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In regular Poker tournaments with your regular crew, things can move pretty slowly. When you fold on a poor hand, you’re stuck waiting around impatiently until it’s your turn again. It may be Poker for real money, but it sure takes a while to wrap up a game and settle out the money part.

Video poker online is a different story. Talk about fast! Not only is it also poker for real money, but you can cash out with online poker games in less than 5 minutes. You’ve done yawns longer than that. There are loads of different kinds, too. As long as you’re familiar with the standard poker hands, there’s a type of video poker online that you’re bound to bond with. Let’s see what online poker-based games are ready for you to deposit and play now.


Video Poker

Video poker online is a mega-popular way to get right down with the game, and it’s super diverse, too. Players love it because there are plenty of opportunities to lower the house edge with skills rather than pure luck.

Since you don’t have any opponents, there’s no raising, calling, or bluffing. That means there’s a lot less pressure, and you don’t risk losing more than your original bet! Pretty sweet stuff.

As for how video poker online is played, most games are more or less the same as regular poker: 52 card deck, five card draw, and the Royal Flush is the Holy Grail. There are, however, nuances between several unique types of video poker online, including a Joker in the deck, hand rankings, and side bets.

To top it all off, you can even play video poker with multiple hands for a bigger challenge and even more insane payouts. Give that a poke.

Caribbean stud poker at Joe Fortune

Caribbean Stud Poker

For starters, if it’s a jackpot you’re looking for, Caribbean Stud is where it’s at. Caribbean Stud shares a progressive jackpot with Caribbean Hold’em and Caribbean Draw Poker, so it grows fast.

Like most online poker games, Caribbean Stud is you against the Dealer. After you get your five cards, you can look at just one of the Dealer’s. Then you decide whether to raise or fold. If the Dealer qualifies with an Ace-King or better and your hand is higher than that, you win the game. I’m really not messing about when I say it’s fast!

The amount you get paid is based on the poker value of your final hand. But the amount you really get paid is from the progressive.

The opt-in is only a dollar, and a Royal Flush will score you 100%. But what’s really special about Caribbean Stud is that to win the progressive, you don’t even need the Dealer to qualify. It’s paid out solely based on the value of your own hand. Talk about a stud!

Tri Card Poker

This is poker for real money for those who like to keep it simple. With only three cards in the mix, Tri Card Poker isn’t bogged down by discarding, drawing, or any complicated procedures.

The main bet here is the ante bet. Once you place your starting ante, you and the Dealer each get 3 cards. Yours are face up, and all of the Dealers’ are face down. Based on your three cards, you decide whether to raise and face the Dealer, or fold and forfeit your bet. The one with the highest ranking hand wins.

The bet that really makes your payday happy is the Pair Plus. You make this bet at the very beginning of the game. If you get a pair or better in your three cards, you win the bet. Don’t forget the Pair Plus bet is awarded on top of your regular ante payout. So simple, yet so prosperous.

Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker is what happens when cultures collide, and a brand new style of online poker games is born. This game is an American twist on a Chinese classic. It’s different from the other types of poker for real money because you play with 7 cards over two hands.

After you’re dealt 7 cards, you need to divide them into two separate hands: one hand containing 5 cards, and the other hand containing 2. The 5-card hand must be of greater value than the 2-card hand. In order to win the game, both of your hands have to beat the Dealer’s. If only one of your hands wins, that’s considered a push.

The great thing about Pai Gow poker is that while the rounds are fast, the outcome of the game often results in a push. Contrary to what you may think, pushing often can work in your favour because your bankroll lasts much longer than any other style of poker for real money.

Let ‘Em Ride

If you like to be the leader of the pace, Let ‘Em Ride is the poker game for you. This is a game that’s packed full of decisions that put you in the driver’s seat for each of your bets.

The game starts by dealing you three cards face up, and dealing two community cards face down. You place the ante bet, and make your first big decision: do you raise (double) your original bet and face the dealer, or “let it ride” to the next round without raising? Next, the Dealer reveals one card, and it’s up to you again: raise your bet, or let it ride? Once the Dealer’s second card is revealed, your fate is sealed.

The amount you’re paid is based on the final combination of cards between your three cards and the two community cards. This game also gives you the chance at a progressive which, if you ask me, makes this one of the fastest, most riveting online poker games out there. Go on, ask me.
Online poker games are the bee’s knees. And even if you’ve got only a minute or ten to spare, you could still make a bet and get paid out heaps. Time is on your side, so get in there and play your best poker face at Joe Fortune’s online casino.