Even More Big Winners at Joe’s (See who scored six figures!)

We’ve got another bunch of lucky winners this month at Joe Fortune. Let’s investigate who won, what games delivered, and how much our winners took home? Let’s jump right in.

It’s that time of the month again, ladies and gents, and I can tell you, I’m mighty pleased. Why? Six figures is why. A bunch of fives, certainly, but a beautiful, rounded six-figure jackpot courtesy of the endlessly generous spirit that Ms. Cleo proves herself to be again and again.

This month we have five more additions to the ever-growing Joe Fortune winners circle, and as always, we have room for plenty more.

Before we get into the games that could make you the very next winner with your name memorialised on my Winner’s Page, let’s take a few moments to celebrate our friends who have already struck the big one.


Andrew K. from NSW won $101,211, & Dennis K. from QLD won $38,030 on A Night with Cleo

The provocative Cleo of A Night With Cleo is back at it again, and Andrew and Dennis have officially been overwhelmed by her fiscal charms.

These two lucky lads each got to experience Cleo at her finest, and word on the streets of Cairo is that the lands of ancient Egypt are still celebrating their respective wins to this day, marked on the calendar and all.

It all starts with an invitation from Cleo in the gamble feature. She lures – ahem, incentivises – you into her private chambers, and offers up her hands for a guessing game. If you choose the correct hand five times running, you’ll double your winnings each time, and Cleo will double her chances of catching a cold as she ignores common sense and exposes her delicate flesh to the evening’s chill.

I mean, you could just get conventionally lucky by winning any randomly awarded progressive jackpot with this Joe Fortune online pokie. But where’s the funbags in that?

Chris F. from VIC won $63,780 on Moon Sisters

They say that sisters share everything, and in Moon Sisters, that couldn’t be any more true. These ladies share plenty of wealth between them in the form of Wilds, a Hold-and-Win game, and three jackpots. And, once in a blue moon, it tends to seep out from their sisterly bond and into the hands of lucky players spinning this online pokie.

Just ask Chris!

Mr. F. from Victoria (“Chris to his friends”, he told us) got to know these sisters rather well, and he leapt at the chance to collect six bonus symbols when they fell from their dainty, identical hands. That triggered the Hold-and-Win bonus round and the chance to land himself a mini, a major or a grand jackpot, and it ended with Chris dancing on the moon along with the two sisters. Ground Control to Major Jackpot indeed.

Danielle B. from NSW won $50,000 on Reels and Wheels XLReels and Wheels XL delivered a cool $50K to this lucky legend. Discover how they may have done it!

When it comes to going big, Danielle knows first-hand what that feels like in a classic Joe Fortune pokie gone extra large, which is exactly what Reels and Wheels XL is for its legion of fans.

Now, instead of the typical 3 reel format of its predecessor (which you can read all about in the Reels and Wheels pokie review), the XL version of Reels and Wheels comes with 5 reels.

To win big like Danielle, you need to first spin the Bonus Wheel, then land a Jackpot symbol to spin the Jackpot Wheel. Whatever happens then is anyone’s guess, but I’m hoping it results in an extra large jackpot, just like it did with Ms. B from New South Wales. Phew! Fifty large, indeed.

Paola T. from NSW won $80,000 on Keno Draw

I’ll let you in on a little secret. I’ve got a very special rewards program that lets you earn cash for playing games. Specialty games like Keno Draw have the most clout in the program, and you can stack up more and more points the longer you play.

Paolo already knows this well, and I’m sure she’s stacked up plenty of points after playing (and winning!) Keno Draw.

You might not have tried Keno Draw just yet, but I offer my soundest assurances that it’s worth the day trip. This lotto-based game is easy to figure out: just like the good old Tattslotto ticket, select a handful of numbers and kick back next to Paola on her throne and let the randomly rolled out balls do the rest.

Will you be the next Joe Fortune big winner?At Joe’s, we’ve got red hot jackpots waiting to be won. And guess what? You could be next to be on Joe’s board of winning legends.

These lucky recipients of the ever-sought-after jackpots have proven to us all that winning BIG is very possible. It’s more than possible, in actual fact: it’s a certainty. Someone will claim those dollars .To help you get your own name up here, I’ve got just the list of games with gigantic Joe Fortune jackpots that are ready to blow at any moment.


777 Deluxe: $96K**

If you can appreciate a good classic, then you’ll really love the stylings of 777 Deluxe. The classic symbols are lined in neon lights that look like they’re straight out of a sci-fi movie. That’s already pretty cool, but it’s not all.

777 Deluxe has a big thing for sevens (as daft as I feel stating the bleeding obvious), and special prizes are awarded in their name. Or in their number? Let’s say both. What you need is a mystery symbol to land three times. When it does, it’ll whip up into a frenzy and send you off to the pokie bonus game.

There, the whole world of reality zips downward out of view, and it’s just you and one payline in a dark and desolate space. Is it just me, or is this sounding more and more like The Matrix? Good thing I love watching movies and playing pokies, so that’s just fine with me.

If you land three golden sevens on the one payline in the bonus round, then you, my friend, are as golden as they come, and you’ve just won yourself the biggest jackpot in the game. Some might even say you’re the one.

Cyberpunk City: $23K**Not only is Cyberpunk City an insanely good game, it’s boasting a big jackpot right now! Hit spin and see if you can be the next Joe Fortune big winner.

There’s another universe out there that’s drenched in rain and riddled with crime. It’s Cyberpunk City, and the jackpots are hiding behind every dark, dilapidated corner.

The cyber chick with a funky pink mohawk mullet and a lethal weapon is your guide. You best not cross her, because this chick has a way with her weapons. Any regular symbol in the game can turn into a Wild at random. When it does, your pink haired sidekick zaps it with her laser glasses and helps you collect pokie wins.

Between your new cyborg ladyfriend and the rest of the half-human half-machine team, you’ll almost, almost forget about the progressive jackpot. But not quite. Life is unpredictable in Cyberpunk City, and that goes for the prizes, too, because this jackpot can trigger randomly after any winning spin.

Mystic Elements: $100K**

My winners will tell you that winning jackpots on real money pokies is even more divine than playing Mystic Elements.

If you choose to follow the jackpot in this mystical game, be sure to stay seated. The spacey soundscape and far-out ambiance can easily put players in a blissful trance. To be fair, that’s just the sort of thing you’d expect from an online pokie that encompasses all the forces of the universe.

You’ll be chasing its mysteries in the base game, and when you land three mystery symbols, you’re already on your way to getting the jackpot. Now it’s just a matter of finding the light… five light symbols, to be exact. If they all land during the free spins round, one of the biggest progressives in the universe is yours to keep.


Can you try your own hand at a ticket to the Winners’ Circle, just like our casino winners from March and April? Yes, you May.

There’s plenty of Big Winner glory to go around, so pick that special game that calls your name, and start preparing for your own big moment in the spotlight at Joe Fortune Casino. I’ve already got your spot ergonomically carved out centre-stage, so just take care of your bank, and I’ll take care of your back. And the spotlight.

**These are the jackpot amounts as of May 4, 2022. They’re always growing and/or someone could have won it by now, so check back on the Jackpot Page to see how big it is this minute.