Need a Break from Pokies? Liven Up Your Play with These Other Games

Taking a Break from Pokies? Try these Online Games for Real MoneyOnce you have your Joe Fortune login set up and you sail smoothly into my most welcoming of welcoming pages, you’re going to be slapped in the face with more top-notch pokies, table games, and specialty games than you can poke your broom at.

All types of Aussies are welcome at Joe Fortune Casino. You could be a beach bum, city slicker, cattle rancher, or an everyman or everywoman who lugs the shopping to the car boot every Saturday afternoon in High St, Suburbia. Whatever the fancy, I’d bet my left proverbial that we have something that caters to each style of premium online Joe entertainment. And that includes you, mate.

So, go on and log in, and let’s see the types of jackpots that are set to fall from my wallet to yours. Pack your bags, we’re going on a road trip.

Best Pokies in Australia

The “best pokies in Australia” is my claim to fame, and I’m honoured to have it. Even if my Mum upvoted me in my Twitter poll. (You can’t argue with that lady, unless you enjoy constant reminders of that time you were wrong!)

You can choose all types of online pokies based on themes, prizes, and storylines. In fact, I’ve got jackpots in all sorts of pokie games, which could make you one of those Jones’s that everyone keeps up with. Get ready, guys and gals. You’re about to enter casino game paradise!

But hang on, did you know that aside from the best Australian pokies, you can get plenty of jollies from my other games, too? Allow me to explain.

Strategy and Skill Games

Some casino games are totally based on luck, and that’s clear enough when you play my pokies. Others let you take control with some nifty skills. I always love to show off my moves, but in the interest of not scaring you off with my Nick Cummins impression, I’ll show you some skill-based casino games to perform my card-given talents, instead.


As far as table games go, this one takes the lamington cake for a simple, beginner-friendly, money-making, all-around good-time game. But of course, it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t add a twist on things…

As you head for 21 without busting, my Blackjack game has a multi-hand option to put you on the road to fun – and rewards – that much faster. You, mate, get to play three hands per round, up against the dealer who’s limited to just one. That’s right – it’s the classic rules of Blackjack but with potential mega rewards. Plus, we keep it fresh for you, letting you choose the look of your deck and felt to play it just how you like it.

Let ’Em Ride

Here’s another skill-based game that also happens to have one of the best jackpots we’ve got! Let ‘Em Ride has a progressive jackpot that works just the same as in pokies. To win this one (or a portion) you need to opt in with a dollar and win a top-tier poker hand.

The idea behind Let ‘Em Ride is to score a pair of Tens or better with your three-card hand and the two community cards. You control the speed of play, raising your bet if your hand is good enough. Even without the progressive, you still have plenty of chances to make some good cash, especially after a bit of practice.

Tri Card Poker

Tri Card poker is a poker-inspired game with a few fun, profitable twists. It’s just you against the dealer, and you’re trying to get a better poker hand based on only three cards. The dealer has to qualify in order for a showdown to happen, but what’s cool about Tri Card is that you can opt into a Pair Plus side bet and win a payout either way.

Popular Table Games

When your brain needs a break and you’d prefer to let the universe (or the randomized computer software – pretty much the same) do its thing, these luck-based Joe Fortune casino games are right up your galaxy.


With Baccarat, all you need to do is decide on a Player, Banker, or a Tie bet. Actually, it’s even easier than that. I’ll tell you right now that a common strategy is to bet on the Banker. This bet wins nearly 50% of the time, and the payouts are even money. Simple, fast, and dare I say relaxing.

play online Craps for real money

Craps might be famous for the never-ending list of bets to choose from, but ultimately these bets come down to pure luck. The outcome of the dice is what steers the game, and you can keep multiple bets running all at once. If you’re in the market for a thrilling adventure of dynamic bets and payouts, you’ll want to sit on the pot for some life-changing Craps.


Luck has no better playing field to spread her wings than with Roulette. Once you’ve read up about your odds and the best bets to make for your bankroll, Roulette is just a spin of the wheel.

Now don’t be fooled into thinking the simplicity of the game makes it any less enjoyable – that’s codswallop. Roulette will have you as dizzy as the wheel itself and evermore certain of your potent psychic powers. Sure, they’re real. Millions wouldn’t believe you, but I’m not millions. And I keep giving them all away.

Specialty Games

We’re not done just yet, fellow traveler! Our casino games don’t stop at pokies or table games. At Joe Fortune, you have unfettered access to even more specialty games that you may not have stumbled over just yet.


This arcade game brings the action! In Thundercrash, you’re the captain of a ship soaring through space alongside increasing multipliers. The higher you fly, the bigger your rewards. But watch out – like any good arcade game, you have to cash out before its GAME OVER.


Based on the lottery, Keno is a numbers game with the potential to win big. You pick up to 20 numbers out of a pool of 80, and numbered balls pop up to tell you how you did. The more balls you match, the more cash you get. And at Joe’s, we’ve got plenty of those.


Think: your neighborhood Bingo hall on cash-fuelled speed. Bingo with me is a totally unexpected take on the original game with more cards, themes, bonuses, and helping features. Bingo also happens to have some of the best jackpots in the casino!

Video Poker

If you love the speed and simplicity of pokies, but you prefer the familiar territory of a poker game, then these five-card-draw video poker games are the casino pastimes for you.

Jacks or Better

After hitting “deal”, you tap the cards you want to keep and “draw” to replace the others with new cards. The final result determines your fate. Well, not all of it – just this bit. You need only a pair of Jacks to win, and at the other end, a Royal Flush awards the biggest prize. Give it a go now.

Joker Poker
Joker Poker video poker

This is played the same way as Jacks or Better, but now you have a wild Joker in the mix. Whenever the Joker appears in your hand, you can use it to form a winning poker hand (just like those pokie wilds!), which introduces some new, top-tier hands that don’t exist in regular poker. For my friends who like a little twist.

Bonus Deuces Wild

In this game, you only need a three-of-a-kind or better to get a respectable payout, and you get extra special bonuses for having five-of-a-kind, a Wild Royal, four deuces, or four deuces with an Ace. The two acts as a wild in this one, which creates even more unique hands. Feeling lucky?

Isn’t it rather impressive that you have access to an all-you-can-eat buffet of the finest curated wares? From pokies to table games, specialty games and beyond, there are jackpots and payday opportunities for every palate. If you’re a pokie-lover but want to try something new, explore a table game to shake things up. If you love Blackjack, now’s a great time to play a specialty game for real money and discover more chances to win!

Either way you swing it, your favourite online casino is the bloody greatest place for you to visit with Joe (I never get tired of my special Fortune family) – and get paid for it.