Why is Bitcoin the Best for Online Pokies?

Why is Bitcoin the Best for Online Pokies

As the currency of the future, so I’ve heard it said, it’s no surprise that Bitcoin has surged in both popularity and value over its relatively short lifespan, particularly among millennials – and has become increasingly popular in online casinos

Tuned-in and tech-minded – and not an inflamed knee joint between them – these bright upstarts continue the great Aussie tradition of sticking it to the man. But instead of just taking a sickie to binge-watch Euphoria, they’re reclaiming super-security, autonomy, speed, and the kind of comfortable privacy that no bank could offer. And so they’re eating up Bitcoin like it’s the last sausage at the family barbeque. The “Man” is left out in the cold.

That’s exactly why millions of future-minded Aussies place their trust in an Australian crypto casino like my very own Joe Fortune Casino. When it comes to the safety of your funds,  Bitcoin puts the control stick in your hands, and saves concern, doubt – and plenty of fees! With Joe Fortune Bitcoin, all of your deposits and withdrawals are done in two shakes of a lamb’s tail. No one holds a transcript of where your money is spent, and the idea of lost or failed transactions becomes a relic of the banking system.

As the top crypto casino in Australia, I’m pretty stoked to show you all the benefits of casino Bitcoin. By the time I’ve finished rattling on, you’ll be ready to deposit with Bitcoin, play crypto pokies and get jiggy with the future. 


Let’s start with the most important feature of any casino in Australia, crypto or not: security

Bitcoin is SecureBitcoin is Secure

I’m an honest sort of bloke, and you’d never catch me asking you to throw your money into anything unless I was dead certain it’d be guarded like the Queen of England at Buckingham Palace. At the Joe Fortune Bitcoin Casino in Australia, we go to great measures to make sure you can play all of your games without sparing a single concern about crypto safety and security – or someone knocking off your crown.

When you make transactions with your debit card, it has to filter through multiple channels to get approved. Not only does this take an unreasonable chunk of time, but it also invites unnecessary third parties to give and receive funds along the way. By “parties”, I’m sadly not talking about eskies and wild dance moves here, although that would make credit card transactions a lot more appealing. (Don’t look so sullen, my friend – we can have our own party after this little chat. I happen to have my dancing shoes on standby.)

Anyways – I’m talking about the people and institutions that stand in between your funds and your approved transactions. Why should they see what you spend your money on? And why should they be able to stop a transaction or risk accidentally dropping it? 

Bitcoin transactions are a whole different ball game. Your funds pass through a decentralised online ledger (called a blockchain) which is maintained by regular people. Smarty-pants people, no doubt, but nothing like the corporate robots in the banking and finance systems that squeeze every last drop of blood from you. 

Each Bitcoin transaction is only seen by the sender and the receiver, and the transaction is immortalised on the blockchain. You can access the history of your funds through your digital wallet, but no one else can do it unless you personally give them your device and passwords. So a little tip from Joe: best not to do that.

No doubt there are big Bitcoin benefits here. So let’s see how you can join the Conga line and deposit with a cryptocurrency casino like Joe’s.  

How to Deposit with Bitcoin & Get Bigger Bonuses

On top of being super secure and private, Bitcoin is also bloody easy. Once you’ve got your digital exchange wallet set up, transactions are just as easy as joining a Conga line. 

As all great players know, bonuses are the best way to play casino games – and no-one loves a freebie quite like an Aussie. It’s even more true for a Bitcoin casino in Australia. When you deposit with Bitcoin at the grand Joe Fortune Casino, you have inside access to the best bonuses on the web.

And get this: if you’re a Bitcoin first-timer, I’ll match your first three deposits up to a total of $5,000, plus I’ll toss in 30 free pokie spins. Once that awkward first time has passed, you can still get plenty of Bitcoin satisfaction each and every week with email offers or offers on my website.

By now, you’ll be running to your account to use Joe Fortune Bitcoin and reap the rewards. So you’ll deposit with Bitcoin and get access to all the Bitcoin benefits like this:

  1. Purchase your Bitcoin from an exchange and put it in your digital wallet
  2. Sign into your Joe Fortune account and hit “Deposit”
  3. Select the option of “Bitcoin” and paste the copied Bitcoin address exactly, or use the QR code
  4. Click “Send” from inside your digital wallet

There you have it! Now you have Bitcoin in Australia and you’re officially a member of a prestigious and progressive crypto casino. Once those reels start spinning in your favour, you’ll be watching your Bitcoin digital wallet and looking to withdraw some of those sweet winnings.  


How to Withdraw with BitcoinHow to Withdraw with Bitcoin

Why wait days for your own money in regular AUD? Playing with Bitcoin now means you can take that cash as soon as you’ve won it, and buy yourself something fancy. 

Making a Bitcoin withdrawal at Joe Fortune Casino requires the lowest possible minimum you’ll find in any crypto casino in Australia. All it takes is 20 bucks to take your money out. That’s just one good spin on a pokie! You’ll never wait more than 48 hours max, since the transactions are direct. 

Let’s walk through how to make a bitcoin withdrawal of your sparkly winnings:

  1. Open your digital wallet and select “Bitcoin” as your currency
  2. Copy the generated address exactly (don’t mess this up, for the love of god – the correct address is vital!).
  3. Paste the copied address into the field marked “Your Wallet Address” on the Joe Fortune website. You should also specify which currency you’re withdrawing (AUD, USD, or mBTC). 
  4. After 24-48 hours, you’ll see your new profits in your digital wallet
  5. From here you can send them over to your exchange wallet to turn them into AUD, USD, or mBTC. 

Bitcoin is Changing the Way Australians Play

To sum it all up, let’s review one more time why using Joe Fortune Bitcoin at the top crypto casino in Australia will bring your gaming experience to the next level:

    • More secure than a credit card transaction
    • Maximum 48 hours wait time instead of over a week
    • Super low withdraw minimum of $20
    • Ultra private
    • Huge bonuses 
    • Really, really on-trend

Trend, you ask? Bitcoin is the way of the future, and the young’ins at Joe’s have always preferred crypto over any other method. I guess they’re primed to enjoy online convenience over familiarity. The enthusiasm is fast spreading up the generational chain, at least at my Joe Fortune Bitcoin casino in Australia. With crypto, casino games have never been more convenient or more progressive. If I skipped a beat or two, you can jumpstart me at the Joe Fortune financial FAQ section, where you’ll find enough detail for a good night’s sleep before you’re reeling and rolling and ready to rake it in.