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Virtual Sports Guide: Basketball League

Virtual Sports Guide - Basketball League at Joe Fortune

A lot has gone down this year, with the best laid plans of mice and men (the young types might want to look that phrase up for a nice little piece of trivia) have been torn down, swept aside, or reimagined. The world of basketball is no exception.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (in which case I’d better tell you that toilet paper and rice are no longer endangered species), I’m sure you’ve noticed all the erratic schedules and canceled games due to the pandemic. It’s leaving the entire 2020-21 basketball season feel like a barren wasteland.

So does that mean you can’t get the pulse-pumping thrills of betting on basketball this year? No way! Not at Joe’s, anyway. With online virtual sports, you can get all the same thrills of a real-world game without needing to pay any attention to health risks.

But now, unlike the real-world games, you can get those thrills any time you want: because online basketball never stops. And you know what that means – the betting never stops, and neither do the wins.

So don’t go down with the cruise ship, brothers and sisters. Let me show you a few things about virtual sports basketball betting. You won’t even miss the “real” thing.

How Virtual Basketball Works

Online virtual sports are very carefully based on real world teams and events. They use high quality graphics to imitate real matches, complete with the hype of the commentator in the background, and the gritty sweat, fouls, and arse kickings. And blood, on the odd day.

You can bet any time you want since the games run 24/7, and there’s a new game every 3-4 minutes. That’s better than any metro train schedule, hey! So, because I craft the best possible experience here at Joe’s, the opportunities for paydays in online basketball are endless.

From the first action, there’s a timer always running to count down the match. You have to place your bet before the timer is up and the match begins. But, hey. If you were a bit slow and missed the cut off mark, don’t sweat it. Another game is just about to start.

Follow these steps to bet on virtual sports basketball:

  • Log in to your account, and click on the “Virtual Sports” tab
  • Select “Basketball League” from the left
  • Choose the week you want to bet on from the horizontal menu
  • On the left side of the screen, choose your match.
  • Now you make a betting slip by clicking on the odds in the betting category you want.
  • Watch the game, and see if you’ve won!

The amount you’re paid is based on the odds for that team and the type of bet you made. Ya know what? Let’s talk about odds. And for that matter, let’s talk about the types of online basketball bets you can make.

Virtual Basketball Odds and How they Work

Virtual basketball odds and how to play

Any type of online virtual sports has odds that change for each team, game, and type of bet. They help you weigh your decision on how much you’re willing to risk on a team for a certain reward.

Take for example a match between Houston and Memphis. The odds for a bet on the winning team (Winner) might look like this:

Houston: [1] 3.00
Memphis: [2] 1.4

In this case, Houston (the home team) pays out at odds 3.00. Memphis (away team) pays out 1.4. If you bet $100 that Memphis will win the match and they do win, you’ll profit $180 (plus you’ll get your original $100 bet back, totalling $280). If you bet $100 that Houston will win and you were correct, you’d profit $300, as well as receive your $100 wager back (totalling $400).

So which types of bets can you make in virtual sports basketball?


This is the most “basic” bet on who will win the match. You’ll notice you can choose 1 or 2. “1” is the home team, shown on the left. “2” is the away team, shown on the right. Decide which team you think will win, and click on their associated odds to make a bet slip.

Half Time Winner

This is an online basketball bet for who will be ahead by the half time mark. Here you’ll notice you can choose between 1, X, or 2. Like above, 1 and 2 are the home and away teams. The “X” means it’s a draw, or a tie at half time.

Over / Under

If you’ve ever done real-world sports betting, you’ve likely heard of over/under betting. In online virtual sports it’s the same thing. The sportsbook makes a prediction on the final score. You are betting on whether or not you believe the final combined score of the game will be over or under the sportsbook’s prediction.

Keep in mind you can also make an over/under bet for an individual team’s points, not only the combined total of both.

Winning Margin

This is a bet you place on the margin of points a certain team won the match by. So let’s say the final score in a match between Boston and Memphis was 107-96, with Boston on top. The margin here is Boston 11 (107 minus 96). If you had made a bet on the Winning Margin being 6-11 points for Boston, you’d win your bet.

Half Time Winning Margin

This is the same exact bet as above. But now you’re betting on the margin of points for one team being ahead by Half Time. The final outcome of the game at the end isn’t relevant for this bet.

Virtual Basketball Tips

Pay attention to the odds. If they’re not great, that’s not a bad thing. In fact, lower odds means that particular team has a higher chance of winning. They’re considered lower risk.

Most pro bettors would agree that going for more frequent, smaller wins is a safe way to bet on virtual sports basketball and keep the fun alive.

Always remember that although the teams in virtual sports basketball very closely resemble real world teams, they are not based on any real-world factors. Everything you see, including the outcome, is based on a Random Number Generator (RNG), and has nothing to do with real life events, players, or circumstances.

There ya have it. See what I mean? With online virtual sports, you hardly even notice the real-world events are being jostled around like tennis balls in a washing machine. Instead, you get the regular, steady wins of online basketball that you know and love. Anytime you want. See you on the court, Champ.