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Jackson O'Doherty inside a yellow portal against a green background.

Jackson O’Doherty

First Class Pranker, YouTube Master, Social Sensei, Podcaster

(but he gets the weekends off)

Jackson O’Doherty: Australian YouTube celebrity. Social media native. Accidental influencer. Tattooed muscle-fiend. Very naughty boy.


He takes “yes” and runs – or sometimes flops – with it through fountains, malls, busy streets, and tourist attractions. in pursuit of the next viral prank or challenge.


Jackson has attracted hundreds of millions of eyeballs across his channels on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, X, OnlyFans, and his podcast Shadow Banned; not only through his famous jokester content, but by broadcasting his travels, boxing, daily life, health and fitness to the masses.


Offensive to some, refreshingly irreverent to others. But who can take their eyes off him when he’s willing to do what none of us are? And who, exactly, is Jackson O’Doherty?


GIVE IT TO ME STRAIGHT Q&A with Jackson O’Doherty

What does a perfect Buck’s party look like (when you’re not the Buck!)?

It starts at 12:01 am with heavy drinking until the sun comes up. Then it’s an ice bath and yoga at sunrise before we continue to drink… until we don’t.


What’s the most trouble you got yourself into at school?

I stole the keys from the school groundskeeper, knocked back all the wine he had stashed in the shed and was extremely drunk for the rest of the day.


You’re cornered by Cocaine Bear. Quick! What do you do?

Politely offer him a line and a potential peace treaty.


What are your shameless indulgences?

Chocolate. And skipping through movies.


Everyone likes giving advice. What are your words of wisdom for our readers?

Be more. Be.


You get a call from some corporate type, asking for a character reference for Joe Fortune. What do you tell them?

Me and Joe worked together and he was extremely hard-working and smart. He

woke up at 3am every day! Oh, and he brings great luck.


Who’s your “Hall Pass”?

Oprah Winfrey [no questions asked]


Jackson O’Doherty, born on April 24, 1994, is a homegrown YouTuber and self-described prankster from Sydney. He is the eldest of three siblings and his parents are… Mr. O’Doherty and Mrs. O’Doherty. Ahem. He has an adorable staffy named Jax.


Jackson gained popularity by creating memes on his Facebook account before transitioning to YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram where he currently runs a channel of pranks, challenges, and vlogs. He is also known, to those who venture out a little further, for his successful accounts on OnlyFans.

Life In The Fast Lane

Jackson’s fast-track to social media stardom began when he was 15, and took to creating memes on Facebook. He graduated from Facebook High and enrolled in YouTube college with his own channel on August 21, 2011, still at the ripe young age of 17. He has proved to be an unstoppable force ever since, with millions of subscribers and over 605 million views on his magnetic content as of November 2023.

So what is Jackson known for? Pranks, challenges, and vlogs. Jackson’s content spans the realm of hilarious pranks, insane challenges, poignant vlogs, antics with wild animals and, erm, content rated Are You 18?.  The self-appointed Prank God shows us what happens when your intrusive thoughts win… so you don’t have to run that experiment.


His most popular videos on YouTube – and the supply is vast – are fully plugged into the social zeitgeist.


  • Sex Scenes in Movies Vs Real Life (127M views on YouTube) – Jackson takes us on an educational journey to point out the differences between perfectly choreographed on-screen sex scenes and the often awkward real-life ones.
  • When Your Pet Kangaroo Is Your Best Friend (112M views on YouTube) – Jackson takes his kangaroo, Damien, on a fun-filled day of shopping, beach-walking, doing chores, and hopping about.
  • The Silly Salmon Challenge (78M views on YouTube) – Exactly how ridiculous are you willing to look, flopping like a fish, fully clothed, while jumping into the nearest public body of water? Jackson challenges his crew to find out.
  • Make a Scene (49M views on TikTok) – When Jackson says “make a scene”, you know what to do: run onto the pitch and do the worm, announce that you’ve soiled yourself with a megaphone, or scream in high-pitched agony at the gym.

Social Media Spotlight

Two mobile phones, one screen showing Jackson O'Doherty sitting on a pink car, the other showing a social media feed, set against a yellow background.


Jackson O’Doherty’s YouTube channel, @JacksonODoherty, is the moneymaker of his social media career, with 2.65M subscribers loyally devouring his content.


  • Pranks – Gather the absurd, the obnoxious, and all that is over-the-top. Jackson’s pranks are his OG talent and one of the two biggest catapults to his fame (along with his challenges).
  • Challenges – Jackson’s followers watch in delighted horror as the YouTube star and his mates willingly do anything and everything to embarrass themselves for a laugh.
  • Dares – Would you urinate on yourself, get a tattoo of your ex’s name, or run on the supermarket checkout belt like a treadmill? Jackson and his buddies did, and such dares are the rapidly beating heart of his content.


YouTube Vlogs @jacksonodohertyvlogs

Jackson extends his reach to a Vlog on YouTube for a more transparent view into his daily life; complete with a generous peppering of outrageous pranks, of course. Revisit the Prank God pulling wholly original stunts like buying a mattress with his “sister” and eating the world’s hottest burger… in a library.


TikTok @jackson.odoherty

Jackson is “another talentless idiot on TikTok”, according to his profile, except this one happens to have 6.2 million followers. No wonder, when you consider the entertainment value:

  • Dark Humour Challenge – O’Doherty teams up with a fellow jokester and exchanges the most offensive jokes they can muster. If the other spits out the water in their mouth, they lose.
  • Make a Scene – The ultimate prankster films himself and his entourage causing a scene in a public place that’s sure to give onlookers a story to tell, from first laugh to final arrest.
  • More Dares and Challenges – Jackson and his friends putting each other up to humiliating tasks. Think: women’s lingerie and awful tattoos.


Instagram @itsjackson

Jackson’s Instagram channel is like his YouTube channel in bite-sized pieces and photo dumps.

  • Stylin’– Jackson uses Insta to post albums of his fitness goals, shadow boxing, health updates, and tattoos.
  • Travellin’ – Our biggest prankster posts photos and clips of his travels, including awkward interactions with the public. If only you were there.



  • Jackson’s first OnlyFans account with former girlfriend Maddy Belle gained traction during the pandemic, earning the co-stars a comfy $4 million in 2020 under the handle @jacksongonewild.
  • Jackson has also run his own OnlyFans under @itsjacksonodoherty where subscribers could witness firsthand the Jackson O’Doherty porn in his self-described “naughty magical world”.


X (ex-Twitter)

  • Jackson’s X profile (@JacksonODoherty) is largely dedicated to showing off *nearly* all of his cut physique, suave sense of style, and the classic Jackson O’Doherty take on life that makes him so enduringly relevant.

Shadow Banned Podcast

  • Jackson O’Doherty’s podcast, Shadow Banned (@ShadowBannedx on YouTube), is a no-filter space where the social media star has open and edgy conversations with the sorts of people who break boundaries and rattle the status quo.


There’s Something About Jackson…

A whole generation of Aussies knew this ages ago, and the news has since leaked over international borders: when you want an easy laugh, you tune into Jackson O’Doherty. His time-honoured comedic style and edgy, risque content are made relatable to his millions of followers with that guy-next-door vibe, his authenticity and his badass back catalogue of entertainment.


Getting Real (Estate)

After a decade of churning out viral, damn-the-torpedo  content, Jackson recently made some major lifestyle changes. The YouTuber sold the octagonal mansion he’d bought in 2021, affectionately deemed Playboy Mansion 2.0, for a cool $3.1 million and made a move to the Gold Coast’s Calmwater Shores gated community after purchasing a $1.25 million property.

Amidst the moving and shaking, O’Doherty broke up with his girlfriend and OnlyFans co-star, Maddy Belle. Time for a fresh start and change of pace.


More In ‘24?

While the year has brought a reckoning of sorts, with Mr Party Boy himself becoming the dearly de-partied, Jackson has switched things up both publicly and away from the webcam. 12 months post-spinal surgery, a calmness has zenned him out, with a slew of new, polished content focussed on health, fitness and well-being.

Never fear, though, because we’re likely not headed for kale and pomegranate salad territory; once a prankster, always a prankster. You can fuse a spine, but you can’t break a steely backbone.