Keno & Bingo: Two Popular Specialty Games at Joe’s

Keno & Bingo Two Popular Specialty Games at Joe’s

It hardly needs to be said that there are loads of well-loved games at your friendly Joe Fortune Casino; games that send you spinning through reels, flying through cards, and typically holding your breath for the next win. But habits are sticky things. So, as you return to those familiar, go-to categories of pokies and table games, I wonder if you’re overlooking some other gems that aren’t on regular rotation: namely, Keno and Bingo.

Some punters view these number-based classics as casual, blue-haired pursuits. But I reckon, if you’d spare a moment for Joe’s two cents, that you’d be surprised to see how Joe Fortune Keno and Joe Fortune Bingo can hold their own when it comes to kicks and wins at Joe’s Casino.

Both Keno and Bingo at Joe Fortune Casino are just a little bit famous for their ease of play and chances to win, and make for incredibly easy learning to boot.

So, are you up for a little novelty? If you want to learn how to diversify your paydays with a modern take on some classic numbers games, settle in right here. I’ll show you how it’s done with Joe Fortune Keno and Joe Fortune Bingo.

Keno vs. Bingo: Similarities + Differences

Now, like we’ve mentioned, both Bingo and Keno are numbers games. While they do have plenty in common, there are some key differences to note along the way.

For one thing, Keno lets you choose your own numbers. That makes it appealing to players who stand by some old numerical favourites, or who have strategies that involve switching up your number selection.

In Bingo, on the other hand, the cards have numbers randomly given inside the boxes. You can control the number of cards you want to play with (1-4), and in some games you can even change out your card if you don’t like it. But for the most part, the numbers are fixed.

Another major difference is the speed. Keno is incredibly fast. You can fly through multiple rounds on the same numbers and let luck do its thing. Just remember to set the number of rounds before letting it rip, and pulling the brakes when you’re ahead.

One more thing is that in Keno you can win various prizes both big and small for each draw, depending on the number of matches. With Bingo, you have multiple options to win throughout the game. Things like special patterns, bonus rounds, and progressive jackpots are all features of Bingo, but not of Keno.

All that sounds dandy. So how do you actually play Keno and Bingo at Joe Fortune Casino? Glad you asked.

How to Play Joe Fortune BingoHow to Play Joe Fortune Bingo

Let’s start with the game we all love to shout: Bingo.

There’s a reason the game has drawn such a massive following across the world. You may have even gotten a taste of it at your local community centre. At Joe Fortune Casino, Bingo is done differently with more cards, more chances to win combinations, and much better prizes than you’ve ever seen in your local hall.

For starters, there are 7 different types of Bingo to choose from. Each game has a different theme, ranging from the Amazon forest, to an underwater bingo adventure, to a soccer match. If you’re a pokie fan, you’ll be happy to know that many features of Joe Fortune Bingo are similar to pokies, like the winning patterns, bonus rounds, and jackpots.

Each game starts out with 4 cards, although you can choose fewer if you’re feeling less ballsy that day.

You place a bet on each card, and anywhere from 30-33 balls roll out. If either of your 4 cards shows a winning pattern (kind of like a pokie payline), you get a prize. If a special pattern is matched, you get to play the bonus round where you have the chance to win the progressive jackpot (for games that have it). Once again, pokie style!

Also, do you know that moment in a Bingo game when you’re this close to a glorious win, if only it weren’t for that one lousy number that won’t land?! We’ve all been there, but I’ve got your back.

With many Joe Fortune Bingo games, you have the option to buy up to 13 extra balls when you’re just one number short. That’s up to 13 more chances to win… and nearly as many balls as you can handle.

How to Play Joe Fortune Keno

If a bare-bones numbers game is more your style, you’ll want to play Keno at Joe Fortune. Keno is like a stripped-down version of Bingo, and an enhanced version of the classic lottery. It’s the smart casual of the online gaming scene.

The game takes place on a board with 80 numbers. You can choose up to 15 numbers from the pool of 80. If you don’t have your own set of lucky numbers, you could also have the game randomly fill them for you with the “Quick Pick” option. Then it’s time to handle even more balls, if you can take it. Course you can.

20 random balls pop up, and your selected numbers cross off whenever there’s a match. The amount you win is based on your bet size, the quantity of numbers you select, and of course those of matches you get. You can see the paytable adjust on the left side of your screen as you advance through your game.

Now, if you select the maximum 15 numbers, and all 15 match, not only will you be a local legend, but you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank while some poor sod lugs all of your winnings behind you. It’s not quite Buckley’s chance of this happening, but it’s somewhere between a long-shot and bugger all. Having said that, A better strategy is to pick only 6-8 numbers. This keeps the value of your matches just enough to either make an excellent win or at least break even.

Which games should you play?

Here’s the bottom line, and how you’ll decide which way to go next. If you want an immersive experience with engaging themes and stunning graphics, you’ll find it with Bingo at Joe Fortune Casino. It also offers more variety and ways to win. If you want to cut to the chase and let the numbers do what they do best, Keno is the game for you. You’ll be able to fly through multiple rounds for the thrill of instant wins. Sometimes you won’t know what you prefer until you give it a crack yourself.

Whether it’s Joe Fortune Keno or Joe Fortune Bingo, I have no doubt you’ll be fully, splendidly up to your eyeballs in a pile of balls, ready and waiting for the winning number. Ready to jump in?