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How to Maximize Wins with Casino Promotions

Maximise Wins with Casino PromotionsEver since we were young ankle biters with grass-stained knees, our folks have taught us the value of a dollar. Sometimes you have to work for it. Sometimes you’re spoilt by fate, destiny or karma, or by sheer statistical luck (the last bit I know something about). Then money bundles itself up in a neat pile and comes a’knocking. Other times, all you need to do is hit “Accept”, and that free money is yours. To keep!

That’s just how I like to do things here: before you play Joe Fortune table games or pokies, the most strategic-minded among us take a few moments to check out my promotions. I’ve got free money up the wazoo for brand new players and seasoned gaming veterans alike. Free! Yes indeedy – your favourite 4-letter ‘F’ word. What can I say? I’m a giver.

Incentives (or gestures of gratitude and warmth, as I like to think of them) like my famous Joe Fortune Welcome Bonus, the Reward Points, and those tempting referral bonuses are all designed to boost up your bankroll and set off your gaming experience in the right direction for maximum profits. And to give us all the warm and fuzzies.

All of my promotions are available with regular AUD as well as bitcoin. Expect them to jazz up your gaming experience with free spins on online pokies and free rounds in table games. So what do you say we make our folks proud and show that we were listening to their life lessons as we maximise the value of our good old-fashioned dollars with Joe’s promotions and bonuses?

Why are Rewards and Bonuses Important?

Hint: why is money good?

Before I go over the exact promotions that you can use right now, let’s talk about why they’re such a big deal. You hear bettors, websites, and forums raving about the virtues of promotions and freebies at an online casino, comparing the what, when and how much of this casino to that casino. But it’s still hard to appreciate why they’re so important unless you seize them, and just assume the fine print is way too fine.

You see, accepting a promotion from me, through either AUD or bitcoin, gives a hefty boost to your starting bankroll. You can use that extra cash in your account for whatever you’d like. That means use it to bet on pokies and get free spins, use it to play a few rounds of Blackjack online, a few spins of the online Roulette wheel, or even take a squiz at a unique specialty game you’ve never tried.

Whatever you win in those games while using your free money is a prize just the same – the game doesn’t know the difference! As long as you meet the standard playthrough requirement for each promotion, you can cash out your winnings to spend in real life or leave them in your account to play the games again.

While most casinos only offer bonuses for first time players, I march to the beat of my own drum and offer continued bonuses for my long-term bettors, steady as a heartbeat.

In fact, with the Joe’s Rewards program you can collect points which turn into cash just for playing the games you love to play anyway. That’s right, I pay you to hang out here and have fun. Goodness, that makes me sound a little lonely, doesn’t it?

So what do you reckon, shall we dive in and swim with the promotion dolphins? (Oh, restrain yourself, Joe – nobody cares if dorsal fin rhymes with of course you’ll win. The beat poetry dream is over.)

Welcome Bonuses
Welcome Bonus Casino Promotions

If you’re new to my well-loved stomping ground, then I’d like your permission to gather you up into a gigantic, bottom-of-the-bottle style bear hug. Yep – I’m that happy to see you, and I’ll show you the cash to prove it.

For my Welcome Bonus, I match you 100% for your first deposit ever. You can collect on that matched money up to $2,000. Remember, all it takes is 1 measly spin to trigger a prize of a lifetime – and I’m giving you 30 of them!

When you deposit for the second time, the Welcome Bonus is still kicking, and this time I’ll still match you 75% for every dollar up to $1,000. For your third deposit, because there’s still life in the old girl yet, I’ll give you a 120% match that stops at $2,000. Weren’t expecting that, right? All in all, you can get $5,000 of my own money to throw at any game that takes your fancy.

The best part is that my Welcome Bonus works with bitcoin, too. You can deposit whichever way you like!

Win by Depositing

Even after you’ve used up your first-timer Welcome Bonus and potentially experienced your first time with the Joe Fortune bitcoin deposit, you can still earn more rewards with plain old, regular deposits.

Every day you come back around to say what’s up and try some more games, I’ll toss you a little extra just to say thanks.

With the Every Day Deposit Bonus, I’ll match your first two deposits of the day at 100% up to $50. You can collect on that both with your debit/credit card as well as with bitcoin.

Then once the week gets rolling and you’ve got a big day to boost up your bankroll, you can choose any day of the week to get a 100% match up to $150. That extra special Weekly Deposit Bonus promotion is made just for our Gold Members and above. If you’re not a gold member just yet, don’t sweat it. I’ll show you how easy it is to reach Gold.

Earn Cash for Playing Games

My Reward system is designed so you can earn points from playing games, which you can then turn into cold, hard cash. It’s based on a five-tier system.

The first tiers are Member and Silver. Gold is just the third tier in my rewards system and it comes with a redemption rate of 1,500 points as well as extra product exclusives just for Gold and above. Beyond Gold are the Platinum and Black tiers where the redemption rates are even lower and the perks even greater.

If you like pokies, you get 5 points for every $1. Video poker and table games are 1 point per $1, and specialty games are a whopping 15 points per $1 spent! (Yeah – join and deposit now and get all over those specialty games!)

Refer a Friend and Win Big
Refer a Friend and Win Big at online casino games

As fun as pokies are when playing solo, we can’t deny that gaming is best enjoyed in the company of friends (no matter how crass they are, we still love them).

No matter how many friends you have, I’m happy to give back for introducing me to each and every one of them.

When your buddies join and deposit now, I’ll drop a cool $50 into your friend’s and into your own account to say thanks. Then, your mate gets to experience the same happy gifts due to first-time depositors by getting the very same Joe Fortune Welcome Bonus and free spins you cashed out with when you were just a charming newbie.

It’s like my grandad once told me when I was invited to join the under-18s high school footy club: whenever a golden opportunity strikes, you’d be a fool not to snatch it up and roll with it. So jump on in my friends, take your Joe Fortune promotions without looking back, and hit the ground running.