work and Their Payouts

Paylines can be summed up in three words: ways to win

If you’re as old as me and remember pokie machines from the 90s, you’ll recall one horizontal line of symbols. You only had one line to land a match, and that meant one chance to win. 

Nowadays, online pokies have an entire grid of lines to win on. They can go right to left, up and down, diagonal, zig zag, or any other unexpected pattern on the board. 

It’s a beautiful thing, really. The higher the number of paylines are in any game, the more chances you have to win. The more chances you have to win, the better your odds are overall. Some of the best online pokies in Australia even reach 3,125 ways! 

So how do their payouts work? It all starts with your beginning wager. 

Your bet before each spin is multiplied by the number of paylines you’re playing. So let’s say in a game with 243 ways, you bet 5c for 30 lines. You’ll be paying $1.50 per spin, with 30 chances to win. If you increase your bet to include 50 lines, you’ll pay $2.50 per spin, and now you have 50 chances. Your chances to win have increased, but you’re also going to drain your bankroll a lot faster. So while focusing on games with higher paylines is great for winning overall, you should show up with a solid plan for your bankroll to make sure you can keep the game going for the time of your choosing.  


Now that you’re a master on paylines, I’ll show you how to play the best online pokies in Australia, step by step.

  1. Collect your bonus. Always collect the cash from whichever bonus you’re eligible for. Start that bankroll off right! 
  2. Pick a pokie. If you choose 3-reel, you’ll have fewer ways to win, but you’ll also need to spend less money to play. If you choose 5-reel, you’ll have many more chances to win, and can choose to pay more if you want even better chances.
  3. Read the paytable. The paytable is the information on a game, including its paylines, rules, and symbol values. 
  4. Make a wager. Remember that the more paylines you bet on, the higher your chances of winning, but the faster your bankroll depletes, too. 
  5. Spin. Hit spin, and let the reels fly!

Got all that? I bet you’re wondering about those Jackpot slots, right? Let’s see how you win them.  

Understand the Rules of the Game

Luckily for you, the best online pokies in Australia serve up jackpots in hoards, and they can be won in all sorts of ways. 

Some of the best online pokies with real money require that you play on the max bet in order to win the jackpot. That means you have to wager the highest amount of coins possible on every payline. Otherwise, you’re just blowin’ on the breeze, jackpot off in the distant horizon.

But as long as you’re following that little entry fee, the almighty jackpot can be won in a few different ways. 

The first way is by winning a bonus game. This is a side game you unlock if you hit the right combination of symbols in the base game. You might have to guess the correct box, match a spin a wheel, or complete a game board. Depending on the theme of the game, if you successfully complete the bonus round, the jackpot is yours. 

Another way to win the jackpot is by absolute random luck. A random jackpot triggers after any winning spin – and you’ll never know when! 

Pokies to Play with Huge Jackpots

Speaking of jackpot slots: check out some of the best online pokies in Australia that lead to those delightfully huge jackpots. 

5 Times Vegas

Considering Vegas is the geographical grandaddy of pokies and jackpots, it’s no surprise that 5 Times Vegas is one of the best online pokies for real money. 

This game satisfies the nostalgic urge to spin through Cherries, Bars, and Sevens. Unlike the classic pokies with 3 reels, 1 row, and 1 payline, this online pokies game has 3 reels and 3 rows with 3 paylines. Don’t get discouraged by the 3 paylines, though – this game is packed full of power when it comes to wins and multipliers. 

There are three wild symbols with multipliers of 2x, 3x, and 5x and the chance to multiply your wins up to 25x! 

Reels and Wheels

Once again, back to classic. This is one of the best online pokies for real money that stays true to tradition, with only one payline. The difference, however, is the Bonus Wheel and progressive jackpot. Not so old school now, right?

If you land a bonus symbol on reel 3, you trigger the Bonus Wheel. When you spin the wheel, you can get multipliers from 5x-500x, or you could land on the jackpot wedge and trigger the almighty jackpot wheel. This is the final bonus game and you can win one of five jackpots, with the highest reaching $65,000 or more. 

Kings of Gold

This is another one of the best jackpot slots on offer, and this time you get up to 25 paylines. 

The coolest feature in this game is called In-Sync. No, not the boy band. The In-Synch game feature means anywhere from 2-5 reels can spin in sync with each other with the same symbols on the reels, allowing more chances to win. 

Then to top it off you can collect coins for more spins during Gold Re-spins, and have the Pharaoh himself gather up coins and open up more spaces to win in the Golden Pharaoh feature. 

Pokies to Play with Progressive Jackpots

Alright, enough small talk. It’s time to talk about progressives. 

A progressive jackpot is a Jackpot that grows each time a wager is made. That means as you play, you can watch the number of the ultimate prize getting bigger and bigger. Pokies with online progressive Jackpots draw the biggest crowds because the winning potential is unmatched. 

Take it from me. These are the best progressive Jackpot pokies out there. 

777 Deluxe

777 deluxe online pokies for real money

This is one of the best progressive Jackpot pokies because of its hypnotic 3-D graphics and mesmerizing payouts. 

You get 10 paylines here, and they pay from left to right, right to left and within the three middle reels. The Mystery symbol is a Question mark, and it’s the heart of the game. When you land three of them anywhere on the screen they send you off to the Bonus game where you can win the progressive. The Bonus game has a classic 1-line setup, and the Golden 7s win you the whole thing! 

A Night with Cleo

If you’re looking for a game that pumps up the heart rate, this is one of the best progressive Jackpot pokies out there. Aside from the chance to get a sexy Egyptical Pharaoh naked in the Double Up Gamble feature, you’ve also got a random progressive Jackpot which can be triggered after any spin. Talk about motivation! That’s what you get when you play A Night With Cleo progressive Jackpot.  

Super Multitimes

This is one of the best progressive Jackpot pokies that is super serious about progression. It has three Jackpot rounds that each give you a chance to win more and progress to the next level. 

The final level is when you land 5 Jackpot Progress symbols and trigger the ultimate Multitimes Jackpot round. The “Super” part comes in when you get 32 points in this special round and the Super Multitimes Progressive Jackpot is yours. Super, duper, hot damn! 

Are you feeling it? The best online pokies Australia are calling for you to get jacked up and play some online progressive Jackpots. There’s nothing better, nothing bigger, and nothing richer.