Quick Casino Games Guide to Start Playing Online

Quick casino games to start playing online at Joe Fortune

Some things in life are hard. Like whistling super loud with your fingers. How do they even do that? Other things in life are a little easier. Like playing the best casino games for real money, for example.

In fact… did you realize that you could be signed up, signed in, bestowed with free rewards, and playing the best casino games in less than 5 minutes? Hard to believe, I know. The good news is you’ve already knocked out the first part, which is showing up here. See? You’re getting it already. I knew you were sharp as soon as you walked in.

The rest of the steps are just as easy. Follow me and I’ll show you how to get started with the best casino games, how to claim your freebies, and what the best online games are to start playing – pronto.

How to Sign Up and Play at Joe Fortune

The first step you take in the [short] bolt to the best online games is open an account. To get it up and running, simply click on the bright yellow button that says “JOIN”. Fill out the information and hit “REGISTER”. Congratulations – you’re officially one of us.

Hold up, though. It’s not time to play hundreds of the best online games just yet. You don’t want to skip this next step.

Claim Your Casino Welcome Bonus

Claim Your Casino Welcome Bonus

Before you Deposit and Play Now, you need to collect your welcome bonus money. Don’t worry, it only takes a second, and it’s well worth your time investment – trust me.

To claim your bonus, sign into your account and click on “My Rewards” from the dropdown menu. Once in there, the bonuses you can claim are listed under the “Bonuses” tab.

If it’s a cash bonus, just click on the cash amount then hit “CLAIM”. You’ll have the money instantly. If it’s a match bonus, you’ll have to make a deposit. To do this, click on the bonus you’re eligible for, and hit “Deposit”. After you choose your deposit method and enter your deposit amount, click on “Deposit” again.

Ok, now we can discuss casino games for real money.

Start Playing Blackjack

Being something of a connoisseur, I’ll say right up front that online pokies are some of the best casino games floating about. But sometimes, in the rush of ravaging online pokies, you forget about other casino games for real money. And let me tell you, if you like making paydays, Blackjack is not a game to overlook.

First of all, the game is super easy. It’s just you and the Dealer against each other, looking to see who gets the closest to 21 without going over. Sounds familiar, right? Sure it does.

But did you know that when you use a proper strategy, the house edge in Blackjack can reach as low as 0.5%? For some perspective, our beloved online pokies have a house edge anywhere from 5%-10%. Other of the best casino games variety range from 1.5%-6% or over. So Blackjack, that’s like a gift from heaven.

Don’t hesitate to give it a shot.

Other Table Games to Play

Even if Blackjack isn’t your thing, I’ve got tons more table games to fire up your inspiration. Take Roulette, for example – another classic. With Roulette, you hardly have to do anything at all. You simply make bets on any number of areas, and see where the wheel lands. This game is excellent for building anticipation and it’s a real thrill when you land it.

Or another one of my favourites – Baccarat. That’s the table James Bond sits at while he woos the ladies and drinks martinis. This game is a blast because it’s classy and reliable. A bet on the Banker has the best odds in the game.

Another one of the best casino games is Craps. If you like some more involvement with a ton of action and side bets, no other casino games for real money come close to Craps. In fact, there are over 120 different bets to make. Hot damn!

Online Pokies are Easy and Fun for Real Money

Alright, let’s get real, here. We can’t talk about the best casino games and not hype up the online pokies. These are truly some of the best online games. Not only are they super easy to play, but the graphics, bonuses, features, and jackpots really know how to grab your attention.

Take graphics, for example. In a game like Gold Rush Gus, it’s more like watching an animation unfold than playing a game. When Gus digs out a treasure chest and the 5 colored gems inside win you one of the three jackpots in the game, you can hardly stop yourself from jumping through the screen and giving your old mate Gus a hug.

Or how about bonus rounds? In a Night With Cleo you get to undress a sexy Egyptian Pharaoh as you double your money. And as if that wasn’t exciting enough, you could also win the randomly-awarded progressive jackpot at any point in the game.

In 777 Deluxe, you get to go back in time to classic symbols and sound effects, before getting ripped back into the present after landing 5 Golden 7s and hearing the progressive jackpot belting out your name.

Online Pokies are Easy and Fun for Real Money

Regardless of the online pokies you pick, though, one thing is for certain. Winning prizes is super easy around here. Just don’t forget to set aside a proper bankroll especially for these best casino games, without wagering more than you can stand to lose.

See? Casino games for real money don’t have to be hard or time-consuming. It’s as easy as signing up, signing in, collecting your bonus, and picking your game. Once you’ve got that down, the best casino games from online pokies to Blackjack to Baccarat are just a click away. Enjoy at Joe Fortune, my friend.