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Joel Bergs wearing a Joe Fortune hoodie and baseball cap, peering through a yellow portal against a black background.

Joel Bergs

Social Sultan, Commentary King

As Joel would say: G’day legends.

If you’re a newbie to the world of Joel Bergs, then here’s your introduction to this Aussie social media sensation whose TikTok account @joelbergs is one of the most watched in Australia. Let’s spill Joel’s beans.

Bergs has been captivating millions of fans with his infectious sense of humour and easy charm since 2014. He was one of the O.G. influencers on Vine before killing it on TikTok and amassing tens of millions of appreciative followers. When he’s not entertaining the world, you might spot Joel playing basketball or golf, or shooting the breeze in the halls of Joe Fortune.


What does a perfect Buck’s party look like (when you’re not the Buck !)?

It begins with 18 holes of golf. Then that rolls into a house party with scantily clad waitresses everywhere.

What’s the most trouble you got yourself into at school?

I stole the keys from the school groundskeeper, drank all the wine he had stashed in the shed and was extremely drunk for the rest of the day.

You’re cornered by Cocaine Bear. Quick! What do you do?

Give it a bag [of cocaine ] for distraction – and then run!

What are *your* shameless indulgences?

Unexpected pub/punt sessions with the lads! And boobs.

Everyone likes giving advice. What are your words of wisdom  for our readers?

Be Unique, Not a Sheep! (BUNS)

You get a call from some corporate type, asking for a character reference for Joe Fortune. What do you tell them?

Joe is one of the lads! A reliable, trustworthy bloke – and is always fun to be around.

Who’s your “Hall Pass”?

Alexandra Daddario [of, ahem, Hall Pass fame]. Those eyes!!!

Digging Deep

Joel Bergs burst forth into the world on February 21, 1990 in Melbourne. Before killing it on the socials, he scored himself a four-year basketball scholarship at Stetson University in Florida. In 2022 he collaborated with brands like Activision Call of Duty, Playstation, Bang Energy, Kraken Rum Australia.

Notches On The Belt

Joel’s affinity for entertainment came early in 2014 on Vine, with his first ever Vine video called “Think I Mastered the Art of Golf”. Before the platform collapsed, Bergs had over 250,000 followers.

Joel picked himself up, dusted himself off and plugged into TikTok in 2019, where his lol-inducing content struck comedic gold. His follower count shot up into the millions, with 11.6 million of them and counting.

Alive ‘N’ Thriving On The Socials

Two mobile phones showing Joel Bergs on one screen and a social media feed on the other, against a green background.

Joel has an active presence on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, with no shortage of eyeballs on his content. These clips cover a lot of ground, but they really boil down to two things: commentary & comedy.



Joel Bergs’ channel (@joelbergs) is overflowing with gold nuggets that deliver signature shock value and plenty of lolz. Beyond the standard Stories and Reactions, Joel has a slew of categories that make him unique.

  • Mirror – When a friend is in a funk, viewers of @joelbergs on TikTok can pluck out a recording of Joel sending out a suitable message with a hard truth, and send this funkbust fodder on.
  • Accents – The Bergs’ irreverent take on different cultures (including his own). Yep – with accents.
  • Australia – Joel tells overseas folk all they need to know before visiting Australia. You know –  avoiding fights with kangaroos and steering clear of the gympie-gympie plant. Just the basics.
  • You Laugh, You Lose – Joel’s most popular series involves him, hilarious online videos and an attempt to suppress laughter for as long as possible.



  • Watching CRAZY Animal Clips (63.9M) – Joel provides biting commentary on animals in Australia and their downright horrifying behaviour… like snakes breaking down doors (!!).
  • Watching WILD Animal Clips! (14M) – Just like the title says: more shocking animal videos with plenty more quick-witted commentary by @joelbergs with @joefortuneofficial
  • 3 Things You Need to Know Before Coming to Australia (7.1M) – A warning to all visitors coming Down Under! Joel shares clips of snakes coming up toilets and spiders the size of saucepans.
  • Watching Funny Clips (4.1M) – Joel reacts to some of the interweb’s most popular clips with his own Bergs-flavoured spin.


Enjoy longer videos and an expanded range of topics on Joel’s YouTube channel, which include:


Gaming videos – Joel plays live through games like Warzone or Five Nights at Freddy’s.

Q&As – Bergs gives fans a chance to get to know him better by answering their burning questions (just as he did right here!)

Crazy AF Animal Clips – Joel joins @Joefortunecasino to impart his wisdom relating to, you guessed it, shocking animal clips reminding us not to feed wild bears and how to pet snakes.

You can follow Joel’s Instagram channel and get your kicks from even more You Laugh, You Lose clips.


Joel’s Mojo Risin’

Joel tells it like it is. He gets real with his audience and holds nothing back with his edgy and distinct brand of humour.

Plenty of social media personalities could make the same claim, but what makes all the difference, despite the frequent sarcasm, is that Joel is genuine leather; a real, authentic guy. You can’t fake that.

Kid’s Got A Future

Who knows; with Joel’s oyster as his world, he could be on the verge of signing off his own reality TV show, where you might find him snorting cayenne pepper, streaking during an AFL semi-final or shooting for a Guinness World Record by not laughing for 17 days straight. At Joe’s, it’s anyone’s bet.