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Everything To Know About Casino Game Payouts

Casino Game Payouts RTP & Payout Percentages

There are two ways you can play Joe Fortune slots and table games. The first is to pick your games based on themes, jackpots, and popularity. I’m a fan of all of those things, and there are plenty of good reasons to take that route. After all, you should enjoy what you play!

But today, it’s the second way that I’m about to show you. It involves some brainpower, which we know you have plenty of. This approach requires that you choose your games based on how much money they might earn you over a given timeframe, which involves playing the casino games with the highest payouts.

Payouts and returns might seem complicated if you’re not used to seeing terms like RTP, House edge, and payout percentage. May I assure you, with my expert guidance and abundance of goodwill that everything will be clear as day by the final paragraph. Let’s start with a refresher on how our online casino games work.

How Casino Games Work

Believe it or not, casino games aren’t run by a flock of elves or Oompa Loompas on reel-operating bicycles, although that would be adorable and I’m trying to recruit a team as we speak.

At their core, casino games are a form of entertainment whereby players bet on the outcome of some yet-undetermined event. Or, you might say, “you bet on games for prizes”. Wait, I’m going somewhere with this…

So: every game comes with built-in odds, both for you (RTP) and the casino (House edge). The casino makes the money to pay its bills and keep up operations from the House edge. The House edge is essentially the house advantage, or the odds of the casino winning versus a player over time. The House edge can flux for some games based on skill of the player, but in luck-based games like slots it won’t budge an inch.

Now, if the House advantage means the percentage the casino will gain over time, how can you know how much you might gain over time? And for that matter, which games can you profit from the most? You’re asking all the right questions! Let’s start with RTP.

RTPs: What Are Payout Percentages?

RTP stands for Return to Player, and it’s the opposite – or other side of the equation, really – of a House edge. The RTP is the percent of wagered money a game might pay you back in the long run.

Let’s say you’re on a pokie with an RTP of 90%. If you bet $1 one hundred times, you could potentially get back $90. It goes without saying that choosing pokie games with a higher RTP is one of the best ways to win at slots.

Casino Games With The Best Payouts
Casino Games With The Best Payouts

Don’t worry, I won’t leave you hanging. This is how you can figure out which casino games have the best payouts.

Best Payout Percentages For Pokies

For some perspective, most pokies average an RTP of around 95%. That’s a decent deal for you, especially if you’re merely a thrill seeker who isn’t investing too much time or money.

On the low end, there are online pokies with an RTP of around 80%, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should avoid them. As it turns out, some of the casino games with a low RTP also have the highest Joe Fortune jackpots! The lower RTP simply means you won’t get the highest returns on regular bets in the game, but you still have a chance to score the jackpot.

If, however, you want to know how to win at slots with a greater investment over time, you should only play the games with an RTP of 98% or higher. It may eliminate a few pokie skewers from the casino buffet, but your wagers will pay off in much greater value in the long run.

Best Payout Percentages For Table Games

These are the table games with the highest payouts and the best ones to make money in the long run at Joe’s.


Blackjack is a double whammy for one of the most popular casino games plus one of the best payouts around. The famously low House edge can be reduced to as low as 0.13%, and generally speaking the RTP sticks to a max of 99.5%.
Blackjack has the best payout online


Baccarat has three different bets, each with their own RTP. A bet on the Banker could return 98.94% of your wagers over time, the Player 98.76%, and the Tie bet 85.64%. Aside from the Tie which is pretty low, the Banker and Player bets have a very good RTP, making Baccarat one of the most reliable payouts.


For American Roulette, you could expect a 94.74% RTP. Its European counterpart offers an RTP of 97.3%. In comparison to the others, it’s still a bit low, but if you had to choose between the two, European Roulette would be your best option for the big bucks.


Craps comes in at 98.64%, landing it near the top of my list of best payouts. Keep in mind Craps is a very involved game with legions of bets going on all the time. Your expected returns will vary based on which bets you choose and using the best strategies, so this percentage is merely an average.

Single Deck Blackjack

I’ve saved the best for last. Single Deck Blackjack is basically the tops of table games with a big payday, sitting on a crimson throne of 99.69% RTP. In other words, don’t skip checking this one out!

I bet by now the whole “Joe Fortune payout” business is agenda #1 in your gaming mission. Stick to games with a higher RTP to make gains on your wagers over time, and focus on the table games with the highest payouts in order to maximize your wins. (And throw in a slot or two while you’re at it for good measure!) Following these Joe-pro tips, you’re ready to run off into the Joe Fortune Casino floor and start earning your own fortune.