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A lion’s head on the logo for the Joe Fortune online pokie, 5 Lions Megaways. On a vibrant yellow background.


Quick Review: You don’t need to be a zookeeper to tame these lions, simply have faith and see how you can spin your way to a golden payout on this tumbling pokie. With some good karma and Yin-Yang symbols steering you to free spins, or how about the golden lion wilds boosting your winnings to up 5000x your stake, this pokie doesn’t purr… it roars!


Play 5 Lions Megaways Pokie

The animals are back and tumbling on this new 5 Lions Megaways pokie, and I can confirm this is one of the most entertaining online pokies to have landed this year. With a possible 117,000 paylines on one spin, there are so many chances to hit a winning prize or, better still, get the free spins feature. Let’s get you trained up better than a ring master at the circus and show you what you need to know so that these oriental animals can help you win big.


How to Play 5 Lions Megaways

The 5 Lions Megaways pokie is on a 7×6 tumbling grid which pays from left to right. Once you hit a winning line, the symbols on that line then disappear, and new symbols will drop down from above, pushing those beneath to take the empty slot left. The next play creates a new set up of all symbols as part of your current spin, the tumbling continues to repeat until such a time that you fail to hit a winning payline.

The fierce red dragons are the top paying creature, and the golden lions are wilds. The wilds pay out on all winning lines, but what you really want to see are the Yin-Yang symbols. These act as scatters and can land on any reel or row; you simply need 3 or more to trigger the Free Spins Feature, which I’ll talk you through now.

A screenshot from the Joe Fortune online pokie, 5 Lions Megaways, surrounded by golden coins and a lion statue. Beside it reads ‘Top Features’. On a vibrant green background.

Free Spins Feature

You either need to land 3 or more Yin-Yang symbols or you can buy your way into free spins, but I’ll give you more info on that in the next section. Before the feature starts, you need to decide which of the lions you want to proceed with. You can either pick one offering 25 games with the chance of getting 2x, 3x or 5x multiplier on a win line, or go to the other extreme of only picking 6 games but the multipliers are 15x, 30x or 40x. In between, your options change depending on whether you prefer more games with a lower multiplier or less games but a greater multiplier. You also could pick the mystery lion, which determines at random for you how many games and what your potential multiplier is.

This plays the same as regular spins, with one noticeable difference: the appearance of the lion you selected at the start of the game. Whenever your chosen coloured symbol roars onto a win line, you get rewarded a multiple on your payout for that spin. So, if you’ve got the red lion, it will be either 3x 5x or 8x on your payout. Just as with all other symbols, the lion will disappear when the tumble happens but can re-appear at any time, offering up another boost to your winnings.


Buying into the Free Spins Bonus Game

If, like me, you’re a big fan of playing the free spins bonus game, then you can go straight in and hope that the karma is with you and your Yin-Yang is in balance. This will cost 100x your stake, if you’re the sort of player who usually goes for 40c spins, then it’ll be 40 bucks, but you’ll be set to play with the lions, multipliers and up to 25 spins. You can also double the chances of landing 3 Yin-Yang scatters in regular play by switching on the Ante-Bet on the button to left of the grid.


5 Lions Megaways Details


  • Winning bet lines pay left to right.
  • Yin-Yang scatter symbols appear on all reels.
  • Golden lions are wild during regular play.
  • Multiple colours of lions are wild during free spins.
  • Wild symbol appears on reels 2,3,4 or 5 and does not substitute for the scatter.
  • The number of bet lines is variable and can be 117,649.
  • Win limit, game has max win limit of 5000 x total bet.


  • RTP 95.50%
  • Regular Play Min Bet 20c
  • Regular Max Bet $100
  • Regular Play with Ante Min Bet 25c
  • Regular Max with Ante Bet $125
  • Buy Free Spins Min Bet $20
  • Buy Free Spins Max Bet $10,000


Joe’s Pro Tip

The free spins bonus game is a beauty alright. So, my pro tip is; when you have either won or bought into the free spins feature, always have some fun and hit the pink lion option. This is the mystery choice, and you might end up with 25 spins with a multiplier of 15, 30 or 40.  If you manage to land this when playing the free spins, then I reckon you’ve every chance to tame the lions and return with a golden cash prize!


Joe’s Last Thoughts: What sort of player would enjoy 5 Lions Megaways Pokie?

This pokie is definitely one for players who enjoy the Megaways style pokie with tumbling symbols. Buying into the free spins bonus feature can be riskier, but with that comes higher returns so experienced players, this is one for you. Also don’t forget that these animals are wild and require plenty of patience to get rewarded, so players need to have some time on their hands too.


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Who wants to go exploring in Asia or on safari in Africa when you’ve got 5 lions, red dragons, and exotic fish all available to look for on this pokie… don’t worry about any airline tickets or going through those security machines all you need to do is login to Joe Fortune’s online casino and play my 5 Lions Megaways pokie.