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Online Bingo Guide – Game Variations and Strategies

Online bingo guide at Joe Fortune

Fun fact: Bingo comes from the glorious land of pasta and tiramisu and exaggerated hand gestures. It’s Italia. Just like Mamma used to make. If you didn’t know this novel piece of trivia before, you sure know it now. Tuck it away in case you front Eddie McGuire from the Hot Seat.

It’s also 500 years old. Bingo, that is. Eddie’s a mystery. But it’s come a long way from its 16th-century Italian origin to its honorary position here at Joe’s. Nowadays, played in carnivals, churches and fancy-schmancy land casinos, Bingo helps players from all walks of life say ciao to boredom and buon giorno to the big bucks.

I know these days we don’t exactly have the time and luxury to hop into a real land casino. But hey, that’s why this online Bingo guide is here. I wrote it for you. It’ll let you play online right from home, and fuel you up with the superpowers of a thousand Italian stallions all shouting BIIINNNNGOOOO! Take a moment to practise.

And it’s exactly what you need to deposit and play now in Joe’s online Bingo betting. Let’s get started.

How to Play online bingo

If you’re a total newbie to online bingo betting, don’t worry – this online guide is a great place to start. It’s a super easy read, I promise.

Start with this:

  • Register. This is how we know you’re a human. Or at least a hybrid.
  • Choose your online Bingo betting game.
  • Pick your cards and place your bet.
  • The randomly generated numbers are displayed on the screen, along with the winning patterns. Click on each number if you find it on your Bingo card.
  • Connect all the numbers on your card into a winning pattern, and hit “bingo”. You won. Bingo was his name-o.

You might’ve noticed above that I mentioned “winning patterns”. Those are fairly important. Winning patterns are the series of numbers in a special shape on your card. Kind of like a payline in pokies, if you catch my drift.

Each of these winning patterns has a different value which is displayed below the pattern itself on your card. The payouts change for each game, and some even have progressive Jackpots. How progressive, yeah? Moving on up.

Different Variations of online bingo

Speaking of progressives. Next up in this nifty little online Bingo guide: the games. There are heaps of different ways to do online Bingo betting, with just as many games, and, yes, a few progressives. Check out what I’ve got under the hood:

Bingo Ribeirinhos

Enjoy the sunset on the river bank…and the glowing progressive Jackpot. This game has 1 to 4 cards, 32 numbers, and 8 winning patterns, as well as the Extra Ball feature.

Tribo Bingo

Show off your tribal sharpshooter skills in this 31-ball game. You can get a perfect 10 out of 10 possible winning combinations out of 15 numbers.

Amazonia Bingo

True rainforest explorers play this 33-ball Bingo game with 1-4 cards. You also have the option to purchase up to 19 extra balls. The game can even take you to a wild Bonus round and an adventurous finish with a Progressive Jackpot.

Pesca Bingo

Hold your breath and dive deep down. This 30-ball Bingo game has 12 unique winning patterns. Purchase up to 13 Extra balls, hit the Bonus game and a progressive Jackpot, and dive away with a payout up to 15K.

Bingo Goal

The stadium goes ball-istic with this 32-ball game with 10 winning combinations. Don’t forget about overtime! 12 Extra balls, Bonus game and a Progressive Jackpot (15K) can make you the MVP.
30-Ball Bingo

This traditional 3×3 Bingo flies faster than any other Bingo, and the payout potential is legendary. You’re the boss, and you choose the number of cards, balls, and the size of your bet. If you do it right, the win is yours!

European Bingo

A vintage 90-ball Bingo is simple and oh-so-thrilling. Choose the number of cards, balls, and bet sizes. Win by filling one, or two, or three rows. If you feel a bit risky (and perhaps a little frisky). choose a smaller number of balls, and watch your payout soar.

American Bingo

Grab your piece of the American pie. Or hell. Why not the whole thing? This American favorite is played on a 5×5 card. You can choose to have 35, 45 or 55 balls. Just remember: The more balls you choose, the higher your odds will be, but the smaller your piece of the pie, too.

80-Ball Bingo

The numbers are called out and shown on the screen. And the winning lines are plenty. For a win, search for diagonal, horizontal or vertical lines, X-shape, an outline of the square, four corners, or a small middle square.

Go-Go Bingo

A modern aesthetic: quick pace and ease of play. You get four cards with 15 numbers each. The screen will show 30 randomly generated numbers between 1 and 60. Match a winning pattern, and it’s go-go to the bank.

Five Reel Bingo

This is an oldie but goldie! Think Bingo-meets-pokies. There are 5 reels and 20 lines. That doesn’t really make for good fishing, though, so instead match the right symbols on a payline and collect your fruity, free spins and bonuses.

Online Bingo Strategies

Online bingo strategies at Joe Fortune

Now you’ve chosen your game, cool. But that ain’t all, Chief. What kind of self-respecting online Bingo guide would this be without strategies? It would be a rubbish one, that’s what kind. So I gift you my best tips, because I really want to hear you shout. You sound so… dangerous.

Play with as few players as possible. Your odds significantly increase when you have fewer opponents.

Play with more cards. The more cards you play the greater your chances are. In a game with 20 players, each with 1 card, your odds are 5%. But if you have 4 cards, your odds skyrocket to 17%.

Choose your approach. You have a greater chance of winning if playing with similar cards. But if you want to stay in the game longer – make sure your cards are as different as possible. Chalk and cheese.

Play progressive. Yep, online Bingo betting has it, too. For most games, if you hit Bingo in the first 30 balls, the progressive is yours. Don’t forget to check the paytable to make sure your bet is eligible.

Use the chat room. Our chat rooms are great for sharing tips and making friends, with or without benefits.

After reading this online bingo guide you should be sharp as a whip. Go ahead and knock yourself out (the first rule of Fight Club…) with our barrel of online Bingo betting games, chat rooms, and big, fat jackpots. Just like Mamma used to make. We’ll know you’ve won when we hear it loud and clear… BBBIIINNNNGGG….