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Popular Pokies And Best Casino Games for Women

Popular Pokies & Best Casino Games for Women

Joe Fortune ladies, unite! I’ve got some of the best pokies in Australia that are sure to attract the women with a Joe Fortune login to saunter over and take a spin. From symbols of diamond rings and lucky 7s, to paylines with enough adventure for even Thelma and Louise, my online pokies can help you escape the stresses of everyday. Add a dash of adventure and a sprinkle of glamour and you’ve got yourself a winning pokie recipe, am I right, ladies?

Of course, the gals who game have left me with no doubt that they also enjoy a good table game, too, to pass the time. Roulette, craps, and Baccarat are some of her favourites, just to name a few. If any of these pokies or table games sound like a dreamy way to spend some you-time, go ahead and try them out in practice mode before playing with real money from your account. Any game you fancy is available for free play with a pre-loaded balance of $1k, both on mobile and PC, so you can have a taste before jumping on in.


Popular Pokies for the Playing Aussie Woman

Among the hundreds of pokies you can play, a few stand out with the most ‘Me Jane’ jackpots and themes that are guaranteed to make a fine woman swoon.

Shopping Spree

Shopping Spree casino game and online slot

It may be a cliche, but I think all of us, men and women alike, could appreciate a 9-digit bank balance for a mega Shopping Spree on a holiday on Madison Avenue, because investing for the future is for tomorrow.

As you catch your fickle, feminine stride down the world’s most famous shopping street, your discerning eye will dart around the make-up, perfume, purses, shoes, and diamond rings on display. What you’re really after is the mystery grab bag which sends you to a bonus round when you’ve grabbed three, and gives you the chance to spin for five diamond rings and to win the ultimate progressive jackpot shopping spree!

Gold Rush Gus

Or maybe you’re the type of lady who would rather kick off her heels and get her hands dirty. With this kind of jackpot on the table (or under the earth), you’ll be trading your dainty pocket books for a tasteful hardhat and rugged prospecting pouch.

Gold Rush Gus is one of the best pokies in Australia for its gorgeous animation and ravishing progressive jackpots. As Gus’s partner in crime, you tag along and crack open the earth in search of diamonds and gold. Packed with interactive features and erupting with free spins and respins, digging for gold with Gus is bound to be an adventure to remember. You’ll want to bring a nail file, though, darl.

777 Deluxe

Time to freshen up that dusty nose and round out the evening of pokie play with a game that’s brimming with class. 777 Deluxe is all parts mysterious, prosperous, and electric, just like the fine ladies spinning the Deluxe reels at my female-friendly casino.

As you spin through the classics like cherries and sevens, the question mark icon is bound to show its face. You want to land three of those to unlock the mysteries of one of the best jackpots. Inside the bonus round, five reels are stripped down to one, and you spin for the chance to land an enormous progressive jackpot with three golden sevens.

Favourite Casino Games for Women of Virtual Virtue

Moving on from female-inspired pokies, these Joe Fortune table games have just the right touch of panache to inspire the ladies, so flaunt that prowess for flawless bets, you fierce beauties.

Roulette, Ladies
Favourite Casino Games for Women of Virtual Virtue

As far as my table games go, Roulette is famed for its simplicity and winning potential. Out of the 16+ bets available, Roulette is the perfect game to tap into your female intuition and hone in on just the right choice. Outside even money bets will keep your bankroll steady and your cosmo topped off, but the big bucks come with a single number paying out 35:1, and then it’s definitely ladies’ night.


No other table game at Joe Fortune Casino offers this much potential for coasting your bankroll and skyrocketing paydays. They say that women are the best at multitasking, and no other table game lets you hone in your bet-juggling skills like Craps.

After the Pass Line and Come bets are done (neither of which are disrespectful attempts at gaining your attention, because I won’t allow for it), focus your attention on the slew of side bets that can pay anywhere between 2:1 for a Field bet to 30:1 for a 2 or 12 bet.


When you’re done laying down dice at the Craps table, Baccarat is just the game for the ladies to boast their elegance and re-cultivate their betting skills. Between the Player, Banker, or a Tie, the Banker has the highest odds to win, and regular 1:1 payouts (minus a 5% commission) will keep you on your high-heeled toes.

Play on Your Mobile – It’s Easy!

Speaking of mobile, I like to keep things easy around here, which is why I’ve designed every one of my games to scale down and play perfectly on your smartphone or tablet, straight from your mobile’s browser. For love (a swirl through practice mode) or real money, you can grab your mobile and get in touch with your spirit animal with these female-empowering games from anywhere – no special apps required. No load to download.

Move aside, fellas. Joe Fortune ladies are in the house tonight, and the casino is making room for them to take over the table and grip the reels in heels. Ladies, come on over and I’ll take you by the arm to your very own Joe Fortune login, so get ready to bedazzle your pocket book with the finest cash prizes. Fit for a queen in the desert.