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Triple Your Money with this Tri Card Poker Guide

Triple your money with this tri card poker guide at Joe Fortune

Traditional poker can only move so fast: your hand, the competing hands. Bluffing and getting bluffed. Folding, and waiting for your turn again. Sometimes, you just want more. (Are you envisaging an underground BDSM club, or is it just me? Oh.)

Well, a guy named Derek Webb figured out how to get more out of the American classic way back in ‘97. You remember: Puff Daddy took the Spice Girls and the Backstreet Boys, and turned those Boyz II Men.

So Derek. He figured out a little trick: when you have fewer cards and add more opportunities, you win more money. In less time. Good on you, Derek. We’ll get along famously..

So, thanks to a little poker innovation, we find ourselves here, online at Joe’s. And ramped up to tackle a Tri Card Poker guide – and learn how to play Tri Card Poker – Derek’s way. And I think you’ll find that Tri Card Poker betting is just what you’ve been looking for to spice up your evenings, once the foreign language films are over.

Let’s do this thing.

How to Play Tri Card Poker

As the name suggests, Tri Card Poker pits your three-card hand against the Dealer’s. You win by having a better hand. But you also get paid extra for top-tier hands, whether or not you beat the Dealer.

Before we talk about that, though, you’ve gotta know how to play Tri Card Poker:

  • Select your chips from $1 to $500 for both your Ante and (optional) Pair Plus bets, and hit Deal.
  • You receive three cards face up and the Dealer receives three cards face down.
  • If you think you have the better hand, hit Raise to double down on your Ante. If you’ve got a bad feeling, hit “fold” to forfeit your Ante (and optional Pair Plus bet) and cut your losses.
  • Now you can see what the Dealer is holding. Unlike you, the Dealer needs a Queen or higher to qualify. If they don’t qualify, you win the Ante.
  • If the Dealer does qualify, your hands are compared. The better hand wins both the Ante and Raise.

Got it? Great. That’s how to play Tri Card Poker.

Let’s go over how you get paid with Tri Card Poker betting.

Tri Card Poker Game Hand Payouts

Tri Card Poker is unique because of the chance to triple-win. It’s the whole “tri” theme.

The amount you win is based on:

  • Your original bet
  • The strength of your cards, and
  • Whether or not you opted in with the Pair Plus.

This is how it works.

First off, you win if your hand beats the Dealer’s hand. These wins pay even money (1:1) on the Ante and Raise (if the Dealer qualifies).

Then, with Ante Bonus, you win if your hand contains a straight, 3 of a kind, or straight flush. It doesn’t matter how you did against the Dealer, the Ante Bonus is only about the cards in your own hand.

Ante Bonus payouts for the top-tier hands are:

Rank                                             Payout
Straight                                       1:1
Three of a Kind                         4:1
Straight Flush                            5:1

Finally, there’s the Pair Plus.

Pair Plus

Pair Plus is a side bet. You opt-in for it by placing a chip on the Pair Plus Circle at the beginning of the game. You can bet any amount from $1 – $500. Like the Ante Bonus, you don’t need a winning hand to get paid. Whenever your hand includes a Pair, Straight, Three of a Kind, or Straight Flush you win.

The Pair Plus payouts for the top-tier hands are:

Rank                                            Payout
Pair                                               1:1
Straight                                       6:1
Three of a Kind                        30:1
Straight Flush                           40:1

With all three bets, you have the chance to win up to $23,500 in one game. Ace. That’s how we do.

Tri Card Poker Strategy at Casinos

Level up with Joe's tri card poker strategy

Now that you’re on top of the Tri Card Poker guide rules, it’s time to talk Tri Card Poker betting strategy. It all comes down to the house edge.

You can reduce the house edge from 7.65% to 3.37%. You do this by not raising unless you’re confident that you hold a winning hand. Most pros consider Queen-Six-Four as the minimum for raising.

Place Pair Plus bets responsibly. Opting in for the Pair Plus has the lowest odds of winning (as low as 1 in 425), but the highest rewards (up to 40:1). If you have a healthy bankroll and you’re not afraid of taking some risk, opt in for the pair plus. Otherwise, base your strategy on the Ante/Raise Game.

There ya have it. You’ve officially mastered the world’s best Tri Card Poker guide and learned the tri-cks of the tri-ade. It’s time to get down to business. Stack your chips, crack your fingers, make a Deposit and Play Now!