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How to Choose the Right Cryptocurrency to Play Online

How to Choose the Right Cryptocurrency to Play Online at Joe Fortune

Just like Neil is the more famous of the Finn brothers (with apologies to Tim), Bitcoin is the shining star among cryptocurrencies, even though around 4,000 types are in virtual circulation – and still they grow.

While your favourite Joe Fortune Casino doesn’t carry all 4,000+ of the cryptos, we are the top crypto casino in Australia, and we carry 3 of the best. The problem is, you may not know which one is best to use for convenience, value, resilience in a rapidly changing market, and so on. Depending on your own priorities (such as cost, speed, security, or ease of use), one crypto might stand out against the others as the most beneficial to use at a proud crypto casino in Australia like Joe’s.

So let’s go over the three main types of Joe Fortune Casino Bitcoin, shall we? I’ll explain how they’re different as well as their main advantages and disadvantages. I might even throw a bit of history in there for you. You know I love a good backstory.

From the good, the bad, and the ugly (yeah, I know – very funny.), I’ll show you what’s what and with Joe Fortune Bitcoin – three different kinds. Weigh your pros and cons and decide which of the three options will best work for your needs. Then you can login to Joe Fortune and deposit with Bitcoin, or one of its crypto-chums, with confidence.


Let’s start with the one that started it all: Bitcoin, plain and simple.


Being the original player on the scene, Bitcoin has had the most time to pave a path and secure its position. This is the cryptocurrency that is the most known, and so the most accepted worldwide. That gives it the biggest advantage of convenience. If any place accepts crypto, the original Bitcoin is likely at the front of the list.

Bitcoin’s blockchain is massive, but in comparison to some other cryptocurrencies it’s actually rather small! That means that while a Bitcoin transaction might be finished in an hour or less, it’s still slower when you compare it to the others. Aside from that, it has a 100% guaranteed success rate making it totally reliable, and the fees are remarkably small.

You can withdraw using Bitcoin in 72 hours or less, even if you just have a bit to take out. Bitcoin (and the others, too) lets you pull out a mere 20 bucks every 3 days.

To recap, take a look at the main advantages of Bitcoin:

  • Faster than credit card deposits
  • 100% guaranteed success rate
  • Withdrawals finished within 72 hours
  • Lowest minimum for withdrawal and highest maximum for deposits
  • The most widely accepted at every exchange in the world.

…and the disadvantages of Bitcoin:

  • Limited block size
  • Can take up to an hour to verify a transaction. (That’s almost laughable in comparison to the 4-10 days it takes for a bank card, but it’s still sluggish in comparison to the other types of cryptocurrencies, which you’re about to see)
  • Slightly higher fees than other cryptocurrencies

And finally, since Bitcoin is of the old-school crypto, there’s a slight possibility it will be overtaken by the new cryptocurrencies on the block, including the ones below.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash was launched in 2017, a full 8 years after Bitcoin. The developers of Bitcoin saw some areas for improvement, but the community wasn’t totally on board. As most workplace dramas go, these disagreements resulted in a rivalry. But unlike most workplace dramas you might hear of, with the whole HR and sleazy colleague type of scenario, the developers involved in this one branched off to make a rival cryptocurrency, known as Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin Cash is based on the same code as Bitcoin, but with a few key modifications, mainly in the size of the blockchain.

Bitcoin Cash has a blockchain that’s eight times bigger than Bitcoin’s. The bigger blockchain size means even more theoretically secure transactions and faster transaction times. The blockchain can also grow easier, which means the fees remain as small as possible, just around $0.20 per transaction. Let’s be honest, you could find more than that lying between your couch cushions if you looked right now, among the toast crumbs.

On the downside, the transaction rates are slightly more volatile because of changes in the network’s complexity.

Making it nice and tidy, these are the advantages of Bitcoin Cash:

  • 8 times bigger than a Bitcoin block
  • 100% guaranteed success rate
  • Around $0.20 per transaction
  • Transaction times of a minute or less
  • Lowest minimum for withdrawal and highest maximum for deposits
  • Continuously smaller fees over time
  • Listed in all the top exchanges

And the disadvantages of Bitcoin Cash:

  • Slightly volatile transaction rates

Bitcoin SV

Bitcoin SVThe mysterious creator of the original Bitcoin goes by the alias Satoshi Nakamoto. No one knows who this is, as an individual or maybe even as a team. Many Bitcoin enthusiasts don’t agree on the direction Bitcoin has gone, claiming righteously that it’s deviated from Satoshi’s original vision. Bitcoin SV stands for Bitcoin Satoshi Vision, and it was developed as a “pure” interpretation of the original vision of Bitcoin. They’re like the fundamentalists of the crypto world, but you don’t need to know the maker in order to enjoy the benefits of their product.

Bitcoin SV makes a big deal about planning for the future and allowing the blockchain to grow larger. Since the blockchain was made with the intention to allow growth, there are some massive advantages to Bitcoin SV, including faster transaction times and even cheaper transactions than any other.

The biggest downside to Bitcoin SV is that it’s a smaller player in the market, so it’s not widely accepted by all exchanges. That won’t make a difference for you at the Joe Fortune crypto casino in Australia, because as a form of Joe Fortune Bitcoin, your funds are 100% guaranteed either way.

Here’s a recap on the advantages of Bitcoin SV:

  • Cheapest possible transactions
  • 100% guaranteed success rate
  • Lowest minimum for withdrawal and highest maximum for deposits
  • Bigger block size made for growth
  • No wait time

And the disadvantages of Bitcoin SV:

  • Missing from many exchanges
  • Comparatively low volume

Whether it’s Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, or Bitcoin SV, you can be sure that all types of Joe Fortune Bitcoin at this crypto casino in Australia are the safest, most secure, most private method of online transaction available. Once you’re logged in, make a Bitcoin deposit, grab a hefty Bitcoin Welcome Bonus, and have a blast rolling around in the golden pastures of the world’s youngest form of tender.