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A photo of JustMaddyX wearing a Joe Fortune t-shirt on a green background.


Gamer Girl, TikTok Sensation, YouTuber, Seriously Funny, Never Serious

 Madeleine Watson: Australian TikTok celebrity. Renowned Twitch streamer. Gamer girl. Beats the boys at Call of Duty and makes them cry. Kinda funny, never serious. Rarely found in the kitchen. Just don’t tell her you remember what colour her eyes are…

 Maddy became a viral sensation after posting her savage beatdowns of male Call of Duty opponents back in 2021. A video titled “Here are people’s reactions to finding out they’ve been slapped around by a girl in Call of Duty” racked up more than 7 million views, catapulting her to superstardom.

Most rivals are stunned when they realise they’ve had their backsides handed to them by a sweet girl from Adelaide, but a few gamers go berserk. They scream at her to get back in the kitchen and make them a sandwich, but Maddy just laughs and shoots them in the head (with her Call of Duty sniper rifle, of course).

She still loves gaming, and spends around four hours per day streaming her exploits on Twitch, but Maddy is now better known as a social media influencer, who posts humorous reactions to all sorts of videos, from cute animals to men ranking themselves by penile length.

Maddy is also part of the Joe Fortune team, so you’ll find her posting hot takes at Joe’s House. Let’s get to know her a bit better.


In the beginning…

Maddy was born in South Australia back in 1997. John Howard was prime minister, Glenn McGrath was busy humiliating England in the Ashes, and Barbie Girl by Aqua was top of the charts. However, Maddy ended up becoming a tomboy, who preferred action men to Barbie dolls.

As she grew older, she developed a love of Mario Kart. Maddy would regularly beat her brothers, which prepared her for the vicious sledging matches she now enjoys against irate men in the occasionally toxic Call of Duty community.

Maddy, better known as JustMaddyX, worked for a telecoms company after leaving school, and she was training to become a beautician when the Covid-19 pandemic swept across the world. She ramped up her focus on streaming during the lockdown, and she never looked back.


Getting Started

Maddy’s earliest TikTok videos highlight her insane skills with a sniper rifle. She blazes a trail of destruction across her favourite maps, while getting high-fives from her cat.

Some of these videos have gained hundreds of thousands of views, as she was dubbed the Queen of Sniping, but Maddy’s page really blew up when she started bathing in the tears of her defeated male opponents. She was profiled in the Daily Mail in 2022, and the newspaper praised her for “firing back in BRUTAL fashion” when she receives sexist comments.

“I have a thick skin and find it funny most of the time, but sometimes I bite back,” she admits. “Their reactions are always good and makes for funny content.”

A laptop with JustMaddyX’s logo on the screen and a photo of her kneeling in front on a yellow background.