Joe Fortune Video Poker Guide – Strategies and Variations

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Video poker has always been a classic in casinos. For decades, in fact. But back in those days, you were limited to the types of games you could play, and therefore how much money you could make.

Well, buckle up buttercup. Your solid walls and ceilings are about to fall away, and leave you in a virtual reality. You’re at Joe’s now. I can come to you. Ever since video poker became online video poker, it’s adopted shiteloads of video poker variations with tons more chances to win. All in less time than you’re used to.

And let’s just say I’ve been around the block a few times, so I know what’s going on with online video poker and all types of video poker betting.

If you stick around, I’ll tell you everything I know. If you’re in a rush, it’s all good; you know where to find me.

Oh, you’re still here? Brilliant.

First things first. How does this game even work?

1. How Video Poker Works

Online video poker works much the same way as regular video poker. There’s a 52 card deck, and your aim is to get the best hand possible, with a Royal Flush being the holy grail. Some things never change.

At the very start of the game, you make a wager, and hit “Deal”. Five cards come your way. Then you make your first decision: Which cards do you keep, and which cards do you toss?

As with all types of video poker betting, there’s more than just the holy Royal Flush. Each game has its own ranking of hands and how much they pay. So do yourself a solid and check the paytables first.

2. Video Poker Rules

I’ve got 17 video poker variations. Each of them is slightly different. Generally speaking, these are the rules to live by for all of them:

  • The cards are randomly shuffled for each hand
  • The cards are always dealt from one 52-card deck (even if you’re playing multi-hand)
  • You get 5 cards per draw
  • You can discard all 5 cards
  • All discarded cards are randomly replaced
  • You’re paid based on each game’s hand ranking

3. Video Poker Games

Like I said, 17 different video poker variations, from 1-Hand to 52-Hand. Before I tell you all about video poker betting with different hands, Let me give you a rundown of what the video poker variations are:

Jacks or Better: 1, 3, 10, or 52 Hands

The golden standard of video poker variations. With Jacks or Better, it’s a regular 5-card draw game where anything from a pair of Jacks or higher wins.

Deuces Wild

The best things come in twos. And seventeens. In all video poker variations of Deuces Wild, 2s act as a wild and can make a winning hand. Winning hands are considered 3 of a kind or higher.

Bonus Deuces Wild

With Bonus Deuces Wild, your special payout comes with 5 of a kind, Wild Royal, 4 Deuces, and 4 Deuces with an Ace.

Loose Deuces

Played like the others, but with special payouts for a Wild Royal Flush with Deuces and 4 Deuces, as well as the option to double your money after a winning hand.

Bonus Poker

A variation of Jacks or Better. You win with a pair of Jacks or higher, with special payouts for 4 of a kind, depending on the ranks of the cards in your hand.

Bonus Poker Deluxe

The Deluxe version gives you one bonus for a 4 of a kind, regardless of the cards that make it up.

Double Bonus Poker

Get higher payouts with Double Bonus Poker at Joe Fortune

This type of online video poker is yet another variation of Jacks or Better, with higher payouts for 4 of a kind, and a variance of 28.3.

Double Double Bonus Poker

This is one of the most popular online video poker variations because the “kickers”, or a specific fifth card in a hand, help you double your payouts for 4 of a kind hands made with aces, 2s, 3s, or 4s.

Double Jackpot Poker

Very similar to Double Double Bonus Poker. There are also kickers, and it pays bonuses for 4 of a Kind hands made up of high cards.

Double Double Jackpot Poker

You can get mighty close to a Royal Flush payout when you get four face cards of a kind along with a face card kicker.

Joker Poker: 1, 3, or 10 Hands

A unique stand out among the video poker variations, and the only type of video poker betting at Joe’s with the Joker in the deck. This is played like Jacks or Better, and the Jokers act as a Wild to make a winning hand.

Speaking of all these winning hands: let’s go over video poker betting with multiple hands.

4. 1-Hand Video Poker

This is the foundation of online video poker. It’s the “normal” way to play. You’re dealt five cards, and you make decisions based on the only five cards you have. The ones you choose to discard are randomly replaced with new ones.

5. 3-Hand Video Poker

Now it gets more complicated. Instead of only looking at 5 cards, you’re looking at 15 (3 separate hands consisting of 5 cards per hand).

When you make an action, you click/tap on those cards in your primary hand, or the main hand. Your actions are reflected on all of the others, called secondary hands. When you draw new cards for the discarded ones, they’re uniquely replaced on all 3 hands. See, you’re learning, right? Except it’s way more interesting than high school days.

6. 10-Hand Video Poker

Step it up even more. That’s how we do. Play this in exactly the same way as 3-Hand. But focus a little harder, and increase your potential to win. Remember that the more hands you play with, the more chances you have to score that Royal Flush.

7. 52-Hand Video Poker

Forget three and ten. If you’re a heavy baller, go straight for the big guns. Watch 52 hands play out, with 52 chances per round to score a top tier hand and rake in the wins. The best things come in fifty-twos as well.

Remember that you have to make only one bet that’s applied to all 52 hands. Each card you choose to keep will be kept across all hands. All of the cards you discard will be randomly replaced with new ones for each hand.

Well done. You made it. You’re officially an expert at video poker betting. The land casino might be jealous of its challenger’s advantages, but you can deposit and play now, and make yourself a tidy sum to be proud of. All you need now is a hand… I’d give you mine, but that would leave me with one.