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Go for Gold with Virtual Soccer & Soccer League

Go for Gold with Virtual Soccer & Soccer League for real money

Hang on to your virtual hats, ladies and gents, because a new craze is taking over the Australian digiscape, and it’s not a Tiktok dance or a planking challenge. This trend is far more thrilling than either of those, and a helluva lot more profitable. Who knows – it might not be a trend after all. It could simply be something that’s here to stay.

Now, it’s all about virtual soccer. Virtual soccer is a type of online virtual sport where the thrills of your favourite game are always at your disposal. There’s no need to consider whether or not the season is in full swing, the physical state of the players, or even if the game is likely to be cancelled under a snap lockdown. In fact, a lockdown is a perfect opportunity to game on. You don’t even have to be a soccer nut in order to profit from the action.

If you want to see what all the fuss is about and experience soccer the modern way, then Joe Fortune virtual sports is where and how you do it. I’ll show you what’s got the knickers of Aussie sports enthusiasts in a knot, and you can give me the thumbs up and jump right in to play virtual sports soccer when we’re done.

How Virtual Soccer WorksHow Virtual Soccer Works

Joe Fortune virtual sports are a computer simulation of the real thing. It’s a cut n‘paste of the real game, so the rules (and most importantly, the action) are just as you’d expect at a real event. Unlike a real-life game, however, everything in virtual soccer is determined by randomised software. That means each game is fair and square, and no one team has a real advantage over the other. But don’t raise your eyebrows so high – not everyone gets a trophy!

A virtual soccer match takes place every 3 minutes or so, and you can bet right up to the time the match begins.

The types of bets you can place on the virtual game will be familiar from your regular sports betting, but the outcomes are settled out a lot faster. That’s what happens when you remove the dawdling, real humans from the equation.

How Virtual Soccer League Works

Where virtual soccer is centered around a single, isolated match, virtual soccer league is another type of virtual sports betting where you can bet on an entire “season” of games. Just like the real thing, baby.

Now, instead of selecting your game based on the time it starts, you select your games based on the “week” the match is happening. I say “week” because, despite the actual meaning, you most definitely do not have to wait a week for the game. This is virtual time! The games still take place every 3 minutes or so, but this time, each team’s stats carry over to their next game, and you can review them in the “Statistics” and “Results” tabs. Who needs Second Life when you have a second game!

Virtual Soccer Odds and How they WorkVirtual Soccer Odds and How they Work

Joe Fortune virtual sports are based on decimal odds (i.e. 7.33). So what the dot is that all about, then?

Okay. Let’s real-world this one. We’ll assume you’re wagering $100. In the case of 7.33 odds, you’d profit $633 if you win the bet. With odds of 36.4, you’d profit $3,540. The higher the decimal number, the bigger your payout. Look at those numbers go in for the score.

Both virtual soccer and virtual soccer league have many of the same bets you’d recognize from real life sports betting. Here’s a quick refresh to jog your memory.


Winner winner chicken dinner. Need I say more? You’re simply betting on which team will win, or if there’s a tie. Easy money.

Correct Score

For this type of bet, you have to correctly predict the exact outcome of the game. As you could imagine, that’s a tough bet, but the payouts are high.

Double Chance

Double Chance is easier than a straight up Correct Score bet since you can bet on two outcomes at one time. So let’s say you bet on either the home team to win or a tie (1X). If either of those are the result, you win the bet.

Goal/No Goal

For this one, you can bet on whether you think one team, both teams, or neither team will score during the match.

Total Goals

This is a bet on the final combined score of both teams at the end of the match. So if you bet on a total of 4, the outcome could be 2-2, 1-3, 4-0, etc.

Asian Handicap

For this type of bet the teams either have a head start in points (+) or start out behind (-). They have to make up for the point difference for you to win your bet. It’s all handy and no cap.


There are three types of over/under bets:

  • 1X2 Over/Under: You can choose which team (1 or 2) or even both teams to score either over or under a certain number of points.
  • Home Over/Under: Just like above, but this time you’re only betting on either the home team (1) or away team (2) to score over or under the given points.
  • Away Over/Under: Yep, you guessed it. Will the away team (2) score over or under the given points?

How to Win in Virtual SoccerHow to Win in Virtual Soccer

By far the most important part of virtual sports betting is understanding the whole concept of virtual. I’m not being condescending, either: it’s harder than it sounds.

Joe Fortune virtual sports are designed to look and feel just like the real thing. For that reason, many bettors get attached to one team, or get caught up in apparent patterns during the game.

Flip that script, my friend, because none of that matters! Online virtual sports betting, including virtual soccer, is totally random, and not based on real-life teams, histories, events, or stats.  Clean slate; blank canvas; brand new ball game.

So instead of growing attached to any one team or watching for strengths, weaknesses and playing patterns to emerge, cast your mind over your bankroll and the betting variations.

Focus on bets with lower odds that are more likely to win (Double Chance or Over/Under, for example), and once you’ve built up enough in your bankroll, then try a bigger profit bet (like the Correct Score). If you pace it out like that, you’ll stay on top and ride the experience all the way to shore.

Overall, my virtual friend, just remember this: if you want to profit from the game without waiting around for the season to do its thing, online virtual sports are right up your alley. Log in to your account, head over to the Joe Fortune Virtual Sports tab, and step into a new virtual reality. It’s going to be a bloody good game, punters.